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Awards: The International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award
The Award

The International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award is presented annually to a work of fiction that has made a lasting contribution to excellence in world literature. The award is international in scope, with representatives from all over the world participating in the nominating and judging processes. All works of fiction written in or translated into English are eligible to win.

The Purpose

The aim of the award is to recognize the contribution of great literature to society and to cultivate awareness of the range, diversity, and quality of authors from very different countries and environments.

The Prize

Ireland's IMPAC award is the largest monetary prize worldwide for a single work of fiction. If the winning book was originally written in English, the author receives IR £100,000 (US $137,000). If the book is an English translation, the prize money is divided between its author and translator.

The History

The award was established in 1995 as a joint initiative of the Dublin City Municipal Government and the productivity improvement company of IMPAC. The award is administered by Dublin City Public Libraries.