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Awards: American Booksellers Book of the Year (ABBY) Awards
The Award

The American Booksellers Book of the Year Awards (or ABBYs for short) are given to titles in the adult and children's book categories that American Booksellers Association bookstore members most enjoyed recommending to their customers during the previous year. The winning titles are selected by ABA member booksellers, who vote from among a list of nominees chosen by booksellers.

From the President

"One of the great joys of being a bookseller is to suggest books that a customer may have overlooked or wouldn't want to miss. The ABBY Award gives our membership the opportunity to recognize those authors' books to the industry," said ABA President Richard Howorth.

The Prize

The ABBY Award consists of a $5,000 cash prize and an engraved Tiffany glass prism, and is presented to the winning authors at the annual BookExpo America (BEA) trade show.