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The Kiriyama Pacific Rim Book Prize
The Award
2000 Nominees
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Awards: The Kiriyama Pacific Rim Book Prize
The Award

The Kiriyama Pacific Rim Book Prize is awarded annually to a book that contributes to a greater understanding among the nations and people of the Pacific Rim. Named after the Reverend Seiyu Kiriyama, the founder and president of the Agon Shu Buddhist Association in Japan, the prize aims to promote peace in a region that has seen devastating conflict throughout the 20th century.

The Prize

The $30,000 prize is divided equally between the author and publisher of the winning book. The publisher is required to use its share of the prize money to promote and publicize the book.

The Sponsors

The prize is cosponsored by the Kiriyama Pacific Rim Foundation and the University of San Francisco Center for the Pacific Rim. The Kiriyama Foundation seeks to foster understanding, cooperation, and harmony among the peoples and nations of the Pacific Rim. The Center for the Pacific Rim serves to strengthen the Bay Area's role as an American gateway to the Pacific Rim.