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Lifetime Achievement Award -- Evan S. Connell
Awards: Lannan Literary Prize
2000 Winners

Lifetime Achievement Award -- Evan S. Connell

Deus Lo Volt Deus Lo Volt!
Chronicle of the Crusades
by Evan S. Connell
Our Price: $28.00

Recounted by a French nobleman at the end of the 1200s, this novel of the Crusades is rich history, populated with larger-than-life figures like Richard the Lion-Hearted and the Saracen palanquin Saladin; the action moves through grand set pieces such as the siege of Acre, the disastrous Children's Crusade, and the Westerners' sack of Constantinople. The Lannan Foundation Award recognizes Connell's body of work, which includes such classics as Son of the Morning Star: Custer and the Little Bighorn, Mrs. Bridge, and Mr. Bridge.


What Was Lost What Was Lost
by Herbert Morris
Our Price: $22.75

In this, his first collection since the acclaimed Little Voices of the Pears, Herbert Morris gathers 15 recent poems in his two signature modes, the dramatic monologue and the meditative reverie. His subjects include a resplendent apricot gown once worn by Lillian Gish, a poignant human detail in Caravaggio's The Sacrifice of Isaac, and a host of variations on the Peaceable Kingdom, the obsessive lifework of the painter Edward Hicks.

Selected Poems of Jay Wright Selected Poems of Jay Wright
by Jay Wright
Our Price: $14.00

This selection of Wright's work, from the publication of his first full-length book, The Homecoming Singer, in 1971 up to the present, represents the range and power of his mythopoeic imagination and his concern for the fate of culture.


Spanking the Maid Spanking the Maid
by Robert Coover
Our Price: $10.91

This novel tells the story of a master, his maid, and the irresistible ritual that binds them.

Dream Stuff Dream Stuff
by David Malouf
Our Price: $22.00

Dream Stuff is a collection of powerfully evocative stories that encompass a half-century of Australian life.

Quarrel & Quandary Quarrel & Quandary
by Cynthia Ozick
Our Price: $25.00

Christopher Lehmann-Haupt wrote in The New York Times that Quarrel & Quandary is a "challenging new collection of essays.... [I]n the best, most aroused of these 19 essays, Ms. Ozick makes the question of art's relation to politics blaze anew.... Even when you disagree with her, she electrifies your mind."

Ceremony Ceremony
by Leslie Marmon Silko
Our Price: $14.17

Ceremony is the story of a young Native American returning to his reservation after surviving the horrors of captivity as a prisoner of the Japanese during World War II. Drawn to his Indian past and its traditions, his search for comfort and resolution becomes a ritual -- a curative ceremony that defeats his despair.


The Age of Missing Information The Age of Missing Information
by Bill McKibben
Our Price: $13.50

The Age of Missing Information is an extended essay on what we miss by watching too much television. The author compares his experiences in a 24-hour period spent watching TV to another spent outdoors.

Song for the Blue Ocean Song for the Blue Ocean
by Carl Safina
Our Price: $13.09

Song for the Blue Ocean is an impassioned plea for our oceans.