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Secrets of the Flesh Secrets of the Flesh
A Life of Colette
by Judith Thurman
Our Price: $27.24

From the award-winning biographer of Isak Dinesen comes a stunningly vivid portrait of Colette, one of the greatest writers and most captivating personalities of our age.

Current Interest

Sidewalk Sidewalk
by Mitchell Duneier, Ovie Carter (photo.)
Our Price: $27.00

In Sidewalk, Mitchell Duneier takes us back to the streets of Greenwich Village but finds a scene very different from the one Jane Jacobs described in her seminal work, The Death and Life of Great American Cities.


Freedom Song Freedom Song
Three Novels
by Amit Chaudhuri
Our Price: $14.66

In these three short novels -- Freedom Song, Afternoon Raag, and A Strange and Sublime Address -- Chaudhuri illuminates the surprisingly nuanced intimate worlds of middle-class Indian men, women, and children.


Embracing Defeat Embracing Defeat
Japan in the Wake of World War II
by John W. Dower
Our Price: $13.27

How did Japan turn defeat to advantage? This book chronicles life in Japan during the American occupation, examining the period's many cultural tensions.


Repair Repair
by C. K. Williams
Our Price: $21.00

This is the eighth book, and the most various yet, from a major American poet. Williams's subjects, again, are love; death; the secrets kept and the pain unexpressed among intimates; social disorder and despair; the waywardness of thought; and the metaphoric exultation of the natural world.

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