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Awards: The 2000 Whitbread Book Awards

Book of the Year

Book English Passengers
by Matthew Kneale
Our Price: $22.50

What the judges say: "English Passengers reads like a dream -- one of the most enjoyable books we've ever read for pure, unadulterated, page-turning excitement. Unquestionably the novel of the year for its stunning historical depth, superb control of narrative and masterly mix of tragedy and comedy, and for Kneale's remarkable ability to deal with complex historical truths without ever resorting to bogus hypocritical cant. An absolute delight, from start to finish."

Novel Award Winner

English Passengers
English Passengers by Matthew Kneale (Winner)

When We Were Orphans by Kazuo Ishiguro
What Are You Like? by Anne Enright
How the Dead Live by Will Self
Fred & Edie by Jill Dawson

First Novel Award Winner

White Teeth
White Teeth by Zadie Smith (Winner)

Under the Skin by Michel Faber
Danny Boy by Jo-Ann Goodwin
Born Free by Laura Hird

Poetry Award Winner

The Asylum Dance by John Burnside (Winner)

Granny Scarecrow by Anne Stevenson
Conjure by Michael Donaghy
Collected Poems by R. F. Langley
Floods by Maurice Riordan

Biography Award Winner

Bad Blood by Lorna Sage (Winner)

John Ruskin by Tim Hilton
Hitler -- 1936-1945: Nemesis by Ian Kershaw
Fanny Burney by Claire Harman

Children’s Book of the Year

Coram Boy by Jamila Gavin (Winner)

What the judges say: "A far-reaching, totally engrossing historical novel with life well beyond the pages of the book and superb narrative control over the complex inter-twining stories within. Brilliant, moving and ultimately completely compelling."

Heaven Eyes by David Almond
Arthur by Kevin Crossley-Holland
Troy by Adele Geras