Pulitzer Prizes


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All the Light We Cannot See

All the Light We Cannot See, Anthony Doerr's bestselling novel about a blind French girl and a German boy whose paths collide in occupied France, is the recipient of this year's Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. In lush prose studded with physical detail, he illuminates the ways, against all odds, people try to be good to one another.


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Encounters at the Heart of the World: A History of the Mandan People

This year's history winner, Encounters at the Heart of the World by Elizabeth A. Fenn, is a book that radically changes our understanding of North America before and after the arrival of the Europeans. Fenn's book focuses on the Mandan Indians, iconic Plains people whose teeming, busy towns on the upper Missouri River were for centuries at the center of the North American universe.


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The Pope and Mussolini: The Secret History of Pius XI and the Rise of Fascism in Europe

David Kertzer's gripping account of Pope Pius XI's secret relations with the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini takes this year's Pulitzer Prize for Biography. Based on seven years of research in the Vatican and Fascist archives, The Pope and Mussolini tells the story of two men who came to power in 1922, and together changed the course of twentieth-century history.


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The winner of this year's Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, Gregory Pardlo's Digest pulls from past as well as present -- from Epicurus to Sam Cook, from the Daily News to Roots -- to form an intellectual, American identity. Pardlo forges his owns styles and strategies to give voice to the world as he sees it.

General Nonfiction

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The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History

Elizabeth Kolbert's The Sixth Extinction takes this year's prize for General Nonfiction. Over the last half-billion years, there have been five mass extinctions. The sixth extinction -- the one induced by humans -- is predicted to be the most devastating since the asteroid impact that wiped out the dinosaurs. In prose that is at once frank, entertaining, and deeply informed, Kolbert provides a moving and comprehensive account of the disappearances occurring on our watch.


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Between Riverside and Crazy

Stephen Adly Guirgis's play "Between Riverside and Crazy" takes this year's Pulitzer Prize for Drama. Guirgis has distinguished himself for his "empathetic, poetic tales of ex-cons, addicts, and other men whom society would label losers." "Between Riverside and Crazy" centers around Pops, a retired cop, struggling to maintain control in an unraveling world.