Title: Cybercrime: Digital Cops in a Networked Environment, Author: Jack M. Balkin
Title: The Closing of the Net / Edition 1, Author: Monica Horten
Title: International Taxation of Electronic Commerce / Edition 2, Author: Richard A. Westin
Title: Social Media and Electronic Commerce Law / Edition 2, Author: Alan Davidson
Title: Film and Television Distribution and the Internet: A Legal Guide for the Media Industry / Edition 1, Author: Andrew Sparrow
Title: Piracy: The Intellectual Property Wars from Gutenberg to Gates / Edition 2, Author: Adrian Johns
Title: Cyberlaw: Management and Entrepreneurship, Author: Margo E. K. Reder
Title: Electronic Consumer Contracts in the Conflict of Laws, Author: Zheng Sophia Tang
Title: CyberLaw: The Law of the Internet / Edition 1, Author: Jonathan Rosenoer
Title: Technology Law: What Every Business (And Business-Minded Person) Needs to Know, Author: Mark Grossman
Title: E-Commerce: Law and Jurisdiction: The Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business, Author: Dennis Campbell
Title: The Internet and Society: A Reference Handbook, Author: Bernadette H. Schell
Title: Cyber Law: Maximizing Safety and Minimizing Risk in Classrooms / Edition 1, Author: Aimee M. Bissonette
Title: Minding Minors Wandering the Web: Regulating Online Child Safety, Author: Simone van der Hof
Title: The Legal Environment Today: Business In Its Ethical, Regulatory, E-Commerce, and Global Setting / Edition 6, Author: Roger LeRoy Miller
Title: Internet Policies and Issues, Author: B. G. Kutais
Title: Self-Regulation and the Internet, Author: Monroe E. Price
Title: Internet Surfing Safely: Protection Issues for Children and Young Adults (Internet Policies and Issues. Volume 6), Author: John V. Crawford
Title: Digital Justice: Technology and the Internet of Disputes, Author: Ethan Katsh
Title: Tolley's Managing Email & Internet Use / Edition 2, Author: Lynda Macdonald

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