12 Reasons We Hope Rainbow Rowell’s Landline Gets the Big-Screen Treatment

landlineWhen Rainbow Rowell comes out with a new book, we don’t wait around for it to come out in paperback. We want to have it in our hands ten minutes ago. And today is the day you can hold Landline in your hands. You’re in for a treat—it’s got all of Rowell’s hallmark elements—naive love; relatable, vulnerable characters; and funny dialogue that makes us literally slap our knees. Landline also has a cool new twist: a landline telephone that transports protagonist Georgie to the past, where she’s able to talk to her husband before they were married, before things were complicated. Will Georgie be able to iron out her marriage problems by talking to her husband when he was her boyfriend? Will visiting her past help her fix her present and future?

Read Landline to find out. And then, cross your fingers the book gets turned into a movie. Here’s why I’m hoping that happens:

We suspect that hilarious protagonist Georgie McCool is a reflection of Rainbow herself, and we want to see all of this character, in all of her glory.

Watching the tender, naive love between Neal and Georgie as teens will give us all the feels.

We <3 the 90’s and there isn’t nearly enough fiction celebrating it and all of its weirdness.

Maybe we’ll get to see part of an episode of TV writer Georgie’s Jeff’ed Up, which sounds ridiculously corny and awesome.

The music in Eleanor & Park was basically an award-winning collection of 80s songs that enriched the entire story and made it feel more real. We expect that the Landline soundtrack will do the same for the ’90s. Maybe some Toadies or Nirvana? The Cranberries? They Might Be Giants? Smashing Pumpkins? Pear Jam? What would Georgie listen to?!

Georgie frantically running to the airport will make for the kind of classic montage we want to see over and over.

Christmas movies are always the best. Always.

How will the director surprise us with the reveal of the pizza delivery kid Georgie’s sister, Heather, has a crush on? Those pizza delivery scenes were awesome! And they made us want pizza.

We don’t get to see a lot of rom coms that involve time travel or actually relatable marriages. So this movie will stand apart from the rest.

There’s lots of love stuff, but also a paranormal element. Which means it’s a good date movie. Everybody wins!

We’d be scouring the movie for hidden Eleanor & Park references, like Neal wearing a Smithereens T-shirt. And if there are zero E&P references, we’ll make them up.

They’d have to give Rainbow Rowell a cameo. Right? Right.

Are you excited about Landline?

  • Every time I see this book’s cover, I start humming “Landslide.” I hope they do make the movie anyway, even though all the teens in the audience will be like “lol phone.”

  • AR Shel

    I read ‘Just One Day’ and ‘Just One Year’ by Gayle Forman and both are so much better than ‘If I Stay’. ‘Just One Day/Year’ should be made into a movie.

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