10 Signs Books Are Your Boyfriend

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Ever found yourself telling a book, “It’s not you, it’s me,” before gently depositing it onto a park bench and walking away forever? Ever checked your email again and again, just in case there’s been fresh news about the pending release date of your favorite author’s latest? Ever drifted off to sleep spooning a book, only to find its contents bleeding into your dreams? Aww. It may very well be that books are your boyfriend. Here are 10 more signs that, all humans aside, books are the true constant of your life:

1. They take up most of the room on your bed, and you don’t even mind.

2. When you introduce one to your friends, you want them to like it, but not as much as you do. You were there first!

3. If you can take one on a vacation and not get sick of it, you know you’ll be together for life.

4. No matter how tired you are the next day, you don’t mind a bit when your book keeps you up all night.

5. …and if it joins you for breakfast the next day, you know it’s a keeper.

6. You can’t stop thinking about your latest favorite, even when it’s not in front of you.

7. You keep going back to your book, even if you swore not to after what it did (killed off your favorite character, denied you your one true pairing, let your favorite heroine marry the wrong person). You’ve always loved the bad boys…

8. Books are the first thing you check out when you walk into a house party.

9. You feel a sense of conquest when you pick a good one up at a bookstore.

10. If the world doesn’t approve, it only makes you love your book harder.

Are books your boyfriend?

  • gin


  • Noor Hafsa


  • Patricia Ciasullo

    Sometimes there’s hardly room for the dog…lol

  • Katie Kyle

    my life

  • Estizza Babawande

    pretty much described my whole world right here!!!!!

  • jack sibrill


  • jack sibrill

    poop on a stick

  • jack sibrill

    and u eat the poop

  • jack sibrill

    i like veggies and vagina

  • jack sibrill

    books are my dildos!!!!

  • sam

    basically ya…

  • Miss MSU 2010

    I concur.

  • Pat

    its scary that someone actually know the exact ways I treat books!

  • fionamcgier

    I have a husband and 4 kids, but I gotta say they all know where they stand in relation to my books! In self-defense, they all became readers too. On vacation, camping in the woods, we return from a hike for some reading time! Sometimes we even share books, when we run out of things to read.

  • MckaylaHerondale

    omg…it just became official….books are my boyfriends!!!! lol….but thats okay…ive always preffered them to real people anyways

  • Misty Lion

    Ahahaha…all of those apply to me. HOW DID YOU READ MY MIND?!

  • Nicole S

    That scary moment when you feel like somebody got inside your head and wrote your thoughts down…… especially numbers 2 and 10!!!! Lol.

  • Literary Lady of the Night

    Since this is 100% true, I should let you all know that I’m a literary polygamist.

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