10 Ways to Shout From the Rooftops, “I Just Read a Book and I’m In Love With It and I Don’t Care Who Knows”

CameraBag_Photo_1000 (3)Have you ever read a book and fallen so deeply in love with it that you want to extol its virtues at the top of your lungs? Have you ever cradled a novel in your arms and crooned, “How I love thee, let me count the ways?

I have. I’ve wanted to thrust my newly finished novel at the stranger next to me on the subway and demand they read it. I’ve wanted to wake my roommate up at 3 a.m. so that she won’t live another minute without reading the book that I just finished. I’ve wanted to accost people in bookstores to tell them they must buy this book next. Love can do crazy things to you.

Here are 10 more ways to shout your love of a book from the rooftops!

1. Tell everyone you know how much they remind you of a character in your new favorite book.
People love learning about themselves and seeing themselves through the eyes of others. They’ll think that reading this book and meeting this character will give them personal insight. (Note: Not a great way to get people to read Lolita.)

2. Quote lines from the book at every opportunity.
Throw quotes into your conversations! Instagram and tweet them! Make a quote your mysterious Facebook status and wait for someone to ask what it’s from! Write your favorite quote from the book in a birthday card! (The reason I’ve written in so many birthday cards, “Light of my life, fire of my loins, my sin, my soul…”)

3. Throw a party for your beloved book.
Now every one of your guests will have to read it, or they’ll feel excluded from the festivities. You can even serve book-themed snacks and drinks! What’s even better is that now you can talk about the book with all your friends at your own party! It’s a book nerd’s dream come true.

4. Leave the book in strategic places.
You can be cleverly casual about it: “Oops, what’s my book doing on top of your keyboard? Silly me.” If that doesn’t work, get creative. I’ve left books on top of my coworker’s lunch in the office fridge, under their windshield wipers, and delicately balanced on top of their morning coffee.

5. Call a radio DJ and dedicate a song to your new favorite book.
Maybe Delilah will even let you tell a little story about why you love the book, where you met, and whether you’re ready to commit to it as your favorite. Tell everyone you know that you’re on the radio.

6. Better yet, write your own song about the book.
Sing it everywhere—in the car, in the subway, at karaoke night, in the shower, on American Idol Season 32. If your roommate doesn’t appreciate your musical display of love, tell her to read the book before she judges you.

7. Put up signs and posts online.
Ask people, “Have You Seen This Book? It’s about 5 inches by 8.5 inches, 354 pages with an unassuming purple cover and black letters. Doesn’t come when called, but rather calls back to you instead.  If found, please read immediately.”

8. Go to trivia night and answer every question with the name of your favorite book.
People will get annoyed/curious.

9.  Declare your love on a poster board with glitter and glue.
Go to sporting events and protests. Hold up your labor of love for the jumbotron and the cameras! Now athletes and activists alike will know your passion!

10. Adopt a pet and name it after a character in the book.
But only if you’re seriously committed to taking care of that pet for life (no abandoning fuzzy little Katniss Bunnydeen at the local animal shelter after she chews through your iPod charger). Better yet, have kids and name them all after your favorite characters in the book. If that’s not logistically possible (or advisable, in the case of certain books), plants or pet rocks will suffice.

What book makes you want to shout your love from the rooftops?

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    I shall name my child Elvendork.

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