13 Book Titles That Would Make Great Nail Polish Colors


If you’ve ever perused the nail polish section of your local drugstore, you’ve surely noticed some of the bizarre names of the colors. (“My Silicone Popped”? “Ants In My Pants”?) And sure, that’s amusing, but where are all the literary colors? Here are some we hope to see in nail salons everywhere.

The Lovely Bones

Pearly white, with sky blue undertones and a silvery sheen

In Cold Blood
Dark, shiny burgundy

The Tin Drum
Silver, with lead-colored specks

The Castle
Slate grey with a matte finish

The Golden Notebook

Light gold, lame finish

The Thin Red Line
Bright red with a matte finish, and a fine-tipped applicator

Harold and the Purple Crayon

Light purple, with red undertones, similar to Barney the dinosaur

Green Eggs and Ham

Bright green, with flecks of white and orange glitter

Anne of Green Gables
Grassy green, with a fine applicator tip

A Light In the Attic
Neon yellow, with a super shiny finish

The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake
Primary yellow, with small yellow beads for texture

Soft, mauve pink

Huckleberry Finn
Dark purple, with boyish blue undertones

What are some of your favorite colorful book titles?

  • Elizabeth

    Not a favorite, but I feel it’s an obvious candidate … Fifty Shades of Grey.

    • kalle629

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  • Melissa S

    Also, I think Breaking Dawn could be a gorgeous color.

  • Rachelle Baba

    White Oleander (I’m thinking a pearly white color here) and Fight Club (like a gunmetal, matte grey.) Cider House Rules (macintosh red.)

  • lemuel852

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