15 Naive Mistakes Amanda Knox Made

Even those who doubt Knox’s innocence can’t deny that she was unfairly villainized. The police and press stole and misinterpreted her journals, bugged her, twisted her words, and spread lies. (For example, it was reported that receipts proved she bought bleach after the murder, but the receipts were actually from before the crime, and were for pizza.)

But Knox made it easy on the corrupt police by making mistake after mistake. I imagine that while Amanda Knox wrote her book Waiting To Be Heard, she constantly smacked her forehead and said, “Why did I do that?! What was I thinking?!”

1. She didn’t hire a lawyer. The police told her that getting a lawyer would make it look like she was unwilling to cooperate. Hasn’t she seen Law And Order? And everyone deserves to be represented by someone who, oh, I don’t know, speaks the language that will be spoken during the trial. Knox’s Italian roommates got lawyers immediately, and they weren’t even being targeted or interrogated. She should have followed suit.

2. She didn’t cry. Initially Knox showed a lack of emotion, remaining oddly stoic and refusing hugs from Meredith Kercher’s friends. Unfortunately, we live in a world where people judge innocence based on a suspect’s emotions. And many were left wondering why Amanda wasn’t more upset.

3. Then she got angry. When Natalie, one of Kercher’s friends, said she hoped Kercher did not suffer, Knox snapped, “how could she not have suffered? They cut her f*cking throat! Bastards!” In this case, her emotions were not in line with everyone else’s, and people were shocked that she seemed to be lashing out at Kercher’s friends, the same people who would serve as witnesses for the prosecution.

4. She stayed in Perugia. Knox probably could have gone home immediately, but, thinking she could help the police, she stayed in Perugia. The whole time she thought she was assisting the case, well, she was—because she was incriminating herself with all the “help” she was giving.

5. She was weird. According to Knox, she got along well with Kercher. But she notes that when they lived together, she sang loudly (and that everyone thought she was crazy for it) and that once, Kercher had to remind her to brush the toilet after every use. Reading between the lines, that means Kercher might have thought Knox was pretty weird—annoying, even—and lacking in personal hygiene. When Kercher’s friends were put on the stand, they all said that Kercher thought Knox was unusual. They pointed to the toilet brush incident, suggesting the girls were at odds. What may very well have been regular roommate communication issues were interpreted as potential motives for murder.

6. She made bad jokes. In her journal, the one that was confiscated by the police without her knowledge, Knox joked, “I’d really like to say I could kill for a pizza but it doesn’t seem right.”

7. She acted like she was in a musical. The media reported that when brought back to the crime scene in her sanitized booties, Knox jumped out like a Broadway star and said, “ta-daa!” This seemed like more inappropriate behavior from someone whose roommate had just been murdered. Knox says she acted this way because she had just been reprimanded for complaining, and she wanted to appear cheerful.

8. She had a pink bunny vibrator. Before she for Perugia, one of Knox’s friends gave her a pink bunny vibrator to use “until she met her Italian Stallion.” Kercher’s friends claimed Kercher thought it was a tad uncouth that the bunny was on display in the bathroom. (Perhaps it was a British thing.) And prosecution claimed it indicated she was a loose woman. Knox says it was just a gag gift that she never used.

9. She bought red undies. Before she was detained, Knox and her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito went to a cheap clothing store so she could buy clean underwear, since she was unable to go back to her villa to get her own clothes. It became public knowledge that she chose red. The store clerk reported that it was a “lacy G-string” (Amanda says it wasn’t) and said that after it was purchased, Sollecito said, “I’m going to take you home now so we can have wild sex.” Maybe that story would have been different if she had considered white or grey or nude. Maybe.

10. She implicated her boss. The worst thing Knox did was implicate her ex-boss Patrick Lumumba in the murder. (He had nothing to do with the crime and was cleared.) To be fair, she had been interrogated for hours, and under these conditions, people are known to lie if they think it will get them off the hook.

11. She never remained silent. She claims the police never read her her rights, so she didn’t know that she could just shut up. But instead she talked herself into a hole.

12. She didn’t call the American Embassy. Her aunt in Germany suggested it, but she didn’t think she was in a serious-enough situation to justify calling the embassy.

13. She skipped Kercher’s vigil. A few days after the murder there was a candlelight vigil in Kercher’s memory. Sollecito couldn’t go, and fearing her safety, Amanda didn’t want to go alone. So she skipped. And it just sort of looked bad. (Since she was already under suspicion, it also would have looked bad had she attended.)

14. There wasn’t enough variation in her everyday life. When the police asked Knox where she was, what she was doing, who she was with, etc., she couldn’t remember, because she and Sollecito “had done some variation of watching a movie, cooking, reading Harry Potter, having sex, and smoking every day for a week.” Since she couldn’t remember, her story (and her credibility) got muddled.

15. She thought the prosecutor (Pubblico Ministero) was the mayor. I’m shocked there wasn’t more lost in translation throughout all of this, but Knox, for a good portion of her questioning, thought that the prosecutor was actually on her side, or at least of an impartial party. Oops.

Have you read Knox’s memoir? What did you think of it?

  • nika

    She also made the mistake of helping her boyfriend murder her roommate, faking an unconvincing break-in and returning to clean up the crime. All-in-all she’s likely patting herself on the back because for every “oops” there’s the fact that in the end she got away with murder — at least until October.

    • http://www.facebook.com/diane.krstulovich Diane Krstulovich

      I found it interesting that the first people to come up with the idea of a ‘staged break-in’ were the Postal Police. They were only there to return the cell phones, found in someone else’s garden. When they then heard about the broken window but no missing valuables, they quickly surmised it was probably a case of insurance fraud. Soon after, came the tabloid writers.

      • http://www.facebook.com/stacy.morgan.790 Stacy Morgan

        Not only did they come up with the idea, one of them flat out lied about not going into Meredith’s bedroom. Michele Battistelli denied ever going into the room. but Luca Altieri and Marco Zaroli both reported Battistelli went in and lifted the duvet from Meredith’s face. This is how they learned her throat had been cut. Of course, he was wearing no protective coverings on his shoes and could have easily contaminated the floor by walking in from the hallway; the hallway where Raffaele had been and the floor where the bra clasp was dropped in the video.

        • index

          Morgan, You accuse the police of lying.

          Knox lied for at least two weeks that an innocent man was the murderer, she has devastated his career and his future, also that of his childrens, which you fail to mention in your disgusting posts.

          I would not put it past you to say that the lovely Meredith caused her own murder – this is how odd Knox’s supporters are!!

          You can make up as many excuses as you can think of, there is a reason why there is going to be another trial. They are not doing it for the fun of it!!

          The Kerchers will get the justice they deserve, and if Knox truly thinks she is innocent she will return to Italy to face the music ( which I doubt!).

          What goes around, comes around.

          She will get what she deserves at some point !! Lets hope it comes sooner than later.

          Cheers 🙂

          • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

            Of course we’re accusing the police of lying.

            It’s Perugian police after all – they lie like we breathe.

          • JLS1950

            “The Kerchers will get the justice they deserve”

            Dear GOD, I hope not! They have suffered SO MUCH already! Let them have MERCY!!!

          • Corrado

            To index: Amanda didn’t accuse Lumumba, she merely expressed a confused suspicion under the stress of a hard interrogation and few hours later wrote her famous “primo memoriale” where she totally exculpated Lumumba from the charge of murder. In spite of this the Police rushed to arrest Lumumba, abused him, and flung him into prison, and Mignini held him in jail for weeks.

            Amanda is not guilty of such an abuse of power. Amanda is not guilty of slander. She is innocent all along the line, she is a victim just as Raffaele. Lumumba is a victim, too, (of the police not of Amanda ), nevertheless he is also an oppressor because persists in slandering Amanda with injust and absurd grudge. You say “Knox lied for two weeks…” well, your statement is dead wrong, you had your informations from unreliable, poisoned sources, get away from those sources.

            With regard to the new trial, you say ” they are not doing it for the fun of it ” , but I say to you: ” it is evident you don’t know Mignini and his coworkers “.

          • superman103174 .

            Rudy Guede did the crime. He needs real punishment like life behind bars, not early work release.Amanda Knox is still guilty of slander so the man she slandered should sue her for her book’s profits. I feel bad for her ex boyfriend. He is innocent and will probably due more time than Guede.

        • mealer123

          You are bonkers. Do yourself a favour and call the men in the flapping white coats.

      • mealer123

        A staged break-in would be much more likely as an insurance fraud than as a, (pathetically bad), cover for a bloody murder.
        Either way, the “break-in” was staged. Period.

        • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

          What other words do you know besides “Period?” Is that something that bothers you perhaps?

          Do you seriously think that your “Period” proves anything to the rational reader?

          • guest123

            Do you seriously think that your comment was witty? It wasn’t.

    • http://twitter.com/MerleRideout Patrick King

      Are you for real? I would love to actually meet someone who thinks as you claim to because I’d like to ask you face to face, don’t you need any evidence to accuse someone of murder? What evidence do you think exists or ever existed that implies this kid murdered her housemate? I spend an inordinate amount of time studying murders and this one was a problem for me from the beginning. I suspect you don’t have an obsessive interest in the subject, but even so, surely you see how improbable these charges always were. How do you persist in this line of thought after all the fake forensics have been exposed? What investment do you have in the notion that a female was involved in the murder of Meredith Kercher?

    • John

      You need to read, in depth about the case from several sources, not just the media. You’ll chance your mind.

    • http://www.facebook.com/stacy.morgan.790 Stacy Morgan

      It’s the prosecution’s contention that it was Amanda who instigated and directed the murder. She was somehow capable of controlling her boyfriend of one week (who had no history of violence) and a guy she’d casually met once at a party a week before into a “sex fueled drug orgy gone wrong.” Or, was that a satanic ritual? I can’t keep Mignini’s theories straight.
      Sure, a Dean’s List Honor student who had no history of violence or being in trouble with the law all of a sudden decides to have a sex orgy and murder her roommate.
      There was no evidence of a clean up. In fact, just the opposite as so much evidence against Rudy Guede was found. It’s impossible to clean up all theirs and leave only his. They didn’t have a magic lantern that reveals invisible DNA, fingerprints, and traces of blood. Nor did they have a My First Little DNA Testing Kit to determine whose physical evidence belonged to whom.

      • mealer123

        Mignini’s theories can be whatever they are and more. Knox and Sollecito’s DNA and his bloody footprint, (i.e. Meredith’s blood), on the bathroom mat, at the murder scene, seal the deal beyond question.
        Both of them were involved in Meredith’s murder. Period.

        • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

          “his bloody footprint, (i.e. Meredith’s blood), on the bathroom mat”

          Keep lying. That was not Sollecito’s print and it was clearly proven during the first trial already. To anyone with half a brain, that is.

      • guest123

        Just because she didn’t have a criminal history doesn’t prove she didn’t murder Meredith. Jodi Arias had a clean history, and she stabbed her ex-boyfriend 28 times, sliced his throat from ear to ear, almost decapitating him. This was all done before she shot him in the face…

        Your point about the DNA is compelling, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t involved. Charles Manson is rotting in jail for multiple murder, yet he didn’t actually physically kill anyone. He is still responsible though. I also don’t see how it’s possible that they could have cleaned up ONLY their DNA leaving only Rudy’s behind, but I also don’t see how Knox’s DNA wasn’t in the room at all…she shared the home with Meredith. Even if Amanda never stepped foot in Meredith’s room, her DNA should still be found somewhere. I don’t go into my blonde roommates room, yet they find my long brown hair everywhere.

  • louise

    You are clutching at straws to defend her. The police interpreter Donnino testified that Amanda did not ask for a lawyer and when the police offered to provide her with a lawyer she said no. It is her word against theirs. They had no obligation to read her her rights until she placed herself at the scene of the crime. At which point they did. Whether she knew who the Public Minister was is immaterial since he’s not the one who questioned her.

    People who saw Amanda the day after the murder as well as Meredith’s friends testified that her behaviour was inappropriate and there was significant friction between the two women. No one should second-guess or reinterpret their testimony. Amanda wrote that the police told her to stay in town after the murder. Meredith’s mate Sophie received the same instruction. The vibrator was a minor detail in the case until Amanda stood up in court and gave a monologue about it. The visit to Bubble was not a factor in the case at all, although it raises some questions as to their state of mind a day after her good friend was found murdered. Same with skipping Meredith’s vigil.

    The problem with their alibi is not that they can’t remember exactly what they did on the most noteworthy night of their lives, but that their alibi ends at 8:45.

    • http://www.facebook.com/stacy.morgan.790 Stacy Morgan

      > No one should second-guess or reinterpret their testimony.The problem with their alibi is not that they can’t remember exactly what they did on the most noteworthy night of their lives, but that their alibi ends at 8:45.<

      They didn't KNOW it was the most noteworthy night AT THE TIME it was happening, so why should they remember it? Their alibi didn't end at 8:45. There was undisputed activity at 9:08 and the defense expert found activity at 9:26 when a 20 minute video was activated. Meredith was most likely dead or dying by that time. Do you honestly think that Sollecito, just about to receive his degree in computer science, didn't KNOW that his computer activity could be traced?

      • mealer123

        None of the people that were acting as witnesses placed himself or herself at the scene of the murder. Only Knox did that and in the words of her own written statement, “spontaneously”.
        With that one action, she moved from witness to automatic suspect.

    • mealer123

      Absolutely right, Louise
      Thank God that the majority of Americans, like you, have the intellect to see right through the lies of Knox and Sollecito.

  • Rose Caprio

    Haters will always be haters and will not be convinced otherwise. They want to forget that the appeals court was appalled at how the case was handled. They deconstructed every piece of supposed “evidence” against Amanda and Raffaele. All evidence points to Rudy Guede whose DNA was all over Meredith’s body and room. He even admitted to the crime. An intercepted Skype with one of his friends before he was arrested is known to have him saying Amanda and Raffaele were not at the scene of the crime. No DNA from Amanda or Raffaele were in Meredith’s room. During Rudy’s appeal he was offered a deal if he would incriminate Amanda and Raffaele. He did and his sentence of 30 years was reduced to 16. He will be eligible for work release next year. So the real killer will once again be on the loose. I would be very impressed with a person who could see and clean up their own DNA and leave someone else’s. Please! I got my information not only from Amanda’s book and Raffaele’s book but from extensive research. I really believe the haters are those lazy people who can only read blurbs or listen to ignorant sources. Oh well, it takes all kinds.

    • http://www.facebook.com/stacy.morgan.790 Stacy Morgan

      The guilters have two things in common: TJMK and PMF. Even when proved wrong, they still cling to the mixed blood and bloody footprints stories.

      • index

        How come all Meredith Kercher haters have to result to insults when they are too ignorant to give a valid reply 🙁

        In fact the Meredith haters are extremely stupid and almost as physcotic as Knox herself – people like Morgan believe that viewing animal porn is normal. Knox and her PR team (if she can still afford one!!) must be so pleased that nut cases likes Morgan believe in her. Stalkers are generally thought of as complete weirdos – so well done Morgan – the Knox family must be so proud to have someone like you as a supporter – not !!

        Cheers 🙂

        • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

          Reported for inappropriate content, lack of substance and personal attacks.

        • Shells

          It is obvious that you are immature and childish. Get off the computer and go take ur meds

          • guest123

            It’s obvious you are equally immature and childish if you’re using the use of medication as an insult. I’m assuming you were trying to imply that index is mentally ill based on his/her opinion? Nice one…

    • JustJenna

      I support Knox (and I do not hate Meredith as implied by someone below) but you’re wrong on one count. Guede did not implicate Knox and Sollecito to get a reduced sentence. He opted for a fast track trial which would automatically decrease his sentence to 16 years (earlier with good behavior). Not sure why he chose to point the finger at them when he’d already said to a friend they weren’t there, but hopefully some day the truth will come out.

    • deepblue9

      It’s nothing to do with “hating” and everything to do with evidence, of which there is plenty.

    • guest123

      You make some compelling points, but I also don’t see how the DNA of Amanda could not be found within Meredith’s room. They shared the home. Not even one hair, skin cell, drop of bodily fluid?

      • JustJenna

        DNA can dissipate with time and Amanda was spending most of her time at Raffaele’s house in the last week of Meredith’s life. There truly is no way to selectively clean DNA. Also if the prosecution was to be believed Amanda and Meredith weren’t close, so they likely weren’t in each others rooms. Meredith’s DNA wasn’t found in Amanda’s room either if I recall correctly.

  • Karen

    Stop looking at Amanda’s behavior (that of a young 20-something) and start looking at the predatory, and illegal, behavior of the Perugian authorities.

    For example, calling the embassy, if Amanda had any inkling of the danger she was in, or her parents had any inkling, do you really think she would have brushed off help from her embassy? No, of course not. She did not recognize the danger.

    Instead she listened to the police tell her that “there is no need to call your embassy” because she TRUSTED them. They also told her she didn’t need a lawyer because “it will be worse for you” the night she was interrogated. And they scrambled like mad to plan the interrogation, that they themselves called “spontaneous” (while scheduling in 12 cops), before her mother arrived the next day. They were tapping her phone, they knew WHEN her mother would arrive.

    Are you also aware that it’s illegal for Italian cops to tap a witnesses phone? That is only done to suspects.

    SO that means while they called Amanda a “witness,” they treated her like a “suspect” by tapping her phone, Raff’s phone and following them. That’s why the one cop “just happened” to see them eating pizza.

    The designation of “suspect” required the cops to notify the embassy and inform her of her rights to call a lawyer before anymore questioning or interrogation could be done. The cops broke international treaties (Vienna Convention, Foreign Affair Manual) and their own laws (CCP and Constitution) to trap Amanda and Raffaele.

    That is not the behavior of benevolent police or professionals waiting for evidence to guide them, the evidence has not even been processed at the time of the arrests. This is the behavior of predators working mightily to ensnare a dumb kid before her mother arrived to take control.

    People, you were not there in the middle of the maelstrom, it’s not fair to judge Amanda on what she did or didn’t do according to how you THINK you might have handled the situation. You are not her and it wasn’t your situation. As for naivete? Who does not forgive their kid or their friend for naivete? Only a cad. Amanda should be forgiven not vilified or shamed for acting silly, it was a terrible situation.

    And yes, she did cry–a lot–but somehow the media keeps overlooking that. hmmmmmm, I wonder why??????

    Plain and simple, Amanda acted like a naive kid, the authorities acted like criminals, so what does that prove??

    A kid was abused by criminals.

    • Helene

      Knox slit Meredith’s throat. I hope she gets life.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1356252930 Karen Parker Pruett

        There is NOT one iota of real evidence supporting your comment, you have been indoctrinated by the haters haven’t you? Naughty girl, do some more homework.

        • index

          Naughty girl Pruett, you should do YOUR homework, there was enough evidence to prove her guilty of not only murder, but slander as well.

          YOU are a Meredith hater who has to resort to insults against everyone who does not concur with your warped views !!

          See Ya 🙂

        • truewords

          Go back to cheerleading and watching Fox news.
          You are just a empty headed puppet well trained by your Obama masters.

          Follow the leader leader! one 2 3 Jump well done Dolly

      • index

        Great post – Knox is a physco.

        • Steve

          Another totally ridiculous comment by someone who gets their biased opinion from the tabloids.

          • Elisa

            And you got your opinions from the Italian courts? Wow! Do tell. Another dolt.

          • JustJenna

            Sobbing into your cornflakes now ghissy? I think she did it but you are just as insane. Have a nice life crazy pants.

          • Hammerstrike

            The tabloid medias told me so…. so it must be true!

      • Steve

        You are totally full of BS. Ever heard of Rudy Guede? Know anything about him?

        • Helene

          Yeah, the black guy who, with Sollecito, restrained Meredith while Knox slit her throat. You’ve heard of the double-DNA knife, that has Knox’s DNA on the handle, and Meredith’s on the blade, I presume?

          • Steve

            Total BS, the “double-DNA” knife is BS just like all the other so-called “evidence”. If you actually believe that Knox slit Kirchner’s throat, you are completely delusional. It’s just not possible. Guede did it, he did it alone, and then he framed Knox and Sollecito. End of story, quit believing the lies.

          • Helene

            “The evidence really points pretty clearly to her guilt and her involvement.” says Alan Dershowitz, the most respected attorney in the US. Ted Simon said the same thing before he was paid to say otherwise. In fact there is a considerable amount of evidence to suggest the murder was premeditated, don’t be surprised if they receive longer sentences.

          • Steve

            Alan Dershowitz is full of BS too, and he is hardly “the most respected attorney in the US”. Once again you are just repeating the same old stuck record. There’s many other lawyers who are just as respected as Dershowitz, and many experienced law enforcement/FBI investigators who feel exactly the opposite. There is most definitely NOT a “considerable amount of evidence” to suggest the murder was premeditated—-in fact exactly the opposite. That’s the whole problem with this case. The Italians are grasping at straws because they have so little to convict on. That’s why Knox is free today, because an Italian judge realized how weak the evidence actually is. However, there is a considerable amount of evidence to prove that Rudy Guede is the killer, such as his DNA found inside Kirchner’s body, among other items. You like to talk about DNA, but you never mention Guede’s DNA. What has clearly happened here—-and what people like you refuse to acknowledge—-is that Amanda Knox and Rafael Sollecito were framed by this dirty murdering rapist and criminal. Unfortunately for herself, Amanda Knox made things difficult for herself by making some regrettable statements. But even if she is not a perfect human being, this woman and her boyfriend are simply NOT murderers. There is just NO WAY these two young people suddenly reversed their previous ordinary, totally normal and average personalities, and overnight—–with no motive or justification—-suddenly turned into a pair of raping, throat-cutting monsters. It’s just not plausible. However, the guy who did it has an extensive criminal background and was perfectly capable of the crime. That’s indisputable. The Italians have the real killer and they are just unwilling to admit their case is totally full of holes.

          • Elisa

            Uh, no, he is a Harvard Law Prof and actually IS highly respected.

          • Natasha Noel-Baker

            No he is not. Read about what Professor Finkelstein thinks of him! He is a plagiarist, who copied other peoples’ opinions in his own material, without crediting them.
            It’s just not true that everyone respects him, just because he’s a ‘Harvard” professor. Lots of other “professors’ think he’s a fraud! He certainly does love attention. He always attaches himself to very high profile cases, which is enough reason for suspicion. I cannot stand the man. He just wants his fifteen minutes of fame to continue. He’ll talk about anything that gives him an interview.

          • Elisa

            Professor Finkelstein has been called a self-loathing anti semite by his peers..including Dershowitz. I will pass because I’ve heard him talk, I’ve heard him be rude to..and about people – you listen to Finkelstein. See how far that gets you.

          • Elisa

            Oh he’s not? 😀 ahahahahah typical yank.

          • mealer123

            Sadly, you appear about as deranged as Knox and Sollecito.

          • truewords

            Have you been their ?
            No so stop telling fantasies just because someone holds a american passport does not make them innocent.

          • JustJenna

            So then WHY was GUEDES blood and DNA all over Meredith’s room and body and yet somehow there was NONE of Amanda’s? Not one guilter has ever had an answer for this. I’d love to hear it, if you have one.

          • Elisa

            No, clueless one, the real question is – why WASN’T Amanda’s since they were such “good friends” and in such close proximity. NOOO DNA of hers anywhere? C’mon..I’ve had roommates..her DNA should be around the room and certainly the hallway and kitchen. We all know it was in the bathroom ..oh that’s right! It was because her “ear was bleeding” yeah. Keep shopping for that clue…

          • deepblue9

            It wasn’t “all over Meredith’s room”. DNA isn’t always left behind anyway. You think Guede broke in? The room of the “break in” has no evidence of Guede in it.

            You can’t have it both ways. I suppose you think Guede took his shoe off and stepped on the bathmat, and wiped Amanda’s lamp clean?

        • superman103174 .

          Yes, that criminal needs to swing from a tree not get early work release

      • mealer123

        Absolutely on the money!

      • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

        Reported for an evil personal attack.

      • JustJenna

        Guede slit Meredith’s throat. I hope he gets the same someday.

        • Elisa

          Wow..what a shining example of justice you are. And um, Amanda’s lamp and DNA were all in Meredith’s room – but you’re right to mention it. IF they were FRIENDS (as Knox says now in her fakey shakey voice)..why WASN’T there more of her DNA in Meredith’s room?? Think about that, dolt. If you’ve ever had a roommate, you’d know that this alone is suspect.

          • JustJenna

            Why are you calling me names? I never said or did anything to you. I don’t know what happened for sure except that Rudy Guede was there. But regardless, I’m not a dolt and calling me names is ridiculous.

          • Elisa

            Because you’re what’s wrong with Americans. You people feeeed off of human tragedy. It brings you LIFE! You don’t give a damn about Kercher – just so long as your precious American sweetheart -psychopath isn’t taken to where she belongs. The only good Americans, are those who are smart enough to a). leave that horrid country, and b). are not afraid to face the truth about what your gov’t is doing to everyone. No wonder you’re such a violent people…wanting Guede’s throat slashed? You’re a sick fuck.

    • Corrado

      Karen, you are totally right. And let me add a very important detail: Amanda’s and Raffaele’s interrogations were not videotaped. Why? Because Perugia’s police had (and have) a guilty, very guilty conscience. Prosecutor Mignini’s “explanation ” ” we had few money! ” is absurd, because a videotape costs few euro while at the trial Mignini’s office spent a staggering 182,000 euro on a visual guide ! Yes, Perugia’s police and prosecutors deserve jail, and Amanda and Raffaele deserve freedom.

    • Ivy Pine

      I admit, she is a totally weird girl. I’m mean she’s really out there; however, that does not necessarily make you a killer. She behaved in very strange ways at times when she should have asked for a lawyer and stayed quiet, but examining all the facts and the evidence at the crime scence, it is obvious to any intelligent human being that Guede’s DNA is all over the place as well as on the victim. Knox and her boyfriend’s DNA are nowhere in that room; for me it’s a no brainer, she’s innocent as far as this crime is concerned. The Italian justice system should apologize to them for turning their lives into a freak show and for their half-assed foresensic investigation. All this from an Italian.

      • Misterman James

        We have another one of her lawyers.. good.

    • Elisa

      Oh fuck that! I never acted that horridly when I was 14, much less in another country at age 20. No one acts like that but her and Arias and their ilk. You dolt! Why is it only stupid americans can shush this obvious problem away like “it’s nothing”. “I could kill for a pizza?” REALLY?????

      • Karen

        And what are you now? 15?

        • Elisa

          …said Tinkerbell. Fuck you, cunt.

          • Karen

            Ah Ha! 14 it is!

            Although I think you are lying about your age, most likely 13 is closer to the mark.

          • Elisa

            Says the tinkerbell girl, again. Nice try ..but not at all pithy…just stupid and juvenile. And you haven’t addressed any points. You’re a cunt. That’s my point. You’re just a mouthy cunt. If you want to debate this, I will be happy. Otherwise, bugger off, dirty little whore.

          • JustJenna

            What a shining example of Italy you are.

          • Elisa

            What a shining example (no really) of America you are – that you would defend murderers and let them go – even murderers of their own children. Here’s where you can kiss my Italian ass, you silly lover of the Casey Anthony cases that HAUNT your world. Fuck you.

          • JustJenna

            How can you possible know what my opinion of Casey Anthony is?

      • guest123

        I agree. I’m glad you mentioned Arias because I can see a lot of
        similarities in the case and odd behaviour of the two, Jodi, and Amanda.
        Jodi and Amanda both changed their stories. First they denied any
        knowledge of the crime, and denied being at the scene. Then, they both
        changed their stories and directly accused/implicated other people for
        the murder, which is a reflection of their guilt (Jodi accused two
        masked intruders, a male and female, of killing Travis – this mirrors
        who was truly there during the crime…a male – Travis, and a female –
        Jodi. Amanda changed her story and said she was there meeting Patrick – a
        black male, when Rudy, a black male ended up being “guilty”). Seems to
        me that Amanda, if not at least guilty, knows more than she’s telling.
        It’s funny to me, too, that when she was taken back to the flat, she
        covered her ears, as if she was recalling the brutal screams of

        I know odd behaviour isn’t sufficient
        evidence to prove someone’s guilty, but to me, if my roommate was
        brutally murdered at our home, I would be seriously disturbed,
        regardless if we were friends or not. I would be disturbed that instead
        of Meredith, the victim could have been me. She would be devastated.

        course, there is a chance that Amanda is innocent, but regardless her
        lack of genuine emotion, especially after the murder, is enough for me
        to accuse her of at least being a sociopath/psychopath.

        Canadian, btw, so if anyone thinks I’m a stupid American, or Italian,
        European, whatever…I’m not. Even if I was, your geographical location
        isn’t totally responsible for your opinion, just saying.

    • Elisa

      You’re a mental if you think that’s just acting “naive”. And if you think that a person’s character doesn’t play into things, why don’t you just ignore Jodi Arias’ behaviour? I bet you don’t. Good analytical job, dolt.

      • Karen

        hmmmm this coming from an “analyst” who compares this case to the Arias case simply because she and Amanda are both women. Much thought go into that or did you just flip open the Mail and read headlines?

        • Elisa

          Wow…you come on strong but really aren’t at all very smart nor pithy. Amanda has much more in common with Arias than just her vagina, you silly yank. 😀 They both did gymnastics in the police station when they thought no one was looking…both did make up and smiled for the cameras like it was a show/joke…Amanda slid in the first day on her slipper shoes and said “ta dah!” dressed in t-shirt and jeans, ya know, totally respectful of “her friend’s family” ..They both also lied and then changed their stories once busted.
          Wow..do you feel as stupid as you really are today, Tinkerbell? DOLT extraordinaire. Is it like being on LSD to be as clueless as you are all the time?

          • Karen

            Wow. You don’t have any clue that you are repeating prejudiced propaganda do you?

            The group who provided you with such “insight” could make Mother Theresa out to be a drug addled whore by the company she kept. Certainly we all know that is not true about the Good Mother anymore than the tripe you have been fed is true about Amanda.

            You believe it because you want to.

          • Elisa

            Funny you mention Mother Theresa. She actually was a whore for the poor and died an extremely wealthy lady. You might want to read about piety under the guise of feigned humility. That way, you might start to think about just how evil people really are. Right now, it’s what YOU want to think. Everyone wants to think the normal looking person, or the religious person has good intent. Well, sorry – that’s not the deal. Nice page you have. Biased. Nice granddaughter.

          • Karen

            You are getting all of your information filtered through prejudiced Italian police and the tabloids.

            So who is the dolt here?

            You, who relied on gossip.

            Or myself, who thoroughly researched and presents factual, and sourced, information.

            You, who knows none of the principals except through the media.

            Or myself, who is watching this happen to my family friends in real time.

            I have a reason to want factual information, you are just a foul-mouthed little girl trying to act like a woman and doing a piss poor job at it.

          • Elisa

            There aren’t tabloids about that whore in Italy, ya dolt. Ouch..looks like I hit that nerve of yours tiny dance. 🙂 Americans – so allergic to the truth.

          • Karen

            Ah ha! You’ve exposed yourself now! You haven’t done a whit of proper research on this case.

          • Elisa

            Like you have? You’re a dolt of an American idiot. You don’t know anything about it except what your media touts to you and the rest of the sheeple. Why don’t you head over to Italy (my home) and take it up with the courts there? MMM I would love to see that. Mouth.

          • Karen

            Well now, you have certainly shown your ignorance with this last statement.

          • Elisa

            What do you know about it? You’ve never been out of your own backyard. 🙂 I really did strike an American “stupid nerve” – of which you have many. I do see that you’ve written a blog regarding your opinion about Ms Knox, but get over yourself. You weren’t there, you don’t know what the tribunal of Italy knows, so you’re nothing more than an amateur cyber-sleuth. 😀

            And Italy is my home so I think I know more about it than you do, you old whore.

          • JustJenna

            Oh wow you live in Italy. Maybe even Perugia. I guess that means you were THERE right? At the crime scene, in the courts, reading the court documents. LOL as if. You are nothing more than a hate mongering mean person with a foul mouth. So fuck you right back.

          • Elisa

            So what? Like Americans are all love and flowers? Take a good long look at your pathetic, warmongering, violence embracing country, scummy. Then you’ll get a clue. Until then…shop around, ’cause you don’t have one.

          • guest123

            I agree with your opinions on this case, but I don’t see what Nationality has to do with somebody’s opinions. There are loads of North Americans that think Amanda Knox is guilty, and loads of Europeans, even Italians, such as yourself, that believe Amanda is innocent. The more you say useless, petty, and ignorant comments, the more it discredits the intelligence of your actual opinion. This goes to other attacking the laws of Italy. Just because you don’t agree with certain laws in Italy, or if the laws are different from your country, does not entitle you to attack someone for living there. I’m not American or Italian, by the way, I just think it’s silly to fight about where someone lives. It’s ignorant either way.

          • Elisa

            Wow. You’re amazing…an amazing bore Zzzzzzzzzzz..

          • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

            How dare you call Amanda Knox a whore?

            Amanda is a long-suffering victim of injustice and of a hate campaign run by creatures like you.

          • Elisa

            She’s a woman of low morals, a liar, a druggie and a whore. What’s worse…she’s a murderer. Deal with it.

          • superman103174 .

            Lynch Rudy Guede.

          • Elisa

            That’s fine by me, but she was complicit. So, she goes to jail. Punto.

          • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

            Your hateful post has been duly flagged, and you will be shortly reported to Disqus administrators as systematically engaging in hate speech.

          • Elisa

            Wow..well, it looks like Disquis didn’t really care. It’s called the Bill of Rights, First Amendment, Freedom of speech. Let me guess, you’re an American? LEARN IT.

          • JustJenna

            Except YOU aren’t entitled to the First Amendment or the Bill of Rights. People in your country dare to speak out against anything, they get duly sued. If you hate us so much then don’t you dare try to claim our Constitutional Rights. They don’t belong to you.

          • guest123

            I don’t know the location of which this website originated from, but if it’s within a country that supports the right to freely speak, then she would be entitled…
            American isn’t the only country with “freedom of speech,” but I’m assuming you already know that…just saying.

          • Elisa

            Ahh what a bunch of baloney. This is the same Roger Keith Coleman story…. blah blah blah

          • Elisa

            Oh ahahaha tthat’s just funny coming from a nationalist, racist american tinker bell. Please, be serious. The media in Italy has all but forgotten this. There’s a family from Bangladesh living in that house now who have said “they heard something bad happened there” ..it’s only in america where you have this constant need to make some issues bigger than others. Plenty of people are murdered everyday in your country…who cares? Not you, you fat bigot. Because all you care about is that it happened to an ENGLISH girl by an AMERICAN girl in ITALY. bigot bigot bigot. The tabloids are American. Why don’t you get out, travel, and see the world before you open your coc’ksucker?

          • superman103174 .

            Rudy Guede is definitly guily and needs to be lynched.

    • Hammerstrike

      No more organized crime in Italy, they all joined the police and courts!

  • http://www.facebook.com/diane.krstulovich Diane Krstulovich

    At first, I also thought it was unfortunate that Amanda didn’t go to Meredith’s vigil, for numerous reasons (her own grief, the most important in the end). As people ponder what made others suspicious of Amanda, don’t forget that Amanda had similar reasons to be suspicious of everyone else. It was terrifying that it happened in her own house and she wasn’t even sure whether or not the killer was still there while she took a shower that morning. She had no reason to believe that the killer was not still right there now, among them (and in fact, he was – later dancing with the students at the club, dancing right thru Meredith’s ‘moment of silence’, in fact.) When Meredith was murdered, she also lost her closest confidant. From the beginning, the only person that Amanda knew for sure that she could trust was Raffaele. Because he was with her.

    • Shells

      That was the only reasons, among many…Amanda was already a suspect and word had gotten out. She knew she was not wanted there.

  • billyryan

    Amanda Knox made only one mistake,she taught the police the prosecutors and the judges were honorable public servants,I believe there was no way she could have known they were completely unprincipled liars.

  • http://twitter.com/MerleRideout Patrick King

    Amanda herself puts it best: “Six months ago my parents’ biggest worry about my year abroad was that I might get sick. We didn’t have a plan to cover what I should do if my my housemate was murdered.”

    After all, before this who would make such a plan? Amanda Knox was busy being a kid, with a kid’s values and a kid’s sense of humor. Why would she think anyone might accuse her of murder? Wouldn’t they need evidence? As it turned out, no, they wouldn’t.

    • http://www.facebook.com/diane.krstulovich Diane Krstulovich

      Pretty scary that they ‘don’t believe in evidence’ because ‘evidence can be faked’ They value their own ‘professional intuition’ more. A great method for someone who thinks they should not have to answer to anybody for anything, ever. Hope the Italian people see this for what it is.

      • http://twitter.com/MerleRideout Patrick King

        I guess so, Diane, if you believe “their” story. I think there’s more to the framing of Amanda Knox than meets the eye.

    • index

      I believe you are suggesting that Knox discussed murder before she went to Italy then ?!
      What a fool you are to have this in print, even if this is your idea of sarcasm. It shows how sick Knox is to even mention this especially after lovely Merediths murder 🙁

      Is shows no respect for a poor young murdered girl who was killed in the vilest way.

      You say she was a “kid’. This does not mean that she was not also a deviant murderer. She was a total whore who slept with as many boys as possible. She had been with Sollecito less than a week, yet was seen kissing and smooching with him outside the cottage a few hours after Merediths body was found!!

      Behaviour says a lot about a person – that is why we have profilers to help detect killers.

      Most admirers of Knox’s are sad old gits who happen to believe that knox is too ” pretty” to have commited a murder. What perverted sad, ignorant old fools they are 🙁

      I believe the Kerchers will get the justice they deserve in the new trial.

      • http://twitter.com/MerleRideout Patrick King

        Have you read her book? I agree there IS a fool in this conversation but it certainly is not me.

        • mealer123

          You are asking us to believe the contents of the self-serving “book”, written by a convicted liar and psychopath, (Knox)?
          Plainly, insofar as you take the book to be gospel, you are the fool.

      • guest

        Uh… she was a whore who slept with as many boys as possible? She slept with seven boys total in her entire life. Seven. Do you know how many boys college girls sleep with nowadays?!? That’s NOTHING in comparison.

        And where are you getting that Knox discusses murder before Italy? How does her comment show no respect to Meredith? How does that make her sick, saying that her and her parents biggest worry about studying abroad was her possibly becoming ill?

        You make absolutely no sense.

      • Shells

        Troll alert! They are obviously bored….and jealous that Amanda Knox is very pretty. Index is a troll who most likely looks like a gargoyle.

        • guest123

          If that’s what you gathered from INDEX saying that people think Amanda is “too pretty” to commit murder, then INDEX’s comment totally flew right over your head.

  • crystal221

    Amanda Knox was not unfairly villainized, the woman lied repeatedly and almost destroyed a man’s life by falsely accusing him. Even if by some small chance she is innocent, she is no victim (or celeb, her book is in the wrong category), her ordeal might never have happened had she just been honest in the beginning instead of making herself look guilty.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1356252930 Karen Parker Pruett

      Oh yeah, poor Patrick. In prison for two weeks as opposed to four years.

      Poor Patrick, the man 16 years Amanda’s senior.
      Poor Patrick, the man from the war-torn Congo who has experienced corrupt officials. Which is WHY he left the Congo.
      Poor Patrick, the man who lived in Perugia for years before Amanda set foot there and knew first hand how Mignini and the police operated.
      Poor Patrick, the man who first tells the press how horribly he was treated by the cops, then jumps on the “Sue Amanda” bandwagon to make some coin.
      Poor Patrick, should have been suing the cops for his false arrest.
      Poor Patrick, who knows that Amanda was no match for 12 cops, after all, he had the same experience.

      Yes, let’s pity poor Patrick who was incredibly lucky that the cops switched him for Rudy Guede, else he would still be sitting in prison–alibi or not.

      He COULD have experience what happened to Amanda. But he was too valuable to the cops as “Poor Patrick.”

      Yeah, I read what he said and now I say, “Wow Patrick, YOU are slandering Amanda.”

      Patrick and his lawyer have cornered the market on calling Amanda witch, slut, whore, liar, you name it. They revel in using these descriptive as often as possible. What has Amanda said about Patrick?

      She said she was SORRY (starting in Dec 2007) half a dozen times. In prison, in court, in her book and in interviews.

      I have NO PITY for a grown man blaming a kid when he should be blaming the cops. He is a coward and enjoying playing the victim. It’s disgusting.

      • http://www.facebook.com/diane.krstulovich Diane Krstulovich

        Sorry, I appreciate your sentiment and loyalty to Amanda on this. But Patrick’s life really was ruined by this unfortunate event. The students no longer trusted him, even tho he was released and his business suffered for it to the point that he had to shut it down. And he had a wife and brand new baby to take care of. He stood with the prosecution on this because he has the good sense to be afraid of them. That’s all.

        • Karen

          I appreciate what you are saying, but he is also involved in the wholesale destruction of Amanda’s life. Gleefully.

          btw, I have no doubt whatsoever that the police scared him and threatened his family to gain his cooperation.

          BUT he was a grown man and she was a kid. How would you feel about him is that was your daughter being railroaded and Patrick was lying about her to the press, repeatedly, cruelly.

          I’m sure you would stop feeling sorry for him in short order.

          As for his business, the cops shut it down, he had no control over that, they did it to threaten him so he would do what they said.

          And it died of attrition after he reopened primarily because it not doing well before the troubles.

          The students didn’t attend because the creepers were there, so his pity party about losing the student business is a lie. He never had it to begin with.

          • Sue Kaplan

            After releasing him, the corrupt police kept Patrick’s bar closed as a “crime scene” for several months. It was their way to keep leverage over Patrick, to strangle him financially, and tell him he better shut up and keep silent about the beating and abuse the police gave him in custody.

            Patrick has no choice. He has to live in Perugia. He has a wife from eastern Europe, a child, and no means to leave and establish himself elsewhere.

            The oily lawyers who represent Patrick and the Kerchers are buddies of the prosecutors and police. They feed the prosecutors’ and police’s fabricated crime line to Patrick and the Kerchers.

          • guest123

            She wasn’t a kid, she was a woman, and adult, who has to face the consequence of her actions. Do you think she was under the age of 18? Probably not if you’ve done any research into this case, so therefore, I’m going to assume you are aware that she was well above the age of accountability, something you seem to dismiss.

            I’m sorry but I think it’s a little more cruel to implicate my boss in the murder of my supposed friend, than to be called a lying whore.


            Poor Amanda being “attacked” by a grown man…the GROWN MAN WHO WAS UNJUSTLY ACCUSED OF MURDER, THANKS TO AMANDA, A GROWN WOMAN.

        • http://www.facebook.com/stacy.morgan.790 Stacy Morgan

          Just what makes you think his life was “ruined”? Lumumba is well known throughout Italy, and the world, as the “poor innocent man framed by Knox.” He is seen as a victim. Your claim that “the students no longer trust him” is simply not true.

          His bar, only recently opened, was not doing well at all and was not popular with the students of Perugia. It was often almost empty as witnesses said, including the Swiss man who confirmed his alibi. That’s the reason he hired Knox in the first place…handing out flyers to students to drum up business.

          He sued the police and Amanda and won monetary judgments from both of them including 8,000 euros from the police. He was paid in the high 5 figures for his British tabloid interview in which he accused the police of hitting him in the head, punching him, kicking him, and threatening him with 30 years in prison (the same threat Amanda says they used with her).

          His bar should have reopened immediately after his release (2 weeks). Instead, the POLICE kept it closed for another THREE MONTHS even though it was known he was completely innocent. Where is the blame for them?

        • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

          His business wasn’t doing well anyway.

          He should blame the cops for keeping him in jail for two weeks. They knew he was innocent within a day or two of Amanda’s forced confession.

          • guest123

            Doesn’t make it terribly unfortunate that he was implicated thanks to a woman who couldn’t get her own story straight.

          • guest123

            He shouldn’t blame the cops. He should blame Amanda, a witness, who implicated him. They cops arrested him because of her shitty accusation.

      • Helene

        Knox needs sensible adults in her life not vile rednecks.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1356252930 Karen Parker Pruett

          You have obviously been hanging out with the haters, since you obviously don’t know me and are only quoting the made-up-persona that they created a few years ago.

          Good job dear, quoting hater diatribe. Not.

        • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

          “vile rednecks”


          Personal attack and anti-American propaganda.

          • guest123

            Get a life, or are you a perfect, politically correct angel? If you are, then disregard the comment about getting a life.

            Why aren’t you reporting supporters of Amanda for their personal attacks, and anti-Italian propoganda, Mr. internet police? OH RIGHT, you’re a biased moran.

          • JustJenna

            You started out here being so nice and reasonable. Please don’t become like the rest of the jerks on both sides of the argument. I suspect you are not intelligent than that.

      • mealer123

        Another nutter writes….!

        Guede’s DNA was at the murder scene and inside Meredith.

        Apart from Mr Lumumba’s cast iron alibis, (including one from a Swiss Professor, who flew all the way back to Italy to support him), Mr Lumumba’s DNA was nowhere to be found at the murder scene or in the house.

        Knox has been convicted and served over three years for falsely implicating Mr Lumumba, specifically because she knowingly sought to divert the police investigation away from her and Sollecito.

        Too bad, in the process, that Knox placed herself at the scene of the crime and automatically moved from being a WITNESS to a SUSPECT.

        Dumb or what?

      • guest123

        You’re a fucking idiot if you’re trying to blame Patrick here. Even if Amanda is innocent, how in the world can you sit there and try to make Patrick the as*hole, is all of this? You’re absolutely insane.

        Sorry, but if someone accused me of murder, and I didn’t do it, I’d call them a lying son of a bitch, too. How is it slanderous of Patrick, but not Amanda. Get a brain.

    • Sue Kaplan

      crystal221 repeats the guilter line. The truth is that Knox was at the police station for close to 40 hours, day and night, for three days answering questions or being observed by the police. On the final night, police interrogated her beginning at 11 pm when she was exhausted and traumatized. Police knew they had to bust open the case with her that night because her mother was flying to Italy and scheduled to arrive the next day. Believing (incorrectly) that the murder had to be a group sex orgy-turned-murder and that whore Knox must have been involved, they did a fully manipulative, 12-police-officer tag-teamed interrogation of her into the wee hours of the night. The police misinterpreted a text response Knox sent to her boss when he texted her that she did not have to work at his bar that evening. She texted back “See you later. Good night” which in American English means see you sometime in the future (it means days or weeks later). Believing incorrectly that Knox had plans to definitely meet the person to whom she sent the text, police repeatedly shouted at her, called her a liar, hit her (twice) to “make her remember”, and told her falsely that her boyfriend said she had gone out that evening (to make her doubt her memory and disorient her). The police fed her the scenario that she was really at her house the evening of the murder, even though she denied it and could not remember it. The Police told her repeatedly that she was remembering wrong, had amnesia from the incident, was there, and that the person to whom she sent the text WAS THE KILLER. They fed her the suspect and scenario and got her to fanaticize she was present and elicited where she would have been – in what room she would have been – and what she would have heard while the killer was with Kercher. The police created this through vicious mind-maniplation in the middle of the night. Knox is not to blame for being psychologically manipulated by the 12 police who worked on her, shouting and screaming and feeding her their false ideas. The police created the vision. They told her the recipient of her text was the killer. The police are responsible for the vision that condemned Lumumba.

      • mealer123

        Stop brainlessly repeating Knox and Sollecito’s lies.
        You are an embarrassment to truth and justice.

      • Don Otiro

        “The truth is that Knox was at the police station for 40+ hours, day and night, for four days”

        That’s simply not true Sue.

        On the so-called “final night” you refer to, Knox had been to school during the day and had dinner with Sollecito and other friends that evening. She was not even asked to be at the police station that night – she just decided to go along because Sollecito had been asked to come in and explain some inconsistencies in his witness statement. They went in about 10:30pm. It was then that Sollecito changed his story and said that Knox had not been with him between 9pm and 1am on the night of the murder. Knox was sitting in the police waiting area. When she was told that he’d changed his story, she changed hers and made her false accusation after less than 2 hours of questioning.

        Who told you that she was at the police station for 40+ hours?
        They are lying to you.
        You might want to find out what their motive is.

        • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

          ” She was not even asked to be at the police station that night – she just decided to go along because Sollecito had been asked to come in and explain some inconsistencies in his witness statement. ”

          Not true.

        • guest123

          Sounds to me like Sollecito and Knox began turning on each other, trying to make the other appear guilty, because they both did it and knew their jig was up.

      • guest123

        If she was so disoriented and was able to doubt her memory of meeting Patrick, why are you putting it past her to doubt her memory of murdering Meredith? I don’t care how much sleep you don’t get. You don’t go accusing someone if you are positive about your whereabouts. Her own boyfriend said he wasn’t with her the whole night.

    • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

      She did not lied and did not accuse the man – she was manipulating into signing two absurd statements which she immediately recanted.

      • deepblue9

        Rubbish. She wrote and signed of her own will. There was no manipulation. Even the defense admits that.

        • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

          “She wrote.” Had a good laugh over this one.

      • guest123

        If she had half a brain no amount of manipulation could trick her into falsely recalling something she knew she didn’t do, which in this case, was meeting up with PATRICK.

    • guest123

      A-freakin’-MEN, sister!

    • guest123

      Not to mention her absurd lack of emotion towards her supposed friend’s MURDER. Even if she is innocent, like you said, she’s a cold hearted bitch.

  • John

    I read the book. It was well written, honest, sincere. I’ve read a ton about this case and have seen a lot of media “crap” as well. Unfortunately, she was a quirky, very naive young girl when she was outside of the villa with the police answering questions…this, unknowingly, being the onset of their whole four year nightmare. She had no clue what she was in for or how she was incriminating herself. Has anybody asked why would Amanda and Raffaele, if they’d been a part of this heinous crime, call the police and be waiting for them? It makes absolutely no sense at all. Criminals flee. They didn’t have anything to do with this murder. End of story. If you want ample proof that this story was wielded in part by a crazy person, study up on this Mignini character. What a scary, scary human being.

    • index

      You Meredith haters want everyone to believe what an intelligent thing she is, yet when it suits you it is called ” very naive “. It has to be one or the other.

      I do not believe that someone so “naive ” acts like a slut, admitting to sleeping with various men that she did not even know and taking dope at every opportunity !!

      You would also NOT accuse a totally innocent man, ruining his reputation and future, yet she carried on with this outright lie for two weeks. Yes, she was really naive – her rabid parents must be so proud with their offspring !!

      • http://twitter.com/MerleRideout Patrick King

        Do you really think that BECAUSE one doesn’t believe Amanda Knox is guilty we must therefore “hate” Meredith? I certainly do not hate Meredith Kercher. I do, however, need some evidence before I’ll deem anyone guilty of a murder. Your arguments have no thread of logic to them.

        • mealer123

          There are 243 separate evidential facts against Knox and Sollecito, any one of which, on its own, would convict Knox and Sollecito in a US Court.

          From the outset, the Knox and Sollecito PR machine has persistently cried “No evidence whatsoever” so often, that the US media has amplified it to the point that the uninformed and lazy simply believe it.

          It is called propaganda and Knox/Sollecito supporters are suckers for believing it.

          • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

            “243 separate evidential facts against Knox and Sollecito, any one of which, on its own, would convict Knox and Sollecito in a US Court.”

            Back under your rock, creature.

        • guest123

          I believe Knox is guilty, but I agree with you about the “Meridith haters.” That’s just silly.

      • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

        It was the police who accused Patrick and the police who kept him in jail for two weeks instead of letting him go on Nov. 6 or 7 when they had evidence against Rudy Guede.

        “her rabid parents”

        I”m going to get you banned at this site for this. Know you place, troll.

        • guest123

          Internet police at it again…

          Anyway, just because they had evidence against another suspect does not mean they had to release Patrick…especially since they had Amanda’s account that he was there at the crime scene.

          • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

            But Amanda recanted at about 2pm-3pm on Nov. 6, and then on Nov. 7, in writing. Besides, it was clearly the police who wanted to arrest Lumumba and manipulated Knox into naming him. It’s clearly stated in her recantations: she was told there was “hard evidence” placing her at the crime scene and threatened her with 30 year in prison unless she tell the “true story.” Even the interpreter helped her to “recall” the “truth.” Note that Knox couldn’t have invented the 30 years – it’s the longest non-life term in Italy – so unless she was well familiar with the criminal code, it’s a genuine detail.

          • guest123

            Alright, but they also believed there was more than one person involved in the crime. Also, who’s to say she didn’t take back her statement once realizing she placed herself at the crime scene during the murder?

          • guest123

            To add, taking back her statement would still mean they were threatening her with the 30 years prison time. So, why take back the statement if she was still afraid?

    • Steve

      You forgot to mention the evidence against Rudy Guede. All the Knox haters on this site go on and on about all the so-called evidence against Knox and Sollecito, which is 99% false and manufactured by the Italian prosecutor and police. This isn’t the first time in history the cops have gone after the wrong person, that’s for sure. Meanwhile hardly anyone writing comments here, writes the overwhelming evidence against a murdering, raping, evil petty criminal named Rudy Guede. It’s easier to believe the BS than to look at the big picture and realize that Guede did it and he did it alone.

      • mealer123

        The US Government murdered over 3,500 innocent people on 9/11, right under the noses of the same kind of brainless Americans that now blindly believe Knox and Sollecito.
        And you have the gall to criticise the Italians !?

      • guest123

        Just because we believe that Knox and Sollecito are guilty does not mean we dismiss the evidence on Guede. I think it’s safe to assume that we all pretty much agree that he’s guilty…so why the hell would we dispute or support the evidence? Plus, this isn’t a page about Guede, it’s about Knox…and we don’t necessarily “hate” her, at least I don’t so WTF are you on about?

    • mealer123

      John, you are too sad for words.

      Leave the police aside for one moment.
      The phone record undeniably proves that Knox had already tried to phone Meredith on the latter’s two phones, (only 4 or 5 seconds duration in each case – hardly the attempt of a friend, worried about Meredith’s safety), at 12.11 pm on 2nd Nov 2007.

      Her and Meredith’s flatmate, Filomena, rang Knox for the first time, shortly afterwards. Knox confirms that she told Filomena that there had been a “break-in” and that there was blood in the bathroom.
      She failed to tell Filomena that Meredith’s door was locked,though she had previously stated that the “locked door” had made her “frantically” bang on it.
      When Filomena told Knox to ring Meredith, Knox said she would, but did not tell Filomena that she had already (very briefly) done so.
      Knox knew that Meredith was dead and she knew that Sollecito and/or she had thrown Meredith’s phones away.
      Thus, she claimed to have banged frantically at Meredith’s locked door, when an innocent friend would have rung Meredith’s phones to hear if they rang in her bedroom.
      She knew that the ringing phones were not in Meredith’s room because she/Sollecito had thrown them away.
      Finally, when the first “(Postal”) police arrived to investigate/return Meredith’s phone, (which had been found when Knox had rung it), both Knox and Sollecito looked genuinely surprised to see them, as they had only just phoned the crime police.
      The Postal Police confirmed that both were otherwise cool and collected, with Knox showing nothing of the “frantic panic” which she alleged she had endured when allegedly banging on Meredith’s locked door only a few minutes earlier.
      Knox has plenty of such circumstantial evidence against her,( excluding incriminating DNA evidence that her own defence DNA experts have not challenged in court), none of which relies of her claims of alleged police coercion.
      Don’t be such a sucker for Knox’s lies.

      • John

        What shitty sources have you been reading? You need to get your facts straight, Ms/Mr Ditz who shouldn’t even be expressing her/his self in words. Why don’t you go make a “made for TV movie”, idiot.

        • deepblue9

          Just read the court transcripts. Or do you believe everything that comes out of the dumb American media?

    • Steve

      John, my advice for you is to completely ignore everything written by this yokel called Mealer123. Don’t read it, don’t respond to it. It’s pure rubbish and you might as well go bang your head against a wall.

  • Sue Kaplan

    I want to respond to may of the numbered points made in the article. Some of which are a great stretch.

    1. Yes, she did not hire a lawyer. She did not know she was being targeted by the police. She sought to help the police by telling them whatever they asked.

    2. Knox did cry and grieve, both in public and in private, but acknowledging this does not reinforce the police and prosecutor’s story line to make her into a cold, uncaring person. Knox’s emotions ran the gamut and were similar to that of her Italian housemates, who were about seven years older than 20 year old Knox. The one difference was that Knox was further back in the group when they forced the door. Knox did not see into Kercher’s bedroom because her two Italian housemates, their two boyfriends, and two police were ahead of her in the hall. Knox did not see the bloody room and foot sticking out that her Italian housemates, Laura and Filomena, and their boyfriends saw when one of them busted open the door. If you look at the video frequently shown of Knox in front of the house when her boyfriend embraced her and bussed her to console her in a move of compassion (not passion), Knox turned her head and looked shocked at the murder of her housemate.

    3. Knox was much more intensely involved in helping the police than the group of British girls who came hours later to the police station. Knox’s response to Natalie’s comment was one of anger at the nasty crime “They cut her f*cking throat! Bastards!” Interesting to see how the British girls took offense and with Magnini’s help make it seem that Knox was uncaring. The British girls were pliably influenced by the police and prosecutor’s questioning.

    4. Yes. Knox stayed in Perugia. She tried to help the police. She did not know that she was in danger from the police themselves and their twisted targeting and manipulation of her.

    5. She was weird? Why? Because she sang loudly, or spoke up, or was exuberant in the company of a group of bonded young British women her age? What you observe is the dynamics of a group of bonded teenagers and 21 year olds sharing the storytelling or tattling by Kercher about Knox. Guess what my American housemate does (or has). This is common girl group behavior.

    6. Yes, Knox had a pink bunny vibrator in her toilet bag. It was given to her as a gag gift by a girlfriend right before Knox packed for Italy. Kercher apparently relished telling her British girlfriends about it, and they piled on Knox behind her back. What the reader may not know is that with Knox’s consent Kercher was taking (“borrowing”) condoms from Knox’s toilet bag. The reader should also know that Kercher had a jar of vaseline in her bedroom. In Italy that is commonly used for anal sex – that is what the police thought Kercher was up to with an Italian student with whom Kercher was having intercourse. To the British and Americans, vaseline is a treatment for dry skin – but you can see how the Italian police mind works. They suspected Kercher, the murder victim, was doing anal sex. The police and prosecutor ran 10 times more wild in their suspicion of Knox when they tried to make her a sexual man-eater.

    • http://www.facebook.com/stacy.morgan.790 Stacy Morgan

      May I add to your list?

      #7 “The media reported that when brought back to the crime scene in her sanitized booties, Knox jumped out like a Broadway star and said, “ta-daa!” ”

      Actually, the media reported much worse thanks to a policeman’s salacious interpretation. Edgardo Giobbi, of the violent crime squad, reported that he saw Amanda perform “la mossa”, a seductive hip swivel made by Italian “sex bombs” and then say “Oopla!”

      This is further supported by another policeman who claimed Amanda “smelled of sex” on Nov.2 even though she’d just showered a few hours earlier and had not had sex since.

      Very early on, the Italian police were already creating the “sex slut” Amanda in their nasty minds.

      • Helene

        Knox says she took a shower, but there is no proof she did. She doesn’t really look like someone who’s had 10 hours of sleep or who’s recently showered in photos. More like she’s been up all night on a bender.

        The policeman said she ‘smelled of sex’ this is a very distinctive odor and one that an officer of the law would know how to identify. Knox’s cellmates also complained of her hygiene issues.

        • Sue Kaplan

          Herene, please cite evidence that supports your statement that “there is no proof that Knox showered”. What proof are you inferring is absent? The police were in the bathroon several hours after Knox showered and I am unaware that any of them reported anything contemporanous to suggest that Knox had not in fact showered. (If they had Mignini would have woven it into his tale.)

          The videos and photos that I have seen do not indicate to me that Knox had inadequate sleep the night before. How do you expect somebody to look when she has just learned that her housemate was murdered?

          Are you one of those gifted persons who can look at videos or photos of someone and tell if they are guilty of a crime?

          • Helene

            It was reported by one of the officers she smelled (of sex). Had she washed herself twice, like she claimed, She face is puffy and bloated on Nov 2 (compared to Nov 3) as it would be from a night of heavy alcohol consumption. She admitted being so drunk she passed out for a while (at the cottage).

            I also know the difference between blow-dried hair, and hair that hasn’t had a comb taken to it in some time. Knox’s hair on Nov 2 falls into the latter description.

            She whined and complained at the police station that she was tired and wanted to go home. in fact she (and Sollecito both) made quite a spectacle about it. After her prints were taken, she suddenly shouted out “Those f*cking bastards” and then “why, why, why”. Sophie and Samantha heard this, they had assumed there had only been one murderer, and Samantha asked her if she was alright. She replied she was tired. This was just after her prints had been taken, very early on.Shortly afterward, Sollecito approached an officer and asked if he and Knox could leave, because they were tired. There were over a 100 people who showed up at the station Nov 2 to give statements to police and Knox and Sollecito distinguished themselves as the two who complained they were tired and wanted to leave.

          • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

            Are you kidding or what? The guy projected his horny thoughts onto the girl and that’s all. Says tons about the cop and nothing about Knox.

          • guest123

            Are you one of those gifted persons who can look at videos or photos of someone and tell if they are NOT guilty of a crime? No?
            Then quit being a fool. How can one tell one way or the other if someone showered “several hours” (your words) after they claimed they did? Especially in a shower that I’m presuming Amanda used several times before? Her hair is a mess in the videos, which supports her story of having sex throughout the night.

            Please cite evidence that proves she did shower…

          • guest123

            Also she admitted to having at least once that night with her boyfriend…and you think the officer’s claim that she smelled of sex is bogus?

        • Steve

          BS, BS, total nonsense, lies and more BS. Do you work for the Italian prosecutor? This is all just tabloid crap. All your information comes from yellow sensational tabloid journalism and Italian police/prosecutor trash. You believe anything you read but refuse to look at the real story. There is just NO WAY Knox and Sollecito did this crime. Rudy Guede did it and that’s all there is to it.

        • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

          Lies as usual. Her looks, as Italian lawyers love to say, are “compatible” with having showered. And no, she did not claim to have slept all those 10 hours – there was love-making and pot-smoking, too.

          “The policeman said she ‘smelled of sex’ this is a very distinctive odor and one that an officer of the law would know how to identify.”

          This is a gem, almost as good as Italy’s supreme court famous dictum on tight jeans (that “it’s a fact of common experience” – no kidding, that’s what the top court really said, a fact of common experience that you can’t take tight jeans off a girl without her consent).

          Knox’s cellmates did not complain of anything, this is another fabrication.

      • oz33

        Bostiemom wants it all
        Freedom of speech but not for all
        She’s always ready to attack
        But starts to cry when we fight back
        If only she had a brain
        Her reasoning would be more sane
        Come January she will lose
        With a guilty verdict she will feel the blue

    • mealer123

      You are a complete twit.
      I don’t know where to begin to show how wrong you are, but I will pick up the first assertion that you make:

      ” She sought to help the police by telling them whatever they asked – whatever she knew”.
      This is rubbish. Knox has consistently done everything to divert the police investigation focus away from her and Sollecito.
      She has been rightly convicted of repeatedly and knowingly blaming Mr Lumumba for a crime that she knew he had not committed. She was also convicted of having blamed him to divert the police investigation away from her and Sollecito.
      Knox is therefore a proven liar and felon. Just the sort that you, and your like, would love to have round for dinner, I’m sure.
      QED: Knox never intended to help the police at any time. Her motive, at all times, was to distract the police away from the real culprits, Guede, Solliceto and her.
      What psychos Knox and Sollecito are! They could only ever fool mugs like you. The evidence cries out their undeniable guilt of Meredith’s murder.

      • Steve

        If this person is a complete twit, then you are a total f—g jerk. You get on this site with your ridiculous, hysterical, grossly inflated and nonsensical claims, and have the audacity to insult people personally because they don’t agree with your utter rubbish. Up yours.

        • mealer123

          You are clearly as sweet as obKNOXious and her weedy boyfriend.
          It’s all in the evidence, my friend. Go read, one word at a time, with good rest periods in between.

          • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

            Stop smearing the innocent American woman and her loyal friend.

            Better look at yourself.

          • guest123

            LOYAL you’re right…but only because they both did it. 😉

        • Ghislane300

          What a wonderful illustration of the best the average Knox minion has to offer!

          A stream of bile, completely void of a single fact of merit to the case at hand. No surprise there then!

          Take, for instance, the very simple FACT that Knox is guilty of torturing her very superior victim, poor Meredith Kercher, to death! There is ample evidence to incriminate both Knox and her repulsive, animal porn loving boyfriend, and the Supreme Court will do just that.

          The Knox underlings are far too deluded, thick and moronic to understand that their misrepresentations are nothing to the Supreme Court. They will not even make it past the entrance door. It is purely in the deranged minds of the Knox groupies that these lies and excuses count for jot. In fact, the people they most look up to in the world, Knox and her clan, are busily distancing themselves from their slanderous lies and insults.

          Chris Mellas has hurriedly removed his websites, Curt Knox is hiding under a rock and at best, the only thing you can drag from his fat lips is that his daughter has a ‘screw loose’. How very telling!

          This is of course futile. Nothing is going to protect them from the civil and criminal suits storming towards them!

          All the pathetic little underlings are in for the biggest shock of their lives. Not only is their heroine, Knox The Murderer, going to prison for a long, long, long, long time, all of their efforts have amounted to a measly ineffective ZERO.

          And where is the thanks! Has Knox seen fit to thank them for their efforts? Not in the slightest! It is not as though she is not aware, it is not as though she is appreciative but has forgotten to pass on her appreciation. NO! The simple fact remains that each word written by her pig-minded fans has embarrassed her. They have been so clearly off the mark that they have been a damaging humiliation.

          So I say, well done you! Each and every one of you has aided those of us with brains and the true knowledge of Knox’s guilt in our quest for justice.

          • JustJenna


        • Corrado

          Don’t get angry, it’s useless. We cannot convince anti-Knox people that they are wrong. They say “we want justice ” , but they lie: they have the sole purpose of destroying Amanda and Raffaele. Why? I don’t know. The dark side of human nature? I point out the interesting article:” The truth behind the hate campaign against Amanda Knox ” in the website “Injustice in Perugia “. See also “Trial by Fury “, ebook by Douglas Preston. Very impressive.

    • Corrado

      Sue, you’re right. Thanks for your post.

    • Corrado

      Brava, Sue, well said, you’re totally right. Amanda and Raffaele’s worst enemy is people’s disinformation. Go on fighting for justice and truth !

    • guest123

      “Knox’s emotions ran the gamut and were similar to that of her Italian
      housemates, who were about seven years older than 20 year old Knox.”

      ” What you observe is the dynamics of a group of bonded 19 – 21 year
      old British women sharing the storytelling or tattling by Kercher about
      Knox. ”

      Are these the same women you speak of? If they are then you’re contradicting yourself, if they’re not, then whatever.

  • Steve

    There is absolutely no doubt in my mind whatsoever, that Amanda Knox is 100% innocent. She is the victim of a total railroad job by the Italian police and prosecutors, and she has been framed by a dirty, evil, slimy petty criminal. murderer and rapist named Rudy Guede. Guede did it, Guede did it alone. However, just like the JFK assassination, millions of people still want to believe the lies. They will not accept that Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK, alone, by himself, and there was no conspiracy. It’s the same thing with Rudy Guede. It’s quite amazing that the facts against Rudy Guede get far less media attention than the lies about Amanda Knox. All that Amanda Knox is guilty of is being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and of caving in to intense police pressure and giving them Patrick Lumumba’s name. For that she has been convicted of the Kirchner murder. But in the final analysis, for anyone who truly looks deeply into what happened, it’s so totally obvious that Rudy Guede raped and killed Meredith Kirchner it’s astonishing that this whole controversy has lasted as long as it has. Thank God there was one judge in Italy who realized that the evidence was totally lacking and that Knox should never have been convicted.

    • mealer123

      All the Courts so far, including the Supreme Court, have decided that Guede did not act alone. Even Knox’s lawyers accept that there was more than one person involved in Meredith’s murder.
      Neighbours testified that they heard footsteps running off in separate directions, shortly after Meredith’s scream. Don’t tell me that you believe Guede could run in two directions at the same time!
      There is NO evidence whatsoever to support your assertion that Guede acted alone. You only want to claim that he did so to support the exculpatory, crackpot theory of Knox and Sollecito, no matter what the evidence may say to the contrary?
      The Appeal judge who found that “Knox should never have been convicted” has had his judgement subsequently and utterly destroyed by the Supreme Court and he has taken early retirement.
      Why do you still cling to the Appeal Judgment, as if it is, or ever was, correct?
      I would set too much credence by your brain-dead recital of the Knox/Sollecito BS – you can’t even spell the murder victim’s name correctly.

      • Steve

        It’s interesting reading these idiotic replies. Here’s another loser reciting lies and nonsense. “Neighbors” heard “footsteps” running off “in separate directions”? That’s total BS. Your hysterical, insane, silly comment comes right out of the sickening tabloid nonsense that surrounds this entire case. You believe what you want to believe for no other reason than it makes you feel good and self-righteous and boosts your ego about how smart you think you are. Well, sorry to tell you this, but if anyone is totally f—-g brain-dead, it’s you.

        • mealer123

          So much anger. Maybe you should book into Anger Management with Knox and Sollecito.
          And you call witness testimony “BS”. Were you there, Steve?
          If not, in your parlance, “Shut the f— up”.

          • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

            Nameless troll, not even a human, “Guest.”

        • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

          These people are not quite human, these Knox haters.

      • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

        Are you trying to show respect for Italy’s rotten “justice” system by capitalizing “Court” and “Appeal Judgment”?

        What an idiot.

        • deepblue9

          Italy’s justice system, by and large, is a very good one. Their error rate is lower than in the U S of A.

          • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

            Had a good laugh.

        • guest123

          Capitalizing those words is actually proper, so I guess this person is an idiot for using proper English? You’re actually a complete mess when it comes to your petty insults…if you’re gonna try and act cool and mighty, at least have it make a bit of sense. Otherwise you come across as a baby that can’t formulate a decent argument.

      • Brian Corvello

        True, Guede did not act alone.
        The police helped get him a light sentence.

        • guest

          At last, you admit Knoxy and Solly were involved (main culprits) in Merediths murder. Well done Bri, you got there in the end, and it must be a huge weight of your shoulders to admit the truth.

          • http://www.injusticeinperugia.org/ The Muffin Man

            Did I admit that? Did I?

            Somebody here explain to the asswipe what I said.

  • mealer123

    Stop perpetuating Knox’s (self-generated), lie that she had been cross-examined for hours and therefore wrongly implicated Diya Lumumba in Meredith’s murder.
    She had NOT been questioned for “hours”. She had turned up with Sollecito at the police station, not as a suspect, but as a witness, (she said she had come because she “did not want to be alone”).
    Witnesses don’t call for lawyers, nor is there any legal duty to supply her with one.
    From approximately 11.30pm to 1.30 am, (two hours), she was questioned as a WITNESS.
    When Sollecito withdrew his alibi, (that Knox had been with him all of the night of the murder), the police told Knox, who panicked and suddenly blamed Diya Lumumba. Prior to her naming him, Mr Lumumba was not on the police radar. More importantly, while implicating Mr Lumumba in her “evidence”, Knox also put herself at the scene of the crime.
    Her statement was typed in both English and Italian and Knox signed it. Now that she was a suspect, (out of her own mouth), the police asked her is she wanted a lawyer and Knox declined.
    Far from keeping quiet, as any sensible suspect should, Knox then asked for a pen and paper and in her own words, “spontaneously” confirmed in writing that Mr Lumumba was Meredith’s killer, while Knox cowered in the bathroom, covering her ears to block out Meredith’s screams.
    Most of the supporters of Knox usually use supporting arguments built around Knox’s own uncorroborated, or even self-conflicting, evidence – for instance, that she had been “interrogated for hours”. In so doing, they assist Knox is perpetuating her lies so often that fools begin to believe them.
    Stop treating Knox as some poor old Yankee gal that has been given a really horrible time by those nasty Italians. 243 separate items of evidence, including Knox’s undeniable DNA, directly implicate her in Meredith’s bloody murder BEYOND ANY REASONABLE DOUBT.
    Finally, never forget that Knox is already a convicted felon and has rightly served over three years in prison for maliciously and persistently blaming Mr Lumumba for Meredith’s murder, with the obvious intent of moving the focus of the police investigation away from her and her equally creepy and guilty boyfriend.

    • Steve

      Ah shut up and go jump in the lake, you total loser. What is the point of trying to debate rationally with complete nutballs screaming from a soap-box like you? Yadda, yadda, yadda, “243 separate items directly implicating Knox”—-complete, absolute, 100% lies and BS. Thank God at least one Italian judge sees through the completely outrageous fabrications. You’re the same kind of person who thinks that the US and Israel deliberately planned 911 from behind the scenes. PLEASE just shut up and go away.

      • mealer123

        By the way, the Supreme Court has since comprehensively destroyed that Appeal Court Judge’s Decision and he has retired prematurely.
        At least, Steve, try to rely on information that is up to date and also learn how to spell the victim’s name.

        • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

          “comprehensively destroyed?”

          The truth is, they made fools of themselves. Italy’s supreme court – supreme court, think about that! not some provincial court but the top court of the land – wrote that heroin does not impact memory.

          Can you imagine the level of their reasoning?

          • Elisa

            Provincial? Americans never cease to amaze me with their ignorance about the world. Italy is three times richer than the U.S. (by the way the US is waaaayy down the list near Rwanda and Uganda for the poorest making it a third world country..look it up). It is the most violent of all countries that are not Middle Eastern. And you call Italy “provincial?” You guys are still killing each other for sport like cavemen. Italy doesn’t drop drones on it’s own civilians. And when have you EVER heard of an Italian mother killing her baby or child? Happens every day in America. Think before you post. Do some research, travel. That’ll shut you up.

          • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

            You’re talking to yourself, apparently. Good luck.

          • Elisa

            Don’t just talk like a dolt – answer the question. You say I was “talking to myself” because you don’t WISH to answer me. Hey! The truth is free, idiot. You don’t have to act allergic to it. Try allergy medication and then you can confront it.

          • JustJenna

            I looked it up and you’re talking sh.i.t. The United States is not amongst the worlds poorest countries. http://www.worldsrichestcountries.com – I won’t say it’s not violent but to call us as poor as Rwanda or Uganda or claim we are a 3rd world country is the most ignorant statement I’ve read in a very long time.

          • Elisa

            Sorry, wrong. It’s third in line from Rwanda and Uganda. DEBT retard. Look that word up, too. You’re living on 8 billion dollars of air printed each and every day. You can’t pay Germany back the gold they entrusted to you – your country has smathered the world. And everyone…everyone who matters will await the day when pointy headed americans like you are blown clean out of the water by Putin. Your president is weak, your country is in dire straits..oh god. Take an economics course you cow.

          • JustJenna

            Retard? Cow? Your anti-Americanism is showing. What an enlightened person you are. I would venture to guess you have nowhere near the amount of education I do, but let’s not participate in antiquated pissing rituals.

            Regardless of debt, we have the largest amount of money circulating within the country. We are still the biggest economy. And sorry honey but if Putin tries to blows us out the water, as you so nicely put it, there will be a third World War. There is a reason we have amassed such a stockpile of weaponry, and it’s designed to protect against threats just like you described. If you’re hoping America will stand back and allow nukes dropped here, you are sorely mistaken.

          • Elisa

            You are another American who is fast asleep. “We have amassed?” 😀 There will be a third world war and your country is helping to gear up for it. As for your money – you have none. You’re circulating a fiat currency that may as well be monopoly money. It’s just paper, blow hard. You’re the poorest country because you’re so many trillions in debt. Try looking up economics and what the difference is between liabilities and assets…then you’ll understand better. You rank just above Rwanda and Uganda for actual poverty level.

            Get an education. Don’t just talk as if you have one.

          • Bree

            I was reading the banter btw you and Putin’s personal cum rag and as an Aussie chic felt the need to let her know what we’re all thinking down here!! president Obama is rockin, standing up for those who can’!

          • Michael Piston

            Since we now know where you are coming from all of your comments make perfect sense. Go salute your glorious leader, then go beat up some fag gots for him.

          • Bree

            Hey Elisa… Would you shut the fuck up? Please! What are you even talking about? Putin…? Lol…
            Do you actually believe the rest of the world fears that? How sad..
            You’re so uneducated and oppressed to even think your public support of terrorism is normal!!
            Stop blaming the yanks for your miserable life.
            Anyway, back to Knox.. She didn’t kill that girl, she just didn’t care!

          • Samia Hamdi

            no comment..and it’s normal she didn’t care..no wonder you are so miserable you grow for yourselves disrespect elderly do not raise your kids yourself..pff what’s a killed young woman?! ..you are miserable.

          • Joe Citizen

            Seriously, everyone who matters wants Putin to blow us out of the water? So, does that mean Europe wants Putin to do whatever he wants in Ukraine? Someone should tell the Presidents of Germany and France because right now they are trying to reel Putin in. This got too inane, why am I even responding? — but this is an example of the nutcase angry guilters – some motivated by anti Americanism more than the question if Knox is guilty or not.

          • Samia Hamdi

            go see the jungle near the white house..plus if us was a home for braves they would send her to court to face her trial
            ..just as braves do

          • Joe Citizen

            None of that refutes Alex K’s point that the top court in the land made an asinine ruling in overturning Hellman – he did not say Italy was not one of the richest countries –he did not say the US is not violent, he did not call Italy Provincial — can you actually read? He did not say Italy was provincial, he said a very high court made a ruling unsupported by reason – there is room for opinion about Knox but that statement is objectively true – it turns out you can’t rely on a witness who can’t get the day right, or someone who remembers eyes six months later.

          • Elisa

            You have zero. You should just stop now. It is obvious to those of us who know..that you don’t know anything that you’re talking about. Just another re-re in cyber world.

          • Kelly Beehive

            You sound like a jackass, berating everyone who thinks she is guilty. You’re no better than anyone else, your opinion isn’t any more valid than any other opinion. What makes you think that you are right and everyone else is wrong? Stop bum sucking Knox. Stop pretending you know the story. You know nothing.

          • Elisa

            Who died and left you Buddha on the mountain top to tell everyone to “stop doing this, stop doing that?” Who? NO ONE. What makes ANYTHING you say to me valid? Nothing, that’s right…keep on with that circular logic. It’s bound to snap right back to you. And it just did. If what you just typed out to me has any merit, tell me why it should. You can’t! Here’s why: You’ll get sucked into your own stupidity i.e. “You can’t, but I am here to set things straight!” (stupid). Better luck next time, domineering slag.

          • JustJenna

            She actually thinks Knox is guilty…

          • Pinkus Malmsteen

            Heroin doesn’t impact memory, strictly speaking. Look up the research. If that’s too boring, just take a very compelling anecdotal case: William S. Burroughs. Lifetime junky and one of the most interesting and compelling fiction writers of the 2nd half of the 20th century. Appreciating his writing requires a profound memory and understanding of U.S. and international history, not to mention psychology, world literature and other intellectual disciplines. He obviously didn’t have problems with memory. He had plenty of problems, certainly, but this wasn’t one of them.

          • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

            Poor logic. Burroughs is no more representative of heroin users than of humanity in general. Anecdotal evidence cannot trump statistics.

            Let’s look up the research. Mitrovic et al. conclude (pdf): “Heroin abuse leads to damage of delayed visual memory…” The same authors, another study: “Heroin abuse lasting longer than one year is connected with impairment of short-term and delayed verbal memory.”

            Penk et al. (1981): “…on the BVRT [visual memory test] the means of both heroin addicts (n = 467) and polydrug abusers (n = 310) were 2 standard deviations below expected performance… Like polydrug abusers, heroin addicts evidenced interference in immediate, short-term memory, confirming earlier findings of marked perceptual disturbances among detoxified addicts.”

            Not to mention the general absurdity of a body of lawyers making comments on complex scientific issues without referencing experts in the fields.

        • JLS1950

          The TRUTH cannot be “comprehensively destroyed” by the rebellious will of man.

      • mealer123

        No, the US planned and carried it out.

        • Trev


      • grimbal

        My My why so angry? Can’t take it can you! So very sorry but she is guilty. If for a moment you tried to look at the evidence with an open mind you would see that instead of all your anger. WOW That really says something about just who you are. Sorry for you.

        • Shells

          There is no evidence, just theories the police made up to implicate her. You are can’t take the truth. Sounds like drama is what you look for. Im sorry we are talking about an innocent persons life, and even though you are not on the jury(Thank God) you have no business on a public forum spreading stories you have made up or read from a gossip magazine.

          • Misterman James

            you know knox?

          • Shells

            No more than you do:)

        • JustJenna

          If you looked at the crime scene photos with an objective eye, you would see that the break in was not staged and that the bloody footprint attributed to Sollecito actually matches Guede’s. Not to mention the fact that Guede initially told his friend that Knox had NOTHING to do with this murder and it wasn’t until he was coerced by the Italian “police” that he changed his story. Guilters rant that Amanda changed her story, but what of Guede’s? His story only changed once it suited him to do so.

          • Allex

            And you are the expert!!! and of course you were there and saw what happened with your eyes. Stupid you and the millions like you.

      • Don Otiro

        This Harvard Law Professor of disagrees with you.

        If you do watch the video, I’m sure we’d all be very interested to hear your comments.


        • Meghe Sullivan

          The same Harvard law professor who supported OJ Simpson? No credibility here in the US.

          • Guest

            I don’t know whether OJ is guilty or not (only he does for sure) but that professor’s opinion still holds more weight with me than the average commenter here.

        • Joe Citizen

          The Harvard Law Professor is getting pretty old crotchety, and frankly if you watch his videos he did not have the facts when he was first commenting on this — in fact, I’ve never seen one quote where he discusses the facts — he says there is lots of evidence against Knox, which actually is true, but does not address the validity of it – the DNA was called into question not by some hack hired gun for the defense, but independent experts brought in by the appeals court — crucial difference
          Perhaps the worst thing, it becomes evident by this comments that he’s indifferent to her innocence or not, – “if she wasn’t a pretty young white girl we wouldn’t be having this love fest” “if we want to get people back through extradition we’d better give people back” – NEVER ANY DISCUSSION OF THE EVIDENCE – I don’t think he thinks she’s guilty and I am sure he does not care, and on some level resents her.

          • JLS1950

            Good points here: Dershowitz seems to have been hunting personal press time much more than any search for truth. But hte Italian court finally got the picture and did the right thing… mostly.

            Yes, there was always “lots of evidence”… but what did it actually mean? Did the fact that police never tried at all to recreated the window break-in mean it was impossible? Despite that British TV did recreate it? Despite that the burglary of the law offices from which Guede was caught carrying loot was performed in exactly the same way? The the total lack of any Knox hair, prints or DNA in the murder bedroom really mean that she performed a “clean up” beyond the capability of any forensic DNA specialist or biochemist? Or did it simply mean she was never there? Did her DNA in the shared bathroom really mean that she was a cold-blooded murderer? Or did it simply mean that it was her own bathroom she both she and the victim routinely did their most intimate cleansing? Was the “double-DNA” knife that did not fit any of the serious wounds
            actually “the murder weapon”? Or did the Dottoressa Patrizia Stefanoni actually violate every standard of forensic DNA analysis by performing twelve more PCR cycles than she was authorized to perform and six more cycles than even the most advanced LCN testing laboratory is authorized to perform – and then falsely label a very sketchy “profile” as a “perfect match”? Did the extra Y (male) profiles on the bra hook really come from Kercher’s female friends as asserted by Judge Nencini? And was the profile found thereon and containing numerous non-matching STRs actually an “exact match” to Sollecito? Did Knox really “confess and blame an innocent man” after only a bit more than an hour of “informal questioning”? Or were these two documents – time-stamped fully four full hours apart – actually written by Anna Donnino at the direction of Giuliano Mignini as Donnino testified; and was Donnino correct in her testimony that Knox was incapable even of reading either document for herself? Did the incessant ringing of Knox’s “4-second call” to Kercher’s cell phone which brought the phone to the attention of Mrs. Lana’s daughter and its submission to police really mean that Knox was trying to assure herself that the pones “had not yet been discovered” as averred by Judge Aassei? Or is this merely reflective of Italian law which states that unanswered calls to mobile phones cannot be billed until the first 60 seconds of nonchargeable ringing has been exhausted? Did all of Knox’s panicked calls to Filomena – including report of the broken window and strewn clothing – really mean that Knox was trying to keep Filomena and others away whild she “finished the cleanup”? Or did they mean that she was worried and did not know what was wrong or how to handle it?

            All truly qualified forensic investigators not having a professional “investment” in this case have stated that the real evidence simply proves that Knox and Sollecito could not have been present during the murder AT ALL,

            And the CSC finally agreed.

          • CD


      • Erin Olynne

        Why don’t you explain your viewpoint? Rather than slinging insults without explaining why you disagree with the author? Not that I believe Amanda Knox to be guilty or innocent, but I think you should f***cking explain???? I think she is guilty personally but I am not here to sling dirt at people without giving reasons why.

        • Erin Olynne

          I have legitamite, concrete reasons for thinking she is guilty. I don’t simply discriminate against a person because she seems a little different. Grow the fuck up.

    • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

      She was interrogated for several days without much sleep. that is well known. She was bullied into making an absurd statement, which she promptly retracted. She suffered an enormous psychological trauma at the hands of yelling, bullying, abusive, corrupt and imcompetent cops. And you are shameless enough to join the hellish chorus of this beautiful, innocent girl’s tormentors?

      You hate the very idea of fairness; you hate America, you hate liberty, you hate American Woman. You worship a corrupt and evil Italian prosecutor and the Italian system of institutional injustice, well known as such. You worship English and Italian tabloid journalists, creatures that decent humans tend to avoid like dead rats.

      You vicious hyenas, you slimy haters of everything beautiful and innocent, you torturers of a long-suffering American woman – you deserve only contempt. You are scarcely better than child killers and deserve the same treatment.

      • JLS1950

        I think Ghissy knows all this: I now think she was maybe in fact there.

        • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

          “I now think she was maybe in fact there.”

          But how?

          • JLS1950

            This is a bit hard to explain because there is probably another wholly innocent person involved here. A couple of weeks ago, some of us figured out who Ghislane is “pretending” to be, which seems to be a pretty successful businesswoman who has close ties to the UK but does not live there (rather in a Commonwealth nation) but who curiously has some business ties to the Seattle area, A key to this was one of Ghissy’s many posting IDs. This other person’s life is an open book due to extensive blogging entirely unrelated to this case, so is easy to copy – but certain very minor things do not match up and so reveal the copying. Also, Ghissy is far too emotional in “her” writings for the average British subject: “she” has much more the temperament (and the loyalties also) of an Italian.

            People can be easily deceived by judicious use of spell-check. If I turned my spell-check setting to “English (UK)” and let it “correct” my “mistakes”, I might even fool you into believing that I was British – despite that I have lived all my life within 40 miles of Amanda Knox’s home. If I were a multilingual Italian, I could likely still pull that off in writing even if I would be instantly recognizable in speech. For example, in my work I communicate with a lot of people in a certain former British colony: the speech of these people is often very difficult to parse due to differences of intonation and cadence – but in writing (email and IM) they are nearly indistinguishable from Americans.

            The key to identifying Ghissy is really the continued references to / accusations of manga porn and animal porn (Raff) and the open hatred of the attractiveness and flirty behavior of Amanda Knox – coupled with just a wealth of inside knowledge not only of the case but of the whole Italian justice system.

            I think Ghissy may well be an Italian woman with a chip on her shoulder who has a vested interest in this case (due to official position and perhaps more) and a very short fuse. And several such were recently revealed in connection to other criminal activity of a rather more personal nature. There are some very crooked actors here on the Italian side: Ghissy and several of her supporters may well derive from that. This is really just speculation at this point, but Ghissy may well turn out to be one of the very police investigators near this case.

          • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

            Yes, she boasted about her Singapore properties to me, much more than two weeks ago, rather two or three months. I did not take it seriously, to be honest. Too deranged, too grotesquely materialistic – a perverse, persistent emphasis on her wealth vs our relative poverty. More like somebody’s idea of high life.

            Correct but unnatural English. I thought she was merely someone’s Net persona. Some people with mental issues speak like that, like they are preaching on stilts. So do some bad professional writers. So Quenell? The old reporter himself? Andrea Vogt? I didn’t occur to me it could be a native Italian.

          • JLS1950

            “Correct but unnatural English” – that encapsulates the evidence perfectly. Look, I am an American, but I like to watch British television programming a great deal: Morse, Inspector Lewis, the David Suchet Poirot and perhaps especially the Joan Hickson Jane Marple portrayals, Leo McKern as Rumpole of the Bailey, New Tricks with Amanda Redman, et al., Doc Martin. All of this has given me at least a glimpse of current and 20th-Century British slang and idiom. Ghissy seems oblivious to it all and never uses even the most common of British slang or idiom. Strange.

            However, another poster I know of posted a remark in reply to Ghissy using an Italian slang phrase, and Ghissy (despite claims that she knows no Italian) knew immediately not only what it meant but explicitly that it was a slang expression and therefore “beneath her” – or so she protested most vehemently.

            One more thing. Ghissy calls herself “English”. In my observance, this is now somewhat an anachronism among the people of the UK, because there is really so much more than “England” in play there. It would be a bit like an American self-identifying as “Patriot” or “Puritan”, or a “Yankee” or “Unionist” (in the Civil War sense) or even as a “Texican”. However, I recall reading once that in more provincial parts of Italy the term “Englishwoman” often carries a very specific and derogatory connotation: a prostitute. Curious, I think.

            My current conjecture is that Ghissy might actually be Rita Ficara (Amanda Knox’s police “interpreter” of 5-6 Nov 2007) working in proxy for Monica Napoleoni: merely conjecture, however.

          • Rachel Thomas

            I’m as British as they come but always refer to myself as English.

          • JLS1950

            Well, okay. I’ll have to take your word for that. Nonetheless I am pretty certain that Ghislane is not in fact “English”. There are simply too many claims “she” has made that do not line up. It pretty strongly appears that she has taken her “legend” from the rather public life on a certain Aussie quilter – but I do not think she is that particular grandmother. either.

            I did correct my post above to note that it was Anna Donnino who served as an “interpreter” (Rita was the presumptive head-slapper.) . I have since discovered it was also Anna Donnino who typed up Amanda’s two “spontaneous declarations” – one at 01:45am and the other at 05:45am. An interesting term is that: a “spontaneous” declaration of which there is no admitted audio record, and which is written in a pro-forma manner in a language the presumptive “declarer” is able neither to produce herself not even read with full comprehension. The only evidence we have from that night that has any real credibility is Amanda’s own autograph in English written the next morning, and the unknown verbal “statements” to which she refers therein.

            I always try to understand where my responders are coming from at least a bit before replying. On that basis, I would like to make a note or two. Contrary to popular belief, for Amanda Knox to have married Raff would not have given him a great deal of safety – in fact it might have been dangerous for both. The reason is that U.S. Immigration tends to look askance at “marriage for residency”, and marriage is no protection at all to extradition – in fact a marriage-based residency can be canceled and the person deported simply on the basis of a foreign criminal conviction. Such a move actually could have complicated Amanda’s own standing in an upcoming debate over extradition also. What I think Raff might have done effectively is stay in the Caribbean for a time and/or apply for residency in the U.S. as a political refugee. But that is merely my opinion.

            I note your mention of Coulter. Coulter is a right-wing bombast and makes her living by lambasting “bleeding-heart Liberals” and calling other people “guilty”: that is her “profession”. Truth has absolutely nothing to do with her need to be critical of others. Coulter – like Nancy “Graceless” – calls herself “Christian”, but there is in fact no evidence or clear “fruit” of such belief or commitment – cf. Galatians 5:22 and Ephesians 5:9. In my opinion, Coulter (as well as Grace) seems more of the nature of a 21st-Century Pharisee – believing in salvation by kissing the Right backsides by my opinion.

          • Solemna67

            You won’t find any argument here – in fact, well said JLS1950. Coulter and Grace are crazy extremists willing to convict using their access to a public platform before actual evidence can be assessed and considered. They are an embarrassment (IMHO) and should be discounted as an accurate source of information. One would likely get a more sound, well-reasoned opinion out of Honey Boo Boo.

          • JLS1950

            I would add Vogt, Nadeau, Follain, Piza, Russell, John Kercher himself – and a few others. These people aren’t much better than the guy with the AK-47 in the Kabul football stadium on Wife Shooting Day under the rule of the Taliban.

          • Brian Corvello

            And if someone makes predictions about this case using absolutes (saying she’s “100% certain” of conviction, extradition, or anything else, when NO sane lawyer would be THAT certain of an outcome) it’s obviously Ghissy.

          • JLS1950

            Yes, she seems bound to that belief almost in the manner that the comet cult members were bound to their believe that space aliens were come to take them away to another world. But in reality, I believe it is partly wishful thinking, partly propaganda, and partly panicked denial: she is terrified of actual revelation (before the world) of Italian police and judicial incompetence and corruption – and of what may come after yet another acquittal, or even after a re-conviction when the result has to be adjudged internationally.

          • Elisa

            Attractiveness? She was an acne riddled face …fresh out of teen life girl. Have you ever seen Italian women? You must be crazy.

          • JLS1950

            I’ve seen photos of Monica Napoleoni, and I would not want anything to do with her. Likewise Patrizia Stefanoni. I saw many photos and video of that blonde with the big nose and the sour face and who escorted Knox to and from court, and I would not want anything to do with her either. I have seen the sorts of snippy/snipey remarks posted by many Italian women about this case and about Knox – and I would steer clear of them also. A woman can paint herself to look like a Picasso and stand like she thinks she’s high-priced Stuff, and that does not impress me a whit either. Acne can be cured with simple antibiotics; but an ugly, insecure; bitchy soul who thinks all the men around her owe her something because she is a woman is like a BMW automobile or an Alfa Romeo: “impressive” overpriced headache that costs too much, breaks frequently and costs a fortune to repair every time. I’d rather drive a Ford.

      • Misterman James

        oh you know amanda okok

        • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

          I know Amanda? No, I have never met her.

      • Don Otiro

        Hi Alex,

        I can’t find any evidence that she was interrogated for several days without much sleep. Apart from claims in Amanda’s book, where did you get that from?

        • Elisa

          She wasn’t. Lamumba was interrogated for two weeks. He was kicked, punched and otherwise taunted and threatened. He didn’t roll over on anyone. Knox was there for five hours – that’s all it took for her roll over and lie and say “the black guy did it!” Whatever Susan Smith.

          • JustJenna

            At least Lumumba had the benefit of understanding the language. And where are you getting this 5 hours b.s.? Her interrogation went on for much longer. 43 hours in total. She was denied food, water, a tampon, a call to her mother, and even told a lawyer would make things worse for her. Her interpreter wasn’t brought in for hours. She was told to “imagine” what “might” have happened that night. So she told them what they wanted to hear because that’s what a large percentage of people do when they are frightened and they think saying something – ANYTHING – will mean they can just go home. It’s highly common. And for some reason her “questioning” wasn’t taped as per custom. Gee, I wonder why?

          • Ted

            “Her interrogation went on for much longer. 43 hours in total”.

            She accused Lumumba after less than two hours questioning as a witness, not as an accused person. She did so after Sollecito told police that she had not been with him all night as originally claimed, but that they had parted company at 9pm and she had not returned until 1am. She backed this up in a subsequent interview and in a bizarre note she wrote to police the next day saying she stood by the account but it seemed “more unreal” than her first story that she had been with Sollecito all night. Only after she claimed to have been in the apartment at the time of the murder was she arrested.

          • JustJenna

            We differ in our opinions as to Knox’s guilt, but I appreciate your civil rebuttal. 🙂

      • Dgrinn

        The day she “confessed” she was there only cause she didn’t want to be left alone when they needed to talk to Sollecito who wouldn’t confirm her alibi therefore bringing her in the spotilight, if she had so many sleepless days being interogated why didn’t she just stay home and snooze while her boyfriend was out doing his business?

        Stop victimizing her, there is only one victim and she is dead, the rest are accounted for their own words and actions. If you need to blame someone blame her for not providing a real alibi or Sollecito for not confirming her words do not blame it on police following procedures.

        • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

          “if she had so many sleepless days being interogated why didn’t she just stay home and snooze while her boyfriend was out doing his business?”

          Because the police told her to stay with them.

          “Stop victimizing her”

          It’s actually people like you, the anti-Knox crowd, who are victimizing Knox, an innocent woman tormented by a corrupt system.

          “do not blame it on police following procedures”

          You seem to be an advocate for a corrupt police force which is responsible not only for the mistreatment of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, but Meredith’s death.

          For she was killed by Guede because he was free; and he was free because the Perugian police had kept him out of jail despite his record of lawbreaking.

      • deepblue9


    • Shells

      You seriously need help. You have put all of this together like some toddler who was left wtih a jigsaw puzzle. Not intelligent at all. You are a slanderer and liar….you are also an attention seeker. You have distorted the facts and put your own story together. Please don’t ever become a journalist or that matter, serve on a jury as you have obviously not been medicated appropriately.

  • Steve

    My advice to anyone reading or posting on this site—–avoid reading or discussing the posts written by Mealer123. Save yourself the time, it’s virtually all total nonsense and lies. This guy’s way of discussing and debating is to get on his soap-box and scream hysterically about how guilty Knox and Sollecito are, and offer nothing but lies, exaggerations, twisted accounts and testimony, fabrications and manipulations, and sheer tabloid drivel. You might as well go bang your head against a wall as try and reason with this total bozo.

    • guest123

      If you can’t at least question the “official” story of what happened on 9/11 then you’re an idiot. If you just believe it happened exactly how the government wants you to think it happened, then you’re an idiot. Seriously, for you own sake, do some research on why the events 9/11 are extremely questionable, seriously.

  • Steve

    Actual comment posted to me——

    The US Government murdered over 3,500 innocent people on 9/11, right under the noses of the same of kind of brainless Americans that now blindly believe Knox and Sollecito.
    And you have the gall to criticise the Italians !?

  • Steve

    Actual comment posted to me in reply by mealer123
    The US Government murdered over 3,500 innocent people on 9/11, right under the noses of the same of kind of brainless Americans that now blindly believe Knox and Sollecito.
    And you have the gall to criticise the Italians !?

  • Bill Morrison

    She lied to investigators prior to her arrest, she lied in testimony during her trial, and in her recent book and interviews, she reveals new lies and contradicts her earlier versions of events.

    • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

      No, no, no. YOU are lying. Typical of your anti-American, anti-Justice, anti-liberty, anti-decency crown. Nothing but lies.

      She was forced by corrupt Perugian cops to “imagine” a completely absurd scenario.

      She never lied in her testimony during the trial.

      She never lied in her books.

      • Bill Morrison

        Of course she lied–her lies are well documented. It was more than obvious that she was lying during trial.

        • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

          Where? She never lied during either of her trials.

          Try and disprove that.

          • Bill Morrison

            Maybe you weren´t paying attention, like I was, or you haven´t done your homework, as I have. One thing I´ve figured out about FOAs like you: you are in a very strange sort of deep denial, you are deliberately lying, or you just aren´t very bright.

          • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

            Either disprove or shut up.

        • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

          She did not lie during her trials. Prove otherwise or apologize.

          • Bill Morrison

            Apologize for the sake of a murdering sociopath like Amanda Knox, or a drooling idiot like you? Funny.

          • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

            Apologize to Knox, an innocent young American terrorized by a corrupt system of institutional injustice and its minions, like you.

            The case against her is a fabrication of that corrupt system. It is very well known

          • guest123

            To be fair, can you provide proof that she was always 100% truthful? Or are you basing this on your opinion, and her word?

    • JLS1950

      TELL us where she “lied” to investigators prior to her arrest! She did not even try to hide that she had been sleeping with Raff – although HE did try! Read her email home on 4 Nov, and just TRY to refute any fact given therein! Now, Bill, it is you who are lying or at least repeating the lies of others…

      • Bill Morrison

        Give it up. Her lies are well documented, and easily detected…

        • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

          This is a lie.

          If you don’t want to come across as a liar (and an anti-American misogynist thug), prove it.

          • Bill Morrison

            Don´t make me laugh. You just aren´t very bright.

          • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

            Either prove it or get lost, troll.

        • JLS1950

          That is pretty much like saying and has just credibility as “it is well documented” that Earth is flat and the Apollo moon landings were faked in Hollywood. Come up with some supportable examples or else we must conclude that you are deliberately lying.

  • Guest

    Knox is a known committed liar who has ALREADY been found guilty of the sexually sadistic murder of Meredith. Had her animal porn loving “Harry Potter’ boyfriend told the truth from the start, they too may be now near to being released for work duties! They have constantly lied their way through recent TV interviews, being quite pitiful to view. These appearances have proved they can only deliver pitiful car crash ‘interviews’. Knox’s interviews must be the most awkward and deceitful shows ever to be aired. The continuous swallowing, sighing and covering her mouth when she was smirking or was using time to create new lies, was obvious (and sick) to view. She is exhibiting the signs of a sociopathic killer who believes she has pulled the wool over the eyes of her ‘hunters’. Poor Knox groupies will soon be needing ‘care in the community’ when they realise their ‘little girl’ will vanish for 30 plus years. Poor ignorant & obsessive fools. I pity the next ‘ I am an a victim because I am American, and therefor must have been set up (but only if I am a young girl / woman)! Some of Knox’s rabid fans have been chasing this subject around the internet for over years, posting threats, warnings and lies. Their recent desperation is pitiful to view as they are posting ever increasing unstable comments. His ‘behaviour’ was predicted months ago, and he is following the pattern of the obsessive fruit case (of over 5 years) that he is. Knox is due more than thirty years in jail for her involvement in the sadistic murder of beautiful Meredith. Her ‘groupies’ have, ironically, been nothing but a liability to
    her !! Knox in turn, is a HUGE liability to the USA who will NOT risk their worldwide extradition treaties and TRUST for a convicted drugged up killer. One militant Obsessive Knox fan believes the US will START WW3 rather than return pot head Knox to Italy. This is pure BS and highlights the extreme lengths Knox’s middle aged plus men, will resort to.

    • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

      Do you have anything meaningful to say? You’re only spewing bile without adding anything to the discussion.

    • JLS1950

      Ah, Ghissy, why don’t you just crawl back in your hole and leave this all alone? Don’t you have more important things to do? Like defending yourself? Talk about “chasing this subject around the internet for over [sic] years, posting threats, warnings and lies” – how is that working for you lately? Find any more psychologists to threaten? Tires to have slashed? You act for all the world like you think Knox was flirting with YOUR hubby or something! Or did you maybe have your eyes on that cute and nerdy computer geek at the classical music concert yourself? So how do you like maybe being on the wrong side of the law yourself now? Got nobody left to go do your dirty laundry for you now?

    • Brian Corvello

      The village idiot has spoken.

    • deepblue9

      Spot on; couldn’t agree more.

  • truewords

    I fail to understand how you can make so many mistakes.
    She is guilty there are to many coincidences.
    But the white american woman is never guilty and no other justice system is good enough but
    the american.

    What a lot of shit.
    I say it again and again if it was a black person she be behind bars and US folks would not give them the benefit of the doubt.

    • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

      How about saying something of substance? Troll.

  • Adara Scarlet

    How can anyone still think she’s guilty? It’s absurd. She was quirky and self-centered, much like all American 20-year-olds. That’s not a crime.

    • guest123

      Aren’t you a family friend of Amanda’s? I saw you on the BBC documentary. I’m a North-American girl, in my early 20s. Im quirky, and can be a little self centred, but I wouldn’t call Amanda’s behaviour towards the murder of her supposed “friend” quirky. I think she’s an idiot, and a bad actor. I would never behave like your cold-hearted friend. I’m sorry, but Amanda claimed Meredith was her friend. Is it normal that Amanda was not utterly disturbed that it could’ve easily been her instead, being that it was a “break in” and she would not have known the killer or motive…

      EDIT – I think her acting is terrible, but I will give credit where it is due. She’ one hell of an actor actually…she has people like you completely FOOLED.

  • Christine Chrissy Fougere

    Guilty and no I won’t read her self serving book. There’s too many things that lead me to believe she was there and the American media is covering it up.

    • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

      “the American media is covering it up”

      Wow, that’s rich.

    • deepblue9

      Spot on. The American media doesn’t even report the facts of the case. That’s how bad it is. Over here in Europe we are more level headed and can see the evidence for what it is.

  • Amy Lea

    She’s got a weird personality, but she’s no killer.

  • EvaDiva Houston

    Shes just a little more than eccentric and weird. Ive met girls like her before. It’s like she has autism….or a version asbergers syndrome. Idk…I think thats her issue…being odd..not guilty.

    • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

      As someone said, she sounds a little or more than a little “off,” which is typical of mildly autistic types. It could be unremitting self-awareness, too, not unusual for aspiring writers.

    • JLS1950

      As one affected by Asperger Syndrome (the correct spelling, BTW) I sincerely doubt that Knox is affected by that particular issue – or if she is then very weakly. Frankly, she comes across to me like a typical Seattle child of the 1980’s-90’s. I really do not find her “unusual” at all.

  • carlofab

    This list of 15 errors makes some good points but readers should be aware that the author has only a rough acquaintance with the case and her piece contains many inaccuracies.

    As an example criticism of Knox’s behavior arose only after she was arrested for murder and slandered in the press. The British girls had gone drinking and dining with Amanda and Meredith several times. Shortly after the murder Amy Frost told police Meredith said that Amanda was “sweet and nice.” After Amanda’s arrest these girls scrambled to distance themselves from Knox and testified very differently about her behavior at trial two years later.

    That is only one example of some points here that are not quite as they appear at first look.

    Amanda’s “false accusation of Patrick” is particularly facile. Three of the officers who interrogated Knox (including Monica Napoleoni) have since been removed from homicide for corruption on an unrelated matter in which their behavior was appallingly vindictive and out of control. The interrogation was not taped as required by law and so we have only the word of these officers against Amanda’s about what happened. The “translator” was merely an officer who happened to know some English — not an impartial party.

  • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

    I have read Knox’s memoir and found it a well-written story of growing up (a sort of non-fiction Bildungsroman) and of coping. It sheds some light on the deeply flawed Italian system of justice, too. Knox’s biggest mistake was not getting lawyered up from day one instead of trying to help the police. She was so naive and so trusting and so willing to help that she ended up in Mignini’s cobweb in no time.

    Middle-class Americans abroad tend to be too trusting for their own good.

    • Don Otiro


      Do you believe that you know more about this case than a Harvard Law School Professor who specialises in criminal law and constitutional law?

      If you are genuinely interested in the truth, perhaps you could take 6 minutes to watch the video on the page below and tell us what you think.

      Thanks – here is the link:


      • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

        “Do you believe that you know more about this case than a Harvard Law School Professor who specialises in criminal law and constitutional law?”

        Yes. I know MUCH more than Dersh about this case.

  • harryrag

    If anybody wants to understand the reasons why Amanda Knox was convicted of murder, I recommend reading the translations of the official court documents and court testimony. They are available online at the Meredith Kercher Wiki website:


    • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

      This poster, “harryrag,” is a known Knox-hater who has been spreading lies about the American woman for years. He is linking to a slanderous hate site.

      The pro-innocence site is here: http://murderofmeredithkercher.com/

      It is run by real people, unlike the anonymous anti-Knox sites.

      • deepblue9

        Don’t be silly. The actual trial documents are there for you to read. Or are you accusing the Italian justice system of a huge conspiracy?

        • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

          Once again, the anonymous hate site is just that, an anonymous hate site.

          The pro-innocence site is run by real people: http://murderofmeredithkercher.com. See you lies debunked.

          The Italian “justice system” is actually a system of “institutionalized injustice” according to Edward Luttwak, a thinker who has forgotten more about Italy that you guilters will ever be able to learn.

          • deepblue9

            “Guilter” isn’t even a real word

          • JustJenna

            Neither was selfie until last year. I wonder if they will put this one in the dictionary, as well. *shakes head in dismay*

  • Chris Tuurbo Jarvis

    The whole case stinks no matter who you think did it. One thing I do find odd and nobody talks about it much, is Gude claims to have “disturbed” some sort of intruder at the crime scene. It could be bullshit, but what if this person he claims he”can’t identify” is some accomplice he won’t turn in? Just thinking outside the box people. Just seems odd it’s not mentioned much or persued (to my knowledge)

    • esolesek

      I have seen, but cannot find again, reports that there were Italian locals involved in this murder, and that would explain a lot, including that one of them was connected to elites of wealth in the town. This is not a big town, it’s a town of provincial nuts.

      • Chris Tuurbo Jarvis

        He said this figure spoke perfect Italian. What is important is he never idenfied AK or RS at the scene until weeks later when they had been in the news. Infact he specifically said AK was NOT present the first time round

  • chopkoski

    Red G-string after killing? Certainly, something hyper-horny going on here….

    • esolesek

      so you were there huh?

      • chopkoski

        The dead do rise up….


    1. naive mistake – she killed Meredith that mistake will cost her jail time!

  • Jacqueline Creighton

    Why did she tell so many lies, if she is innocent.

    • thomasdavie

      Agreed. Ergo she was the second gunman on the grassy knoll.

  • Val

    Those who assume her innocence.. all I can say if someone who is innocent and her good friend is murdered in her home don’t you think she would be an emotional wreck? Showing some kind of emotion? *shrug* I think so. Not go dancing with friends. Or making out in public with her boyfriend. No tears in court. No sadness at all. Just acting weird. Acting out to Meredeth’s friends in a negative way in court. Angry some would say.. So.. seems her guilt spoke for herself. I wish some of you would stop saying oh she was just acting like a kid. She was NOT a kid. She knows right from wrong and she should know how to act in a situation such as horrible as this. No excuses.

    And oh, trending…CNN reports: Amanda Knox found GUILTY for a second time. THE END.

    • esolesek

      please NEVER serve on a jury. People like you that think their dumb personal hunches are the law not only scare, but disgust, me.

      Just to answer your moronic observations, people that are young that go through trauma act a bunch of different ways, most importantly completely avoiding the reality of the situations. I know, I eas like this myself at a younger age when people died or were injured. Clowns like you that think they can see through other people through a screen no less are the featureless and easily manipulated cogs of our world. Please take up fortune-telling. You have a gift for it.

    • thomasdavie

      I have never seen one person yet who thinks she is guilty who gives their reasoning on the physical evidence.

      They give it based on her lies to the cops and lack of remorse as ergo ………she mustah known sumpthin ……..

      There you have it folks. She mustah known sumpthin = guilty of murder beyond any doubt.

  • Shells

    They totally railroaded this girl because she is quirky and naive.( I am thinking she might be Aspergers) However, Knox’s DNA was on nothing that had to do with the crime. Thank God some of you are not in law and hopefully never serve on a jury. It would be best if you stuck to your “STAR” magazines.

    • deepblue9

      Guede’s DNA wasn’t in the room of the “break-in”, yet you wish to claim that Guede did in fact break the window, climb the wall and mess the room around. It’s illogical. Just like the flawed Hellmann appeal, which has quite rightly been totally nullified.

  • Kane

    You forgot “She accused an innocent man of killing Meredith, insisting that she heard her die” before suddenly remembering that no, actually, she wasn’t even there.

    Really? How fucking gullible are you people?

    • Salvian

      Really, really gullible. Also emotional and stupid.

    • thomasdavie

      How does that make her the killer? She could have also confessed to starting the Chicago fire but that dont make it necessarily so.

      • Kane

        The ruling 9 days ago makes her the killer. The fact she lied about two salient points in a murder investigation (being there at the time of the killing and who did it) merely reinforces her conviction.

        Consider this, if that innocent man had been jailed and convicted – then who really killed Meredith? Knox didn’t accuse Rudy Guede of the crime until after her first account of what happened was categorically disproved. So she lied to protect Guede? Or lied to protect herself?

        People who change their stories have things to hide, the fact that you can’t see or appreciate that makes you stupid beyond belief.

  • Misterman James

    THIS JUST IN – Amanda Knox on LIVE TV just a few hours ago and I don’t know about the rest of you but BODY LANGUAGE has proved it! She just found out that she IS guilty from the vedict. That’s what happens to people when they are found to be guilty and have nothing else more to lose.. You can’t ‘play the innocent roll’ any longer, your self-esteem, yourself will just give up but theirs another side in you saying ‘their is still hope, at least keep trying to continue to act lost and innocent, your on TV, cry a little..’ Um, I yeah, BODY LANGUAGE um.. well put it this way LOL why was she putting her head down and snibbling with that shocked giulty FAKE look on her face on TV right now??>? okok byebye

    • deepblue9

      Knox’s interviews were never really very convincing. Only to the brain-dead Americans who swallow the misinformation spewing out of the Knox PR machine.

      • Misterman James


  • Linda LaShawn Hudson
  • Joe Smith


  • Salvian

    She is neck deep in this. I do not know if she helped or ran the show, but it is damn near a certantity that she was present when Kircher was murdered. Samples 36-H and 36-I on the “Double DNA knife”, with Sollecito’s lie that Kircher’s DNA was on the knife due to a kitchen accident at his apartment when she was never there in the first, confirms samples 36-A and 36-B to my satisfaction. But without a second confirm on Kircher’s DNA it is not a total slam dunk. Given the PR machine that Knox has, the fact that only her DNA was found is just enough to give her rather families rather considerable political, legal and media connections cover to successfully press State not to extradite.

    The cross-contamination and traveling DNA issues are really not present in the second sample taken (H and I) taken in 2011. She, Sollecito, and Guede murdered this woman as a team.

    That said, there is a chink in the armor that Knox can exploit. They found Kircher’s DNA on a groove in the (bleached) knife along with Knoxs’ DNA on the handle in the 36-A/B samples but they only found Knox’s DNA in the H/I tests. This is not a huge deal as Sollecito, by lying that Kirchers blood was there because she cut herself cooking with him seals the deal, as Kircher was never at Sollecitos apartment, much less cooking with him.

    Last, Sollecito has an opportunity to help himself. Because they couldn’t replicate the presence of Kirchers DNA on the second test, Sollecito has an opportunity to, finally, set straight what occured.

    It is without dispute, from anyone who is either not bought, goofy or stupid, that Knox, Sollecito, and Guede are all pathological liars. Getting Credible testimony from Sollecitio will be difficult because of that. Still, if they get as good a lie detector as possible, and cut Sollecitio a deal, we may finally have the real deal as to what went down here.

    • thomasdavie

      Knox had been to her boyfriends apartment before and forensic experts already showed that the particular knife in question would not yield the found knife marks nor the outline of the knife in blood found at the scene.

      You dont know what you are talking about.

      • Salvian

        Thomas – Do you have a specific interest in this case?

  • Don Otiro

    Take 6 minutes of your time to watch this video and hear what a Law Professor from Harvard thinks (if you think he’s somehow biased or misguided, then you’ve probably just learnt something about yourself):


  • Sergio Mash

    Of course she is guilty, if ppl wanna defend her because she is hot, it doesn’t change reality, reality is she murdered the British girl, change her figure in your mind, now imagine Knox looking little weird like with a Susan Boyle face and in your mind, all those little excuses of why she has been found guilt because she fail to shup up, or because she was dumb enough to dance and sing over the crime scene, somehow this is normal and Italians interpreted as if she had a sick mind, abd you don’t agree, do u really think is normal to enter a place where you violently lost a roommate and dance TAA-DAA… let’s imagine you losing a relative in college, murdered in his room, his roommate comes to show you the room like that, would u think, oh.. that’s normal…. that’s the behavior of a sick mind.

    • thomasdavie

      It is weird. Its even weirder to dance around at a scene you just murdered someone in . People tend to want to deny any emotion as to not give off any guilt. They dont dance around to make themselves look even more guilty.

      Only emotionally retarded people who are innocent pull some stunt like that.

    • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

      Your rant has nothing to do with the case.

      Either discuss the fairness of the trial or the evidence.



      • guest123

        And your rat behaviour…aka reporting everyone who doesn’t agree with your for some shi**t reason has nothing to do with the case, so quit being a little aunt (substitute the a with the c) to anyone who doesn’t agree with you. I might have a mouth, but I can respect a well formed argument and opinion of someone who doesn’t agree with me.

  • TYTY

    ShE Had A Nigger Plugging Her ASshole While Sucking Italian Cock….Sounds Like The American Media Has Glossed Over That Fact.

  • FireBits

    She did it. If you take her out of equation whole case just gets more absurd. She is the the key that connects all other people to this case including the victim. She is the center piece, a foot hold for all that happened.

    Her action the day after are all alarming and there is no believable reasoning for her behavior.

    People should ask, why she is in the middle of this mess, if there was only one black immigrant who did everything alone? The answer is obvious. There is no reason for just anyone to get messed this much if she were only a roommate.

    You can blame police and prosecutor, but then you aren’t honest. Then you are obviously just trying to finds a way out the way that pleases your view of world the best.

    Looks and gender, or religious background has never been crime preventing features. People have to understand her narcissist nature that fits such crime perfectly. She’s beautiful and well-spoken, all traits that fit narcissist perfectly, because narcissists are 1# manipulative 2# attention seeking and 3# they know how to behave, yet they can be very evil when it suits their motives, and motives can be sexual thrills or obsticle. Meredith was both, obsticle and sexual thrill because she was so called good girl with high standards and spoiling her was revenge for her being obsticle and pleasure by sexual thrill.

    If this is your first time hearing phrase “More she’s innocent, more it is fun to spoil”, you better chew it a bit, to realize how sadistic mind works, and I may add that sadist as well as narcissist are almost always very intelligent, very attractive and good with people. Extremely good with people! They are kind of personalities that can make other people do stuff for them very easily. This applies to Amanda Knox very well.

    Without Amanda knox we have web that’s broken in the middle section, because there is just nothing connecting people to Meredith anymore. And if it would had been just broke in, rape and kill by a single black man, it would change the scene many ways 1# blood would had not been cleaned off 2# Amanda Knox would had never been connected to the case nor she would had done anything speacial that morning, because they were smoking pot they day earlier, also their phone history would had been normal and they wouldn’t been would out outside the gottage with mob and bucket by the police that morning, they would had heard about Meredith murder much later than did.. 3# also the phone that was tossed out of window wouldn’t been tossed out of window and never been discovered and police wouldn’t even had been there that morning. So whole case would had been different.

    Amanda K. and Rafaele S. were the ones who cleaned up the place, because they tried to destroy evidence. Police met them, because he was investigating the phone that was tossed out of window and found. Amanda and Rafaele were shitting their pants because police arrived even nobody had found the body yet. That moment sealed the case for them, for me. I now know they are guilty. There is nothing in the world that can make me believe otherwise.

    All about this case makes perfect sense to me. I know how sadistic and narcissist people are and I know they can look perfectly innocent and even lovable, because manipulating other people is what narcissist do best! Everyone loves them, everyone but their victims. They are people who in custody trials will win regardless of gender, even usually men will almost always loose because the system is biased towards mothers. But narcissist father will almost always make exception to rule, because he can make everybody love him and make the mother look like crazy nut case, who can’t even handle her own life very well.

    All about this case makes perfect sense to me because I understand the people involved very well and their actions are normal to me. They way how Amanda and Rafaele came to watch how police closed to crime scene and media arrived, They way she lied and gave out her innocent boss, was very usual way how guilty suspect behave. Her over confident pose is typical one for narcissist famous serial killers, who think they can manipulate media and court system.

    Her motives are obvious. She didn’t like Meredith and obviously Meredith didn’t like her. Narcissist see uninfluencial people as obsticles, they hate people who they can’t manipulate and if there is any chance of rivalry, the obsticle gets larger. They want to show their power somehow and make the obsticle eirther step aside or suffer and then step aside. If ever get yourself in situation that you have to face a narcissist be very careful. It’s unusual that you get killed and raped, but s/he can make your life hell anyways.

    What triggered Amanda’s “revenge” to go this road, was probably that she knew Guede had aptitude for this kind of crime. It gave her a change for nasty revenge on Meredith whom she hated very very much at that moment. Guede had given hint that he has sexual motives for Meredith and Amanda got an idea “What if we give her to you”. The decision wasn’t made with clear mind and it was made with feellings distorted by drugs and shared fun of little intimate group. Also she must have been thinking that if Guede rapes, it’s only Guede who will be accused… and maybe it would had gone that road, if they had prevent themselves enough not to kill poor Meredith, but they were too far in euphoria caused by sadistic sexual pleasure, that they went too far.

    Amanda Knox is typical examble of exhange student that gets trouble when far from home with too much freedom on her hands. Now she tries to wash her hands by relying on religion. And I underline, all she is doing is now is washing her bloody hands. When she says that verdict against her is “Wrong”, she is completely honest, because in her mind she made only little mistake in far away land, almost like it wouldn’t be actual real life in there. Even narcissist have remorse, but that remorse doesn’t go to the victim, it goes to themselves. When she is crying she’s crying for the mess she put her self into. Most narcissist people live normal lives and never get in to problems with law, because they know the rules and they know what puts them in problems.

    Narcissist are people too, and yes Amanda got in trouble while doing her student exchange abroad and she would had never done what she did, if she would had stayed at home which is the reason why so many people can’t believe that she did it. However there is a thing you have to understand about narcissist people. They are not maniacs. They usually know the boundaries of behavior. But when you are abroad, having time of your life, experiencing freedom you never had before you will lose touch into reality, and this happens many of us. Many people have got in trouble abroad they would have never get caught back home. Most usual of these troubles are about money or drugs.

    Just think about what I have said, because Amanda Knox ended Meredith Kerchers life.

    • FireBits

      Just to add the damning

      * Security cameras caught footage of Knox heading to the apartment shortly before the murder, when she claimed to be home with her boyfriend.

      * Knox claimed to have spend some of the evening when the murder took place reading Harry Potter. A copy of Harry Potter was observed by police at the crime scene, but not at Sollecito’s house, where she claimed to spend the entire night.

      * Both Knox and her boyfriend—also a suspect—turned their mobile phones off about the same time the night of the murder and not turned on again until the morning after the murder which forensics showed was not their normal usage pattern, as both reportedly normally used their phones late into the evening. However, Knox’s reported explanation was that she had turned her phone off because she did not want her boss, Lumumba, to call her back to the bar to work that evening.

      * Witnesses reported hearing more than one person running from the murder.

      * A witness places Knox and Sollecito in the hills above the house looking down to it about the time of the murder or shortly thereafter presumably concerned about whether the victim’s screams would bring any response.

      * Knox said she stayed at Sollecito’s house all night and awoke about 10:30AM. However, a witness placed her at a local grocery store waiting for it to open at 7:30 AM., where she allegedly bought bleach and other cleaning products. Police reportedly later found a receipt for these cleaning supplies when investigating Sollecito’s residence.

      * Knox first found at the flat the morning after the murder with a mop and bucket, which she said she had gotten to mop up water that Sollecito had spilled when a water pipe broke when he was cooking pasta the night of the murder.

      * One of the flat roommates testified that Knox had a scratch or welt on her neck the morning after the murder which wasn’t there a day earlier.

      * Knox and Sollecito have changed their stories several times, even trying to implicate the other. For example, Knox has stated that she saw blood on Sollecito’s hands that evening but assumed it was from the fish he had prepared for dinner. Also, she reportedly suggested that he may have arose from bed to complete the murder and then brought back the murder weapon (with Kercher’s DNA on it) and pressed it into her sleeping hand in order to implicate her.

      * Reportedly, Knox showed no fear of being at the flat after the murder, but instead expressed concern about rent obligations and of finding another place to live.

      * Guede, the drug dealer who has already been convicted in Kercher’s killing, stated that Knox and Sollecito were with him and that the murder began about money (presumably the theft of the victim’s rent money), which was stolen from the flat. However, Guede’s story has changed several times.

      * Evidence shows murderer(s) staged the flat after the murder to simulate a burglary, foolishly breaking a window from the inside that was too high for any burglar to access and taking nothing of value except the victim’s cell phones and likely her rent money. For example, a laptop was found in clear view.

      * Reportedly, there was evidence of extensive cleaning and staging of the crime scene. For example, only one print of Knox’s could be found including in her own bedroom—although opinions vary as to whether this could actually be normal in one’s own residence since the number of clear, unsmudged prints in any residence can vary–and some prints in blood were reportedly cleaned up so well that they only became visible with luminol enhancement. The prosecution has suggested that only someone closely tied to the apartment, such as Knox, would have the motive to complete such a thorough cleanup so as to limit the evidence tying them to the scene.

      * Reportedly, some experts have suggested that the wounds and bruising on the victim’s body suggest that there were multiple attackers. Kercher was found with multiple superficial neck wounds in addition to the fatal wound, suggesting that Kercher was tortured prior to being killed. This might match the prosecutor’s theory of a forced sex game “gone wrong.” However, the medical examiner, who was among the first people testifying in Knox’s trial, stated that there was likely only a single attacker, presumably the already-convicted Guede.

      * When the victim’s body was found and throughout meetings with police and the victim’s friends, Knox expressed no sadness or normal emotions of terrible loss as all of the others did. Knox reportedly displayed an odd demeanor, which included hitting herself on the head at the police station prior to being fingerprinted, doing “cartwheels and stretches” while waiting to speak with police, sitting on Sollecito’s lap, sticking her tongue out at him and resting her feet on his legs and otherwise acting not maintaining a solemn demeanor.

      * Knox and Sollecito were videotaped in a lingerie store buying underwear within the days after the murder. A witness reportedly overheard the couple flirting and talking about the “wild sex” they would have when they got home. Photos and video of Kercher smiling in the store have been posted on the Internet. However, the defense has stated that Knox was shopping for emergency underwear since her home had been sealed off as a crime scene, and that furthermore, the “witness” only spoke Italian and therefore would not have understood Knox, who at that point was not fluent in Italian.

      * Reportedly, Knox’s and Sollecito’s bare footprints were found outside the victim’s bedroom door in luminol imaging.

      * Reportedly, Knox and Sollecito had details of the victim’s body and manner of death that only the murderers could have known. For example, Knox supposedly made statements to the police that suggested that she knew the body had been moved. Also, Knox made three calls to her mother on the morning that Kercher’s body was discovered. Both she and her mother have allegedly stated that the topic of the first phone call, which was made prior to the discovery of Kercher’s body, was Knox’s growing concern and fear that there might be “someone in the house.” However, during a visit to Knox’s Italian jail Knox’s mother was secretly videotaped discussing this first phone call, noting that Knox had discussed “a foot” having been discovered in Kercher’s room. The timing of this call indicates that Kercher’s body, which was eventually found with one foot sticking out from under a duvet, had not yet been discovered.

      * Knox and Sollecito reportedly gave conflicting statements about their whereabouts to police and in emails to friends and family.

      * An independent investigator engaged by a panel of judges reviewed and found the forensic evidence to be reliable and done in conformity with international protocol.

      * When the police first arrived on location to investigate the two cell phones that had been found in the garden, Sollecito and Knox stated that they had just called the police. In fact, there was no record of such a call from either of their phones.

      * In an email to family and friends on Nov 4 detailing her behavior the night of the murder and the day after, during the early investigation, Knox describes how she returned to her flat the morning after the murder, noticed blood on the sink spout, blood on the bath mat, (didn’t mention the 10″ streak of blood on the bath door) but took a shower thinking that maybe her roommate victim had just been messy with her menstruation. Police were skeptical as to why Knox would take a shower on such a cold day, as the apartment had no heat on.

      * Knox claimed that the victim had always locked her door, when in fact her other roommates say this was not the case.

      * Knox’s key was reported to open any lock in the apartment, yet she did not attempt to open Meredith’s room, even when she claimed to be suspicious and worried about the condition of the apartment (open front door, blood stains, etc.)

      * Knox falsely fingered her boss as the murderer. He had recently demoted her at her job and reportedly offered Knox’s position to her roommate, soon-victim Kercher.

      * Knox and a man of “north African descent” were observed washing clothing and shoes in a local Laundromat in the days after the murder.

      * Knox told the police the morning after the murder that she wasn’t concerned about Meredith’s bedroom door being locked “because she always kept it locked.” Roommates stated that her door was never locked. However, it is unclear why this would make Knox worry if indeed it was customary for Kercher’s door to be locked.

      • JLS1950

        There are absolutely NO security camera images of Knox on the night of the murder. Rudy, on the other hand, appears repeatedly images, approaching, leaving, and again approaching the cottage. He was also seen just after 10 PM, running away from the area of the cottage by a couple whom he nearly knocked down in a dead run.

        There is actual police video of none other than Giuliano Mignini himself examining the Harry potter book inside Raff’s apartment, fully a MONTH before the same book was suddenly “found” in the murder scene. Figure that out.

        There is no evidence whatsoever that Sollecito actually turned his mobile off that night – only that it was “unreachable” at times. People I have communicated with who have been in Perugia relatively recently tell me that cell phone coverage inside Perugian buildings of all type is extremely unreliable unless you are standing immediately next to a window. This is apparently why Raff also had a hard wired “land-line” telephone in his apartment for his father to reach him on. Only Knox is known to have turned her phone off after being dismissed for the evening from her job by Lumumba – reportedly to conserve its battery but likely also to be unavailable for a callback for work.

        It has been proved by actual acoustic tests that the person who “heard” people running on the night of the murder could not possibly have heard any such thing under the most perfect of conditions. It was also proved that this person could not possibly have heard even the loudest recorded human scream ever if it had emanated from inside Meredith’s bedroom.

        The “witness” who placed Knox and Sollecito on the “hill” (the plaza) actually gave a time that spanned all possible times of the murder and thus would have constituted an alibi. However, he also described other activities (people in costume, disco buses running) that only happened on the night prior to the murder.

        The Luminol bare footprints were all tested and found to be devoid of any blood. We cannot even know with certainty whether they were made on the morning of discovery or three days or more earlier.

        Guede originally denied that either Knox or Sollecito was present during the murder. He only changed this testimony during his appeal, just before his sentence was cut in half. Guede has NEVER been made available for questioning or crass-examination by the defense: he has NEVER been confronted on these allegations.

        It has been firmly established that the mop has already been put away in a cupboard before police first arrived at the flat. There is actual police video of Dr. Stefanoni herself extracting the mop from this cupboard on 18 Dec, and of another office then carrying the mop into the murder room where a few minutes later the bra hook was “discovered” in a pile of “swept up” trash.

        No evidence of cleaning of the crime scene was ever presented in court, and the Luminol studies utterly exclude that the floor had been in any way wiped or mopped after Guede’s bloody left shoe tracks were laid down.

        The independent investigators hired by the panel of judges found the forensic evidence to be – a a word – cr-p.

        I could go on and on and on – easily refuting every single claim you make here – but the truth is that you have NOT A CLUE what you are talking about and you do not even deserve an answer. Just at a guess, tell your handlers there in Rome that you failed, and request a different assignment.

        • FireBits

          Your hateful attitude makes me doubt your sources are taken from proamanda websites. I can regocnize certain pattern.

          • JLS1950

            “certain patter”… what? that I don’t agree with you because I have actually studied the case for six years? All of this tripe you posted is taken directly from TJMK/TMOMK – hater sites run by or for the Italian prosecutors – which are absolutely full of long-disproved “theories” that were even discarded before the first trial now more than 4 years ago.

          • FireBits

            Wow you have spent six years deviating your thoughts on proamanda websites. No wonder you’re looney.

            Oh sorry, that went too far. Any how the problem with you proamandaists is that instead of trying to form sane body about this case, you have taken position from where instead of trying to build something you try to break it.

            What I mean is that you completely deny any possibility that she was involved in this murder in any way. So it doesn’t mater how many years you investigate, if you deny one line of investigation completely.

            Proamandaists bases their whole point of view in belief that Amanda Knox is actually a super nice girl. Not even an average girl, but probably little bit better than average, naive and innocent. This is their starting point.

            This article describes her as naive. What really is naive, is to make assumption that someone is naive just because she is beautiful woman. Girl who is smoking weed and hang around with drug dealer is doesn’t really fit in to naive profile. Girl who lies and false accuses innocent man is not doesn’t fit into naive personality either.

            I would hope that proamandaists would make an attempt to create any believable alternate description of events, because until this day only fully explanatory description is the one that prosecutor did. He profiled Amanda, found her motives for crime. All her actions make sense because she is guilty. All her lies make sense because she’s guilty. Whole event makes sense when you realize that she is narcissist who saw Meredith as an obstacle as a person who she couldn’t manipulate.

            Meredith accused Amanda stealing her money. That doesn’t really fit how proamandaists see Amanda Knox. Perhaps Meredith was bad at reading people, or perhaps she was better than any of you. She knew her, she knew what was Amanda Knox like in Perugia. And she didn’t like her.

            And Meredith wasn’t wrong. It was due Amanda that Guede knew about Meredith.

            I really don’t get, how you proamandaists avoid the fact that Amanda was friend of Guede, but still innocent as an angel. She smoked weed, but still was innocent as an angel. Had wild sex but still was innocent as an angel.

            I don’t try to claim that smoking weed, being friend with a drug dealer, having wild sex and casual sex, lying to police, accusing innocent man makes anyone murderer rapist, but I can tell person like that is not an innocent naive and trust able person.

          • JLS1950

            Everything you are accusing me of doing is exactly what you yourself seem to be doing: you have started with an assumption of guilt and you are filtering all evidence to select ONLY those rumors and myths that support your supposition.

            And the bottom line is that you DO “claim that smoking weed, being friend with a drug dealer, having wild
            sex and casual sex, lying to police, accusing innocent man makes anyone
            murderer rapist” – even when the only truth is that she smoked a little cannabis and slept with her boyfriend. The rest of your list has all been completely disproved. Why do you lie?

          • FireBits

            No I didn’t start with assumption of guilt. People don’t suspect women by default. I’m not exception to that rule and I am from country where white women just like Amanda could live to your next door. But I am good at reading people and putting facts together.

            Disproved? You think they are disproved because you are in denial about reality. You are those people that insist her being naive girl. But you people are the ones the are naive.

            And you try to avoid the fact that Guede was Amandas contacts. You cannot separete Guede from Amanda. What ever you try to do, Guede and Amanda are connected together and Meredith is connected to Guede solely via Amanda’s connection.

            As I have said Amanda Knox is center piece to this case. You can’t remove her. She doesn’t have an alibi, because she can’t have one. Supporters of Amanda can only try shoot down evidences, but they cannot make evidence of their own. They cannot make believable description of events, because it’s impossible. The blame police, they blame prosecutor, they blame evidence, they blame witnesses, they blame Italian court system. All they can do is add confusion and try to mess with prosecutors case and mess with the public opinion.

            I have tried exclude Amanda Knox and Rafaele Sollecito from the case myself. And I don’t lie about this! I have tried myself to form an alternative picture. But by doing so I had to step on so many improbabilities that in the end result leaved me very anxious. I can’t form that description of events without turning blind eye for many evidence. I always question my own theories and opinions.

            And I am still open ears for believable theories, but they should be based on evidence. I don’t believe in theories that are based on lack of evidence or quality of evidence or validity of evidence that point towards Amanda, they should evidence that point away from Amanda. But there is non. All her alibi is based on her testimony.

          • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

            “And I don’t lie about this! I have tried myself to form an alternative picture”

            They stayed at Sollecito’s all night long. What’s so hard to believe about it?

          • JLS1950

            “It was due Amanda that Guede knew about Meredith.”

            Boy! When you tell a whopper, you really go all-out, don’t you??? Okay, Guede was known to the Italian boys who lived downstairs: they played basketball together in the plaza. One of those boys had a small cannabis grown in the lower flat; the same boy also had a girlfriend: Meredith. (BTW, Meredith once “borrowed” a condom from Amanda before an evening with her boyfriend from downstairs.) Meredith’s Italian boyfriend went out of town without her on the long weekend, from Thursday, 1 Nov 2007 through Sunday, 4 Nov 2007; he gave Meredith his key and asked her to water his cannabis plants while he was away. (It appears that he may also have told Rudy Guede that he was going away for the weekend.)

            Amanda had met Rudy ONCE or maybe twice when the latter was visiting with the boys downstairs. She did not know him and did not purchase drugs from him. She did not otherwise socialize with him either alone or in groups.

            …and you try to claim that it was THROUGH AMANDA that Rudy knew about MEREDITH?????

            Can I interest you in some prime beachfront view property in the Everglades? How much money would you have to invest?

          • FireBits

            Hey, can you offer me a link to this info. I don’t hesitate to change my argument or rebuild my thinking. Only one thing, it has to be reliable source, not FOX News, or Amanda supporter website.

            No thanks for Everglades, I more a downtown kind of guy. I prefer to see bricks of neighbour building when I watch out of my window. It makes me feel safe from evil foxy knoxys that belong to wilderness.

          • JLS1950

            Start with guilter site [http]://themurderofmeredithkercher [com] /Massei_Trial (put that url back together with the dot – this gets by the filters.) Hit Ctrl-F and type “plants” – or simply click on “1.5.3 Giacomo Silenzi” in the left-hand navigation tree. I’ll dig around a bit and see if I can find a reference on the condom that you will accept

          • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

            “Girl who is smoking weed and hang around with drug dealer”

            Not Amanda.

            Meredith perhaps.

          • FireBits

            Heh.. are you in love with her? Oh you gullible white knights! You would die for some bitch you don’t even know just because you think your hormones can tell good people apart from bad people. It doesn’t work that way, sorry.

          • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

            Good work, keep it up.

          • JLS1950

            What? Are you JEALOUS??? Probably… in fact, that just might be how this whole thing got started: Napoleoni’s inflamed jealousy focused on the wrong “other woman”. She has certainly shown herself to be a regular Stephanie Lazarus type… But I think the vendetta started with Calipari and Sgrena – a blood feud between whole nations with the citizens of one considered “fair game” for cold blooded murder. I wonder if the killers felt any shame at all when they were drowning the struggling Alison Owens in a full bathtub – she clearly did not die as Stefanoni claimed! .

          • SPEECHFREEDOM1976

            alex k and jls1970 who in actual fact is 64 years old both have unhealthy sexual desires for amanda knox and possibly raffaelle as well!

          • JLS1950

            Well, you seem to be spending six years “deviating your thoughts” on Japanese comic books and parroting evil false accusations. I think my time is better spent defending the innocent.

      • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

        “* Security cameras caught footage of Knox heading to the apartment shortly before the murder, when she claimed to be home with her boyfriend.”

        Filthy lies. It is NOT true and was not even claimed in court. That woman was Meredith, in all likelihood.

        “* Knox claimed to have spend some of the evening when the murder took place reading Harry Potter. A copy of Harry Potter was observed by police at the crime scene, but not at Sollecito’s house, where she claimed to spend the entire night.'”

        Stinking lies again. A copy of Harry Potter WAS FOUND by the cops AT SOLLECITO’s. See the video.

        Two lies and you’re out. Not interested. Paid hater troll.

        • FireBits


          Amanda Knox is murderer and you are naive and gullible!

          Some of things in that list are old and faulty, but in general nothing changes, Amanda is obviously guilty of all charges.

          My list is still more valid than any pro Amanda websites are, because majority of the thing in my list have confirmed sources on http://themurderofmeredithkercher.com! The list is not from there and some parts of the list are actually corrected there.

          But the difference is small.

          • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

            You are linking to a hate site set up by a pseudonymous “Edward McCall.”

            In contrast, there are real people supporting Amanda’s innocence. Read their site explaining why the link you provide is a hate and disinformation site: murderofmeredithkercher.com (without “the”).

        • Joe Zoo

          They probably both had copies of the same book.

        • guest123

          Two “lies” and you dismiss the entire comments, what about all the comments that are actually true, and make Amanda look guilty.

    • JLS1950

      I never responded to these “points” directly.

      * There was no actual evidence that blood was ever “cleaned up” – Rudy’s foot and shoe prints in in Meredith’s blood remained quite visible as seen in police photos, as did the drip running down the back of the bathroom door near the hinge and some smaller spots in the shared bathroom There is no evidence whatsoever that the blood inside the murder bedroom was disturbed after Meredith was dragged still barely alive from her blood pool. Even the prosecution refused to make the clean-up claim in the first trial – and suggestions based on lack of Knox’s fingerprints in the cottage ignore one very simply truth: the fingerprint technician testified under oath that he only even looked for fingerprints in just 7 places outside the murder bedroom: 2 in the kitchen (found Knox) and 5 in Romanelli’s room (found none.) Ergo, Amanda and Raff are not needed to explain the “clean-up” because it simply never happened.

      * The story about Amanda and Raff waiting outside with mop and bucket when Postal Police arrived is pure fiction: the mop was already back inside the hallway cupboard from which Stefanoni extracted it 6 weeks later on 18 Dec, as seen in police video, and Romanelli and her friends were already on-scene investigating on their own.

      * Amanda would have been “involved” in the murder investigation in any event, because it was after all her home.

      * All references to narcissism appear to me to be simply your attempts to explain behavior that never actually happened all.

      You really must understand how much wholesale mythology has grown up around this case, based quite literally on stories published in primarily Italian and some British tabloids that make National Enquirer, Globe, Star, Sun, etc. – as found at American supermarket checkstands – look like peer-reviewed scholarly journals of hard science research by comparison. Curiously enough, jurors were sighted reading these publicans with lurid headlines about “Foxy Knoxy” during the first trial and also I believe this latest in Florence.

      • FireBits

        They appear to you so simply because you’re naive. We will always return back to Amanda supporters emotions. For you she is “damsel in distress” for whom you people have build some kind affection and delusional personality.

        This goes down to poor understanding of women in general. Poor understanding of narcissists in general. And poor understanding of human behavior in general.

        Many of you people look their evidence from Amanda biased websites in which false information has been going back and forwards for long time. They have often defence’s version about the case which is often attempts to just destroy prosecutors case because they not able to build alibi for Amanda Knox or even believable story for her because she lied so many times.

        In comparison http://themurderofmeredithkercher.com/ has it’s sources mostly in actual reports to the evidence. Defence has been trying to break up all the evidence but general impression hasn’t changed. Prosecutor’s case has maintained the most believable the most logical line and that is reason why Italian court has seen Amanda Knox and Rafaele Sollecito as guilty.

        There are too much traces of them in the crime scene and too weird behaviour from their part. If Amanda Knox were black you all would agree with me, because your point of view is biased BY HER SEX APPEAL, BY HER BACKGROUND, BY HER NATIONALITY and RACE and perhaps by her religion too. You insist that she must be good girl, because she appears as stereotypical good girl. Narcissists always appear that way, that is in their nature to be charming and lovable.

        Your way of thinking is sole reason, why domestic abuse done to men and children by women aren’t taken seriously, because there is always some amanda knox.

        I’m the one here who is able to see all people playing all roles, when you can see only men as criminal and fail to see certain behaviour models in women. That is why you people fail.

        • JLS1950

          So you are saying that defenders’ arguments are invalid because they are responding to a “damsel in distress” and have built a “delusion” – never mind the clear evidence that Italian investigators have lied, bald faced, and have presented absolutely absurd and ever-changing “theories” like “witchcraft”, “satanism”, “sex game” and the latest: “unflushed poop in the toilet”. Given the number of lies under oath that have been identified as having been brought by investigators and prosecutors, it seems at the very least that their accusations might be suspect.

          Just the short catalog: lying about the timing of arrival of the Postal Police (earlier than the security camera shows – to make their arrival “precede” Raff’s call to the Carabinieri) lying about not finding the Harry Potter book at Raff’s when police video clearly shows Mignini examining it there more than a month before he claimed to have found it in the murder cottage; lying about when investigators changed gloves (they never did – they seem to have been wearing the same gloves even on different days) lying about following internationally-agreed procedures in DNA collection and processing when video and work records show they violated same; lying about which machines were used in DNA processing; lying about which Luminol footprints were tested to confirm blood and the results of those tests (all were tested and none contained blood) lying about how long Knox was questioned (one of the timestamped documents produced by that questioning was not even typed up until four hours after police all claim the questioning had been stopped) lying about the time of death (tried to put it 7 to 9 hours later than medical evidence showed). This is just the short list – there are actually scores of examples.

          I say that guilter accusers like yourself fall into about three categories. Some very few are simply the investigators or prosecutors themselves posting incognito, yet exposing themselves by having special knowledge of documents before those are released to the public. Some have or feel some association with the victim (family, friends, neighbors, countrymen) and feel the need to accuse whoever police say is responsible out of a sense of “loyalty”. And still others simply see an unlikely and otherwise exemplary person being accused of a heinous act and so feel a sort of self-righteous confirmation in being able to climb on the accusation bandwagon – so being able to declaim “how have the mighty fallen” or “she thought she was ‘stuff’ but now look what she is accused of, the b…”.

          But all accusers consistently ignore two important and thoroughly documented facts: that there is no evidence actually connecting Knox to the crime and that all the evidence that actually is very strongly excludes her from any involvement. It actually seems that accusers have an innate blindness to evidence and to the clear meaning of evidence.

          • guest123

            No. I used to think Amanda was innocent, until I realized the inconsistencies in the alibis. Just because she might not have physically killed Meredith, does not mean she isn’t responsible. Sure, they might not have found her DNA, but how does that prove she is innocent. I don’t necessarily agree that three people physically killed Meredith, but I do believe Amanda is one shady bitch. No one would behave like her if they were relatively sane, I’m sorry. She claimed to be good friends with the victim, yet she wasn’t distraught over her friend’s murder?

          • JLS1950

            The only “inconsistencies in the alibis” are in the “alibis” written “for them” by the police and “interpreter/facilitator” Anna Donnino. Outside of that their stories are COMPLETELY consistent with all relevant physical evidence and have been UNCHANGING.

            This murder was EXTREMELY violent and has carried out in a tiny, cramped, enclosed space of a bedroom about 8 x 9 feet. Rudy Guede suffered extensive bruising as well as cuts in the violent fight-for-life that Meredith put up. There is NO evidence that Meredith was “held down” (only one “gripping” bruise set on the elbow made from behind while Meredith was standing) but rather extensive bruising from kicking and striking with hands, elbows, knees, whatever. Had anyone but Meredith and her sole killer been present, the murder frankly would not have been possible (nobody could have moved) and all present would have suffered injuries – yet Amanda and Raffaele had none.

            Jurdgine someone “guilty” based on their reaction to extreme threat, tragedy and grief is JUST PLAIN STUPID! For a girl from Seattle – where we have a couple of the very worst serial killers – the most likely response is going to be extreme anger and an all-consuming desire to help police find and arrest the killer just as quickly as possible. Of course Amanda was distraught – why do you think she BEGGED police to allow her to stay in the Questura on the evening of 5 Nov: she knew that the real killer was still on the streets (although by that time the streets of Germany.)

            Also please remember that it was police themselves who instructed Amanda to stay away from the memorial vigil.

            Honestly, your remarks are just as STUPID as those of Giobbi when he claimed he knew Knox was the killer because she “swiveled her hips” and “was eating pizza”. You show yourself to be an IDIOT! Or else just a liar.

          • guest

            Why not, yet again, explain in minute detail how Meredith was murdered (prob by Knox)? You have repeatedly written day long essays re Merediths violent and sadistic death, almost as if you get pleasure from reliving it time and time again. Killers follow this pattern too, reliving their one great moment of power. You have constantly relived Merediths final minutes for this whole time. well over 7 years, perverse is it not? Why do you like writing about the actual moment of death? Do other Knox creeps enjoy this as you do? Sick. The greates insult is that, you, after abusing and insulting the Kercher family and the real victim, Meredith, have posted a lame and pathetic “apology”. Do you think your Church will redeem you for your lacking and infantile post? Far too little, far too late. You are far beyond redemption. A sad, old and lonely man who wasted nigh on 8 years of his life perving over his young girl. LMFAO. Where did it get you in life?

          • JLS1950

            Read Ron Hendry. He is the professional reconstruction engineer who can explain why the crime had to have occurred this particular way in order to create the observed evidence.

            As far as “abusing and insulting … Meredith”, the mose heinous example of this is the use of her death and her memory as “justification” for trying to ruin the lives or even to kill two more completely innocent young people who happend to be her friends even if only for a short time interrupted by her death. What an evil act to give the despitefully murdered Meredith such a “legacy” as well!

        • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

          You are linking to a hate site run by a pseudonymous “McCall.”

          http://murderofmeredithkercher.com/ debunks his claims.

          • SPEECHFREEDOM1976

            nice biased website there hun!

    • guest123

      Very good point, but can you prove Know is a narcissist? Other than her behaviour directly before, and then after the crime? Just because she is well spoken, and attractive does not mean she is a narcissist. I believe Amanda is guilty, but is there any more you can share? Is there any stories that can back up your claim that she is a narcissist? Just wondering. Otherwise, very good points.

  • Dino Valenti

    In trying to sell this book to an American public with no clue and prejudiced towards the claim she is innocent, you forget to mention that she saw blood and old unflushed feces the morning after the murder but showered and dried here hair, anyway. Only a murderer does that, not to mention the store owner seeing her before the store opened early on the morning after the murder, headed for cleaning supplies. She claimed to have slept in and what surely was related to the concern over being seen looking for cleaning supplies early the morning after the murder, she claimed to have slept in and then headed out late that morning to “fetch a mop”.

    Read all the evidence, which includes mixed DNA samples from Knox and Meredith’s blood and Knox’s and Meredith’s DNA mixed from a footprint in Filomena’s room where Knox staged the break-in at the murder scene, Knox’s own statements place herself at the murder scene when it took place, which includes more than the original statement.


    • FireBits

      Yes, absolutely!

      The reason why it is so difficult to form an understanding about this case, is because Knox family and proamandaists have purposely added confusion on Media and on the Internet. There is money behind the propaganda and also witnesses have been harassed.

      This case was much more obvious and easy to understand during the first trial, when murder was fresh. Since then there have been many hundreds of publications and biased views presented about this case.

      It was all so much obvious back then when this suspicious couple was kissing and posing near the crime scene. Trying to look like worried ordinary couple, but really badly failing to give that impression. All they were doing that morning was trying to find a way to get a way with what they did to Meredith.

      I’m kinda person who narcissists hate. I am that obstacle, annoyance that is difficult to control. I often see what is going on and narcissists do not like it a one bit. Needless to say I’ve been bullied by narcissists two times in my life. I can easily see what happened between Amanda Knox and Meredith Kercher by connecting few dots about this case.

      My brains are wired to recognize narcissists and other socially dangerous situation and I have always been like that. I’m able to read faces and danger. Some people are like that. Or why do you think that Paul Onion was able to escape Ivan Milat, the backpacker serial killer? Was it luck? Hardly. I’m very certain that Paul Onion was good at reading situation and faces plus he had survivor instinct to run, when the other victims who were confident and experienced backpackers thought they could just live through the ordeal.

      I know I am boasting myself here, BUT I have read the fresh evidence, seen the body language of suspects and heard the lies suspects made. Read about their other action that night like phone activity and other activity. That’s plenty of info for someone who is used to recognize, what is going on, in where early stages.

      And now here are people who say, that I should abandon my natural instincts that has saved multiple times from experiencing more or less nasty situation.

      And I don’t rely on instinct alone. If you read about the case and suppress your overly passionate will to save the princess and fuck her happy ever after, you will understand what is going on. I have learned long time ago, that my dick doesn’t know shit about people and their motives. So stop your lust for Amanda.

      • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

        “This case was much more obvious and easy to understand during the first trial, when murder was fresh”

        Yes, it was obvious Knox and Sollecito were framed even back then.

        But there has been more exonerating information since.

        • Joe Zoo

          That was years ago. This January they were convicted again.

    • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

      Not enough exclamation marks, Dino.


        GUILTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Joe Zoo

        The Hellmann decision was full of legal violations and total mismanagement. Besides, that was years ago and now she is guilty!!!

        • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

          No, the Hellmann-Zanetti ruling was, and remains, a clear-cut, well-reasoned piece proving the couple’s innocence beyond reasonable doubt.

          Comparing Hellmann with Massei and the supreme court ruling underscores the soundness and sobriety of Hellmann’s reasoning.

          • Joe Zoo

            You should read this: http://tinyurl.COM/o6ag9rw

          • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

            Linking to the deranged hate site known as TJMK? Do you think I’m going to read that drivel? I suggest you go back to the zoo that seems to be your shared home.

          • Joe Zoo

            That non-profit site is run by lawyers and other criminal justice professionals who have no agenda nor profit involved. Should I believe them or whoever the hell you are?

          • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

            No, it’s not run by lawyers or criminal justice professionals, and it’s completely anonymous in contrast to http://murderofmeredithkercher.com/ and http://www.injustice-anywhere.org, run by real people.

          • Joe Zoo

            Am I supposed to believe whoever the hell you are? Well, here is another very good site: http://themurderofmeredithkercher.COM/Main_Page

          • JLS1950

            There is no profit in reading that site: that is correct. As for “professionals” I think only if you count muggers and holdup artists and especially criminal stalkers of young and beautiful women as “professionals” then you can perhaps apply that label to TJMK and TMOMK.

      • deepblue9

        Hellmann and Zanetti have had their incompetent and illogical appeal verdict totally quashed. Do keep up with the times.

        • http://winterings.net/ Alex K.

          Their appeal was logical and competent.

          By quashing it, Italy’s Supreme Court only showed how incompetent it was. “Heroin does not impact memory,” yeah right.

    • deepblue9

      100% correct. The American media doesn’t even report the basic facts of the case. It really is that bad.

  • sentidocomun

    Only Americans think this sociopath is innocent, and now she is making money from a book? Appalling. And B&N is promoting it – last time I buy a book from you guys! RIP Meredith.

    • JLS1950

      And which country are you from? Italy? Even a large number of Brits recognize that this is a railroad job.

    • Joe Zoo

      I’m an American. And I KNOW that she is guilty. Most Americans have no idea who Knox is. Like so many others in the past, her coming extradition will be a standard procedure for the State department.

  • Daina Krumins

    I think that Amanda as Asperger’s.

    • JLS1950

      So? Does that make her a murderer? More than 1% of the population is affected by A.S. – even more in technical industries.

      • Daina Krumins

        Of course not (I have Asperger’s too), but it does help explain why so many people hate her. Because Amanda doesn’t conform to any “emotional template” that neurotypical folks believe in, she seems infinitely alien and mysterious, and that can make their imaginations run wild.

        • JLS1950

          Well, that is a reasonable hypothesis – and it does conform somewhat with my own experience – but only somewhat. I have been reluctant to consider A.S. for Amanda because of her excellent performance a team sport requiring ability to “read” a number of opponents in real time – and also the utter lack of reports that she was bullied or suffered exclusion or ostracism or other social issues in school. My own experience and studied understanding are that the bullying and social ostracism are pretty universal among Asperger’s-affected individuals in public schools. Moreover, limitations on body awareness that are common with A.S. usually tends to affect physical performance and often also handwriting. Of course, there are variations is how A.S. presents in different individuals.

          I think the “so many people hate her” is better explained in a couple of other ways entirely. The first is that especially very early reports about this crime painted Knox in a lurid and scandalous light that is not really representative of her. For example, various “dirty tricks” allowed for the publication of her entire sexual history as well as a number of made-up reports of her behavior (e.g. “cartwheels” that were really tension-relieving yoga stretches) and falsified “evidence” against her (“bloody bathroom” photo that was actually a chemical regent applied by police, “mixed blood” and “bloody luminol footprints” that never were, etc.)

          The second reason here is simply that Italian officials even yet continue to spread false accusations and to cite discredited “evidence” through the agency of the Internet. At least about 20% and perhaps as many as 50% of the condemning comments posted on this and other stories about this case are made by a small group of very dedicated accusers using a large number of “identities” to post and re-post lies and long-discredited myths. These people have been traced back to Italy, and there is substantial evidence found in their special knowledge of certain matters that they are in fact either police officers involved in the case or else members of Italian Military Police Intelligence (AISI – closely related to the national police force called the Carabinieri.)

          There is something going on in this case that goes WAY beyond merely the pursuit of “justice for Meredith” and which truly smells like a blood feud against the whole of the United States (cf. Nicola Calipari and also the “Massacre of Cermis” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xm40anYJTvY) wherein Amanda Knox in particular has been made a pawn and a proxy for all the perceived “sins” of her entire nation. It seems to have nothing to do with actual guild, since the real evidence utterly excludes her for involvement in the crime. Rather the appearance is that she is the American, therefore SHE must be made to “pay”.

          Watch the guilter responses to this post, and it will tell you a great deal about who is really behind this.

  • Daina Krumins

    Asperger’s of course would not make her a murderer. However, it would explain why so many people hate her so much. She is mysterious and unknowable because her mind works differently, her emotions don’t show. I’m an Aspergian too and I remember, as a teenager, intellectually deciding to experiment with sex in different ways. This probably is what creeps the Italians out.

  • Daina Krumins

    I think that Asperger’s would simply explain what was perceived as “socially inappropriate” behavior (turning cartwheels, making a nervous joke on entering the house). Because she was not easy to perceive in a conventional way, and because she was socially naive (as many aspies are), she was a tempting blank canvas that many people could exploit for their own purposes.

  • vonni dusk

    id like to read/skim the book but will not be giving this murderer any of my money.

    • Joe Zoo

      You can download her book on the pirate bay.

  • vonni dusk

    This chick murdered someone and got away with it and conditioned herself and others to believe that she is innocent. I would hate to wake up every day in her shoes. GEEZ.. i really would like to know why meredith was killed anyways- don’t get me wrong I disliked many of my roommates but have never once thought of killing them.

  • samharmone011

    look at the physical and logical evidence. It is obvious Meredith was killed by
    more than one person. The small bloody footprint on the pillow case that was
    under her hips could not be attributed to Rudy. The barefoot bloody print on the
    bathroom mat could not be attributed to Rudy. The bruising evidence shows Meredith’s
    arms and elbows were physically restrained while she was being stabbed and
    sliced several times about the neck. She only had 3 very small defensive wounds
    on her hands. Meredith did not die quick. Her carotid artery was not severed.
    She would have been fighting for her life with adrenalin pumping through her
    body, yet almost no defensive wounds. One person could not have accomplished
    this attack. Her body was moved and her bra removed a considerable time after
    she was dead. Rudy’s bloody shoeprints lead directly from Meredith’s room out
    the front door. His involvement in the murder is clear. He was convicted and is
    now doing time in prison. Rudy has claimed Amanda and Raffaele committed the
    murder while he was using the bathroom. He said he only went in the room to try
    and help Meredith. If there was anyone else in that house at the time of the
    murder to shift blame to, Rudy’s defense attorney would have brought it into
    the proceedings at his trial. Amanda and Raffaele were in the house when
    Meredith was murdered. We will never know the extent of their participation.

    • JLS1950

      It is obvious that you do not understand evidence and that you are following your own dark imagination.

      • Joe Zoo

        It is even more obvious that your grasp on reality is significantly impaired.

    • deepblue9

      Until Raffaele is back in jail. Maybe he’ll start talking then.

  • james rae

    Amanda Knox is well displayed as herself in this book. She is an emotional person and writer. Well worth reading. Rudy Guede was an abused child and a ward of the child welfare agency in Perugia and no doubt has a large file and psychological reports. This will be hidden from everyone.
    This crime without question has Rudy Guebe at the centre. He is the story. His DNA was inside Meredith. He will be released soon. He was well protected and scooted into his jail time while the lights focused on Amanda and Raff by convicted Felon prosecutor Mignini who was allow to conduct a prosecution while he himself was on trail for corruption charges. Go figure.

    • Joe Zoo

      Guede’s diary from Germany:
      “I am asking myself how is it possible that Amanda could have slept in all that mess, and took a shower with all that blood in the bathroom and corridor?”

      • james rae

        Dissociative Fugue State. Textbook case. Over the year he was exhibiting more
        extreme behaviour due to his lack of parental and authority support. Was not capable of properly caring for himself due to personality disorder.

  • Valerie Fowler

    I stopped reading maybe half way through. All I could think of was you’re an idiot. I couldn’t get through it anymore

  • Joe Zoo

    As I learn more about this case, I really believe that this below scenario is how the actual murder happened:

    Meredith started arguing with Knox and Knifeboy in her bedroom while Guede was in the bathroom. Their argument became louder and Guede heard them. He then ran into the bedroom and tried to pull Meredith away from the two killers. In doing this, he held Meredith from behind by the elbows of both of her arms and Knifeboy grabbed her by the legs in a tug of war fashion. At the same time, Knox continued shouting and threatening Meredith (who we know had studied martial arts) with the big kitchen knife and Knox began inflicting small stab wounds into Meredith.

    Meredith continued to struggle and got one of her arm’s free from behind her and then delivered a reverse elbow strike to Knox’s chump nose. That’s why the cops found Knox’s blood mixed with Meredith’s DNA as evidence on the bathroom faucet and in other places in the bathroom and in Filomena’s bedroom. She was profusely bleeding from the nose and in some pain. One doesn’t have to elbow an attacker that hard in the nose to do damage and it was the only option Meredith had. And she nailed Knox good and proper, but she didn’t break her nose. Soon after that strike, Meredith grabbed at Knox’s neck and dug into it with her nails. That’s why the long horizontal scratches were found on Knox’s neck the next day. It wasn’t a “hickey” as Knox claimed, instead it was downward scratches made by Meredith. It’s glaringly obvious.

    Meredith’s elbow strike caused Knox to jolt back in pain at which point Knifeboy, having seen his so called ‘first love’ injured, instinctively reacted and lashed out to inflict the first larger knife wound.

    Meredith then screamed. Knox then moved back in towards Meredith (who scratched Knox’s neck at that point in a final act of self defense) and then inflicted the fatal knife wound to silence Meredith. The final sequence of events was all over in a matter of seconds. When that happened, Rudy let go of Meredith’s arms and bolted out the door. Knox and Knifeboy then started arguing amongst themselves, then went outside to the basketball court to try to settle down, but they kept arguing as they were having difficulty in making a plan and building their so called “alibi”.

    Again Meredith did not break Knox’s nose. If Meredith had done so, Knox and Knifeboy would be incarcerated for life right now. Nose bleeds produce a lot of blood and pain at first, but then they heal very quickly. And on the next day, odds are that one won’t feel any pain or discomfort, and there’s never a mark or a visible wound. But there were visible scratch wounds on Knox’s neck. Those were inflicted by Meredith.

    After the broken down car and breakdown truck had left, the two killers then went back into the cottage and started the cleanup.

  • Joe Zoo

    3 OF 3:

    6. Amanda’s other stories were no
    less suspicious. The day after the murder, she told the police she’d spent the
    entire evening and night at Raffaele’s apartment and had no idea who had killed
    Meredith. A few days later (under severe pressure, she insists), she told the
    police she’d been home after all, had invited Patrick Lumumba in, and that
    Lumumba had killed Meredith. The next day, in an entirely voluntary statement
    she wrote with no one else present, Amanda said she was pretty sure she’d
at Raffaele’s after all but nonetheless stood by her recollection that
    Lumumba had killed Meredith. A few days later, Amanda still remembered having
    been at
Raffaele’s apartment, but now she was certain that Lumumba had had
    nothing to do with the murder. (How Amanda could know anything about Lumumba’s
    guilt or innocence was unclear, of course, once she’d returned to her claim
    that she’d been at Raffaele’s apartment the whole time.) Unfortunately for
    Lumumba, Amanda only told her mother this. Both Amanda and her mother neglected
    to mention it to the authorities, even
though Amanda said they knew there was
    no evidence against Lumumba except Amanda’s accusation. Lumumba languished in jail
    for over two weeks until he came up with an airtight alibi. After Lumumba was
    released, Amanda said she felt terrible that
the police had wrongly arrested


    The clean-up and body-move were
    proven beyond a reasonable doubt, and the judges and juries that convicted
    Amanda also determined that she had staged the “burglary.” Though it’s possible
    Amanda was not the person who did those things (and also possible she was not
    the person who locked Meredith’s door after the
murderer left Meredith’s room),
    inferences reasonably drawn from the clean-up and cover-up evidence, together
    with the ample evidence summarized above (and other physical evidence and
    testimony not mentioned here), solidly support the murder conviction. The
    burden shifted to Amanda long ago to answer the tough questions posed in this
    imaginary monologue:

    “Amanda, it’s clear that someone
    cleaned up after Meredith was murdered. Someone also cut off her bra and
    repositioned her body – to make it appear, we think, that she’d been raped. We
    think that person also staged a burglary so it would appear the murderer hadn’t
    been let in by someone who lived there. Even if a burglary actually happened,
    as you insist, who in his right mind would risk drawing suspicion on himself by
    cleaning up after the murder, or by moving and covering Meredith’s body? And if
    he did bother to clean up, why would he ignore his own bloody footprints? Why
    would he pause to lock Meredith’s door with a key, and yet leave the front door
    wide open? It’s difficult to believe you weren’t involved in the clean-up and
    body-moving, or why you might have done those things for an innocent
    The killer would have no reason to have done them. Obviously Meredith didn’t.
    No one suggests your 
two out-of-town roommates came back and did all this, or
    that a
stranger wandered in off the street and did it. Who does that leave?
    You, with or without Raffaele’s help. We found your DNA, mixed with Meredith’s
    DNA, in five different places around the cottage – including even Filomena’s
    bedroom, where you insist a burglary occurred. We didn’t even find Filomena’s
    own DNA in her bedroom, much less any trace of a burglar or anyone 
else – just
    your DNA, mixed with Meredith’s. You’ve also told several different stories
    about where you were that night. Sometimes you were home, sometimes you
    weren’t; sometimes you’re not sure. Sometimes you invited Patrick Lumumba into
    your cottage and he
killed Meredith, sometimes you didn’t and Patrick had
    nothing to do with the
murder; sometimes you’re not sure. Sometimes you insist
    Guede broke Filomena’s window and climbed in; sometimes you say Meredith must
    have let him in; sometimes you’re not sure. And so on. Maybe you had nothing to
    do with
this gruesome murder, Amanda, but, frankly, we doubt seriously that
    you’ve told us all you know about what happened that night. Maybe it’s time you
    did. Better late than never.”

    END OF PART 3 OF 3.

  • Joe Zoo

    2 OF 3:

    There is evidence of a great deal
    more than just a clean-up and body-repositioning. Just a few examples:

    1. Despite the clean-up, Amanda’s
    DNA, mixed with Meredith’s blood, was found in five different
spots in three
    different locations (bathroom, hallway, Filomena’s bedroom). Some was visible
    to the naked eye; some was revealed by Luminol.

    2. Raffaele’s DNA was found on
    Meredith’s bra clasp. Although this is undisputed, defense lawyers blamed it on
    “contamination” (the bra clasp had lain on the floor of Meredith’s
    sealed-off bedroom until six weeks after the murder). But even if the
    evidence-collectors had sneezed on the bra clasp, and 47 different men had
    touched it that night, and it had been trampled by 1,000 wild horses and chewed
    by 98 rabid dogs in the six weeks before it was collected, no amount of
    contamination could have caused Raffaele’s DNA to materialize on Meredith’s bra
    clasp. Most Knox supporters nevertheless rely on this “contamination”
    argument to insist that no DNA of Amanda or Raffaele was found in Meredith’s

    3. The prosecution also argued
    (and the courts that convicted Amanda and Raffaele agreed) that the
bath-mat footprint was “consistent” with Raffaele’s footprint (though it
not have been his), and could not have been Guede’s or Amanda’s. The
    defense disagreed: it was Guede’s, they said. It seems that Guede’s right shoe
    (but not his
left shoe) had come off during his scuffle with Meredith. Guede
    postponed his escape to wash off his right foot, which was covered with blood
    even though it managed to leave no footprint until Guede reached the bath mat.
    For one
reason or another, Guede chose not to wash off his bloody left shoe,
seems to have had a mind of its own. It left no shoeprints in the
    bathroom while Guede was washing his right foot, choosing instead to leave an
    unbroken string of bloody shoeprints in a direct line from Meredith’s bedroom
    to the front door. Guede’s bloody left shoe did pause once, however – just
    after leaving Meredith’s room, so that Guede could lock Meredith’s door from
    the outside. He must have done this by reaching behind his back with Meredith’s
    stolen room key, since Guede’s bloody shoeprints all point toward the
door, indicating he never turned around to face Meredith’s door after
    he’d left her room. The prosecution argued, more plausibly, that it wasn’t
    Guede who locked Meredith’s door –
after all, he was careless enough to leave
    the front door wide open. Instead, Amanda or Raffaele had locked Meredith’s
    door after the murder, enabling them later to explain why they hadn’t
    discovered Meredith’s body sooner.

    4. Amanda’s
bedside lamp was found on the floor at the foot of Meredith’s
    bed. Knox supporters say Meredith must have borrowed it without asking Amanda
    (Amanda confirmed that Meredith had never asked to borrow it). Skeptics suggest
lamp was brought in to help illuminate spots to be cleaned, and was
    inadvertently left there when the clean-up was finished. All we know for
is that Meredith’s room ended up with extra lighting that November evening,
    while Amanda’s bedroom was left with no light at all (Amanda’s room had no
light – only her bedside lamp).

    5. Amanda’s “morning after” story
    raises eyebrows. She testified that she came home that morning (November 2) to
    find her front door wide open and blood in the bathroom that hadn’t been there
    before. She called out to her roommates, but no one answered. She thereupon
    closed the front door but knowingly left it unlocked, and took a shower. When
    she finished, she realized she’d left her towel in her bedroom. She used the
    bath mat –
 on which she’d just noticed a bloody footprint –
to “hop,” dripping
    wet and naked, back to her room to get her towel. Rather than dry off in her
    room, she “hopped” back to the bathroom, still wet and naked, on the
    same blood-stained bath
mat, and dried off there. After returning to her
    bedroom, now dry but still naked, Amanda dressed, and then blow-dried her hair
    in the other bathroom. There she noticed an unflushed toilet (which she left
    unflushed) containing what turned out to be Rudy Guede’s feces. Though Amanda
    said all of this puzzled and
worried her, she didn’t notice that Meredith’s
    door was locked, and she walked right past Filomena’s bedroom – at least four
    times – without looking in and discovering the “burglary.” Filomena’s door was
    closed, Amanda said, and she didn’t try to open it. Yet Raffaele said that when
    he and Amanda returned to the cottage about an hour and a half later, after
    breakfast, Filomena’s door was “wide open” when they walked in, and he
    immediately noticed the “burglary.” Neither Raffaele nor Amanda claimed to have
    wondered who had opened Filomena’s door in the meantime.

    END OF PART 2 OF 3

  • Joe Zoo

    PART 1 OF 3:

    After reading this, some undecided
    readers probably will agree that Amanda Knox was properly convicted.

    On the day after her murder,
    Meredith Kercher’s blood was found in many places in her bedroom and on a bare
    right-foot print on the bathroom floor mat. But no footprints were found in the
    10-foot-plus stretch between those two bloody locations – all hard-surface
    floors in the bedroom, hallway and bathroom. In addition, after she died,
    Meredith’s bra had been cut off to uncover her breasts, and her body had been
    moved and repositioned – to make it appear she’d been raped, the police
    speculated. Finally, her body had been covered with a comforter. No one knew
    why, though various theories were offered.

    This is undisputed. Although the
    prosecution’s “staged rape” theory was speculation, the defense, far from
    challenging it, took it a step further, arguing that Meredith indeed had been
    raped and then killed by Rudy Guede, acting alone. Guede’s DNA (though not his
    semen) was found in several places in Meredith’s bedroom, including inside her
    vagina. Amanda and Raffaele could not have been there, the defense insisted,
    since none of their DNA was found in Meredith’s bedroom (other than Raffaele’s
    DNA found on Meredith’s bra clasp – more on that below).

    Granted, Meredith’s bedroom was
    right next to the bathroom. But it would have required at least a 10-foot leap,
    with a 90-degree turn near the end, to reach the bloody bath mat from the
    bloody areas of Meredith’s bedroom without touching down somewhere in between.
    And whoever made that 10-foot leap-and-turn obviously didn’t mind leaving a
    bloody footprint on the bath mat when he landed.

    It doesn’t matter here whose
    bloody footprint was on the bath mat. The 
blood in both Meredith’s bedroom and
    on the bath mat indisputably was Meredith’s. That’s all that matters here.

    What accounted for the blood-free
    10-foot gap?

    A 10-foot leap-and-turn? Or
    perhaps the person had a blood-free left foot, on which he hopped to the
    bathroom so his bloody right foot wouldn’t leave any footprint along the way.
    When he got there, despite his careful effort to avoid leaving a bloody
    footprint, he stepped on the bath mat with his bloody right foot. One can
    imagine other possibilities, but only one stands out as plausible: More bloody
    footprints were made on the hard-surface floors between the two bloody
    locations, but those footprints were cleaned up.

    In other words, there was no
    10-foot leap-and-turn, no
blood-free-left-foot hopper who inexplicably changed
    his mind upon arrival and left a bloody right footprint. Originally there was
    blood in Meredith’s bedroom, a bloody footprint on the bath-mat, and bloody
    footprints on the hard-surface floors in between. Those bloody footprints were
    cleaned up. The bloody stain on the bath-mat was more stubborn and could only
    be diluted (just as Raffaele later described it).

    Whoever cleaned up the bloody
    footprints may also have moved and covered Meredith’s body – or at least knows
    who did.

    The question is obvious: Who did
    these things, and why would that person take such a risk?

    If you came home to find a bloody
    murder had been committed there, would you say: “I
don’t think I’ll call the
    police just yet. First I’ll
clean up this bloody mess, reposition the victim’s
    body and make some other changes so it appears she was raped, and then cover
    her up. Sure, the police may find out about the
murder from someone else, in
    which case they might show up and be suspicious because I’m destroying and
    altering evidence of a murder that I’ll claim to know nothing about. But that’s
    a risk I’m willing to take. I just can’t stand to leave such a mess, or to
    leave a dead body lying in that particular position – uncovered, no less.”

    Utterly implausible? I think so.
    Yet it’s all but certain that such a clean-up and body-repositioning occurred.
    So, again, the questions are: Who did these things, and why would that person
    take such a risk?

    Then there’s the “burglary” in
    Filomena’s bedroom. Both courts that convicted Amanda concluded she had staged
    it, and Rudy Guede was not even charged. Amanda nevertheless insisted a
    burglary actually happened and that Guede was the burglar. That is how Guede
    had gotten into the house, Amanda claimed, though sometimes she speculated
    instead that Meredith had invited him in (an alternate explanation that
    naturally makes one wonder who the “burglar” was).

    In any event, the “burglar” was not
    convincing. He allegedly threw a 10-pound rock through a window 13 feet above
    the ground (which Meredith apparently didn’t hear), scaled a 13-foot wall in
    plain view from the street, climbed through the broken window without
    disturbing any of the broken glass spread across the windowsill, threw clothes
    out of Filomena’s closet onto her bed but then decided not to take anything
    (including jewelry, a digital camera, and
a laptop 
in plain sight), went to
    Meredith’s room and raped and killed her, and then ran out the front door,
    tracking Meredith’s blood along the way. Broken window glass was found on top
    of items thrown onto Filomena’s bed – on
top – suggesting her window had been
    broken after her room was ransacked, not before. The “burglar” left
 no DNA, fingerprint,
    footprint, mud, grass stain, or any other trace in Filomena’s bedroom, on the
    windowsill, on the outside
wall, or on the ground below. No one’s DNA was found
    in Filomena’s bedroom –
not even Filomena’s – except for Amanda’s DNA, mixed
    with Meredith’s blood.

    Once again: Who carried out this
    real or staged burglary, and why?

    END OF PART 1 OF 3

    • deepblue9

      Thanks for these posts. It really clarifies everything. Back to Italy, Amanda!

  • vonni dusk

    I hope she is innocent, but i feel she is guilty. That be said- I would hate be wrongly accused when i KNOW damn well I am innocent. I have been blamed for situations before but nothing as serious as murder. So if I am a calling an innocent woman a murderer-Sorry!

  • Joe Zoo

    Knox has her back against the wall now. She doesn’t have much time left and, if anyone is panicking, I am sure she is now. She needs to do something really credible in order to save herself from another long stretch inside an Italian prison. Her book was a miserable flop and the life story movie has been cancelled. No Hollywood celebrities are speaking out in her favor, so what can she do?

    The answer is to take a lie detector test. Months ago, she said that she would on one of her crocodile tears interviews on American TV, so why the delay? Remember, George Zimmerman took one at the time of his trial. He passed it and then later on he was acquitted. Of course, he wasn’t acquitted for passing the polygraph, but I think it helped his case somewhat. So if Knox is so completely innocent and so God damn smart, why doesn’t she just take one too?

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  • lisvimiskk7

    Haters can be haters in addition to aren’t going to be convinced or else. They want to overlook which the is attractive the courtroom was appalled at how the situation was handled. These people deconstructed just about every section of meant “evidence” versus Amanda. All proof items in order to Rudy Guede whoever DNA was throughout Meredith’s human body in addition to area. This individual even publicly stated on the offense. A great intercepted Skype with certainly one of his or her pals just before he / she was busted is known to get them saying Amanda cant be found in the arena in the offense. No DNA from Amandawere within Meredith’s area. Throughout Rudy’s attractiveness he / she was made available a new offer in case he would incriminate Amanda. This individual does in addition to his or her word of 25 years was lowered in order to 07. He’ll almost certainly qualify for work discharge subsequent calendar year. Therefore the genuine killer can just as before become within the unfastened. I’d become incredibly fascinated which has a individual that may observe in addition to clean up their very own DNA in addition to depart someone else’s. Make sure you! I got our facts besides from Amanda’s book book yet from comprehensive study. I really believe your haters usually are these laid back individuals who can easily only read blurbs or even hear not aware solutions. Oh very well, it takes an amazing array.

  • chujcietoobchodzi

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  • deepblue9

    Amanda and Raffaele were involved in some way. The sheer weight of evidence puts that fact beyond dispute. Rudy’s DNA was not “everywhere” (it was found in a handful of places, if that), and there is no reason why anyone’s DNA should have been at the murder scene. If you accept Rudy’s was there, you must also accept Raffaele’s was there (the contamination theory is a non-starter). And exactly how did Amanda’s lamp (her only source of light) end up, fingerprint free, on the floor of Meredith’s room? Are all you American airheads who believe in Knox’s innocence honestly asking me to accept that Guede wiped the lamp with his hanky or something?

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    Regarding #8 – I wouldn’t say it’s just a British thing !
    For the record: I agree that this girl is quite strange but I don’t think she was involved in any way.

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  • Erin Olynne

    Being more intelligent than the average dumbass does not mean she murdered her friend….

  • Zaynsgirl

    The person who wrote this article is very biased and didn’t do their research on many facts. They even changed Amanda’s words around to seem less harsh lol

    • 0(o_o)0(-_-)(o…o)

      Now’s your chance. Set the record straight.

  • John Luddell

    Two more mistake:

    1) She participated in the murder of Meredith Kercher

    2) She didn’t prepare an alibi well enough, and kept changing her story, as did Raffaele Sollecito.

    3) She faked the break-in.

    • ImOpining

      Sounds a lot like Darlie Routiers story.

  • SantaBelle

    Lauren Passell should have done her research before writing this nonsense.

    The only reason Knox refuse the offer of a lawyer was because she thought she was so intelligent that the Italians would swallow her lies. She had only been interviewed for one hour before she blamed an innocent man of murder, and at no point was she slapped or mistreated. Her own lawyers testified to this fact!

    Knox behaved in an uncaring way simply because she didn’t care! She was no friend of Meredith, indeed, Meredith called her ‘disturbed’! Knox’s own father describes her as having a ‘screw loose’ so it is hardly surprising other people did not get on with her. In addition to having unsanitary habits, and failing to do her share of housework, she craved to be centre of attention, she would strum the same note on her guitar over and over as Meredith was trying in vain to study, and worse of all, she bought a never ending array of pub drop outs back to the flat with her late at night and kept everyone awake. Knox was in Italy for one reason alone, to party and sleep around drugged out of her skull.

    Knox murdered Meredith after being caught out stealing her rent money. Both Knox’s and Meredith’s DNA is on the murder weapon, a knife found in Sollecito’s cutlery drawer in his flat, a place Meredith had NEVER been to, and Knox also left her DNA mingled with Meredith’s in 5 separate places around the flat! Knox knew of Meredith’s wounds and where she lay when she died, even though she was nowhere near Meredith’s bedroom when the door was forced open. Also, she turned her cell phone off over the precise time of the murder and she lied to the police that Meredith kept her door locked normally. Knox is as guilty as sin!

    • deepblue9

      Spot on.

    • Ethan

      How’s Mum doing since the heart attack? Sorry about your Aunt passing as well.
      Have a New Year befitting your treatments of others Fiona. Say hi to Melanie, I haven’t seen her lately. I imagine she is deepblue9.

      • guest

        Are you one of the internet stalkers one reads about?

        Let me in on your secret – are you following Speech as lots of posters dislike him?

        I feel sorry for Speech if he’s lost an Aunt and has a sick mum. Are you implying his behavior has caused his relative’s death and mom’s illness? If thats what you believe do you also believe in fairey’s? Serious question.

        Most posters and readers find stalkers like you quite sick and mentally unsound. After seeing your presumptions I agree with them. Posting about dead relly’s and ill people is OTT.

        It is apparent who you are and you should apologise to Speech before he finds out his new best internet mate is really still his enemy.

        Should I copy this to Speech? He is too nice to be betrayed by a fake friend. It is for the best. He does not deserve to be betrayed like this.

        Speech, I empathise with you. The day you were fooled by speak (oh dear I mentioned its name) was the day you welcomed a sadly mentally deficient stalker into your circle of friends.

        Speech, many sympathies for your Aunt and ill mom, I hope she recovers soon.

  • andrew

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  • Eric

    Whoever wrote this entry did a very poor superficial job of it. It’s a disservice to spread lies (yes, flat out falisities), unintelligent speculation and hear-say. Also, some of these points are already thoroughly debunked. Some of these points were fabrications by the prosecution, and you’re repeating them!

    The thing about the underwear is untrue, for example. The Italian clerk didn’t speak any English, and was prompted by the Italian tabloid to give his quote.

    I always find it funny how everyone always says “Gee-whiz if I was in that situation I would have done this and that!” Really? NO YOU WOULDN’T. You’d be lost and confused too, and if like Amanda you were dealing with an immediate smear campaign by the (corrupt and inept) police and Italian sensationalistic press, I really doubt you’d coming out looking much better.

  • Rps Jr

    Italy misses that Amanda Knox money… she’s guilty as long as the process can possibliy allow it. buckle up … it’ll be over eventually. the Court now is behaving in a very wtf kind of a way so neither party is very credible. this is done. (and by this point other priorities abound. this stopped being about justice a long, long time ago).

  • http://michellesings1.blogspot.com/ Michelle Moore

    The author got a lot of her information spot on. A few things are innocent mistakes, but it’s fine. For example, there was a sarcastic joke about the underwear that Knox bought. Amanda had to buy new underwear since she was locked out of her flat and she bought some with cows on them. If there was comment being made by Raff, it was him making fun of her choice. Freaks of the world love to find anything they can to try to be able to “hate”. They’re so good finding “hate” out of nothing at all. The real story is with them, they’re freaks!!! The author makes her point and does a good job. Thanks, Ms. Passell, keep seeking the truth. 🙂

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  • Samia Hamdi

    she is a public danger! what conscience do you have to support her?! what will you feel once she commits another crime?; ppl she and her hustler..I mean bf took a pic kissing near the flat where Meredith Rip was found..they raped and killed her and made it up as a theft.. what human being acts so funny plus takes out profit later on in duch a situation..disregarding her and Meredith family..an innocent only wishes to forget..doesn’t complain for food and water..how shameful even for a satan slut..in a whole team of police men none of them was human enough?..what sort of monster can be so vicious..SHE HIDES FROM JUSTICE..INNOCENTS NEVER HIDE..CAN SHE HIDE FROM GOD’S JUSTICE?..FROM CANCER OR POVERTY?..

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  • sillystrings

    what a steaming pile of crap this article is. just like Knox, the murderer.

  • Rosa

    10. She implicated her boss. The worst thing Knox did was implicate her ex-boss Patrick Lumumba in the murder. (He had nothing to do with the crime and was cleared.) To be fair, she had been interrogated for hours, and under these conditions, people are known to lie if they think it will get them off the hook.

    Good to hear one pro innocence supporter admit she implicated Lumumba and not the police. She had only been interrogated for 2 hours the day she named him. EXTRADITE

    • JustJenna

      Too late

    • JLS1950

      You were forgetting that Edgardo Giobbi stated publicly and to the press that it was he personally who identified Lumumba as “the killer” based on the SMS on Knox’s phone. That was his story until the Swiss professor turned up to say that he was with Lumumba in his bar all evening – and then the story suddenly changed that it was Knox who independently identified Lumumba. Isn’t that curious?

      Please remember that the two “spontaneous declarations” were both admitted by 20-year police employee Anna Donnino to have been written by her; that neither Donnino nor anyone else ever produced any antecedent notes or recordings of Knox’s own statements supporting these “declarations”; and that Donnino testified in court and under oath that Knox was not even capable of independently READING (much less dictating) these “declarations”. In other words, they are forgeries, Knox’s own handwritten statement in English (about 7 hours after the interrogation) explicitly denies that she has any basis whatsoever to accuse Lumumba.

  • TSK

    They have a negro in prison for the crime. They should drop everything.

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  • steven b

    Thank you for your wisdom and patronization as you the writer are so gifted with all your insight . Everyone should keep quiet until you have spoken. Let me say this much on Knox’s defense . Knox was 100% innocent of this crime from the start as was Sollecito . The sole suspect was arrested , charged and found guilty of the murder which he never could claim the 2 lovers were involved. A phone conversation by Rudy Guede who fled to Germany right after the murder . to his best friend in Perugia and was recorded by the friend ,has Rudy discussing the murder and very detailed does not ever mention Knox or Sollecito along with other details proves the lovers were not involved at all . This was such a crucial piece of evidence I don’t know why it was not introduced and they would not be charged, The transcript is available on youtube . it was a few months ago and listen and read the conversation and one can rule out the 2 kids. Getting back to Knox and those 15 things the expert has pointed out . Knox was a very young naïve spirit in another country and trying to grow up and become an adult . but still so much of a child . When this murder happened to her roommate yet . Knox was not prepared for this . Something like this was so impossible so horrendous she went into a state of mental shock and could not see this as a reality . Knox could not accordingly cause she did not and did not believe this really happened so she acted in the way she had to protect her soul . That behavior was childish and immature rather than a lack of feeling and guilt . She regressed as a her way of dealing with reality. Unfortunately her actions were misconstrued and everything she did was seen as what a guilty person would do. The interrogation was a nightmare and they made mincemeat of her. She did not understand the language for one thing which was a critical problem. She was kept awake and not allowed basic human needs for hours as she was screamed at by so many people who kept going and coming ,All of them in her face speaking in Italian . and never believing anything she said . If it did not fit their theory and her involvement she was deemed a liar and brutalized again and again . They wore her down and she could not take any more of that torture and told things that were not true just to stop the nightmare they put her through . When they saw her phone and read a text to her boss saying we will meet later . They assumed later when they will all go to the roommate and have a sex party . Knox implicated her boss cause she did not know what else to do. Something she never would have dreamed up. The tactics used on her during her interview were too much and most innocent people would confess to killing Kennedy . She was also alone and helpless. She could not understand what was unfolding before her eyes , This is now an additional nightmare right after the nightmare or her murderered roommate compounding her plight in depths no 20 year old young innocent person should experience. This was a dream and Knox had no idea what was happening. Then the prosecutor took charge and he with a great deal of power much more than our prosecutor came up with a theory so insane that it could only be from some demented writer who is writing a horror movie or the most brutal , bloody , gruesome tale with sex and bloodlust with drugs at the core . Knox was deemed the mastermind who with her new lover and the real killer used Kercher as the victim and when things went wrong Knox ordered the slashing and stabbing multiple times on her roommate. This was presented to the public before it was used in the courtroom and people bought it as well as the court who found them guilty on evidence that was phony. As a matter of fact not 1 bit of evidence from all that blood was ever presented as knox and her boyfriend to put them at the scene . The prosecutors allege Knox cleaned up her evidence . They found Rudy Guede dna and blood everywhere . Knox finally was released after 4 very long years locked up in a foreign prison for a crime she never did and found guilty with her boy friend because of some suck mind of the prosecutor / Knox certainly left Italy much different than when she came and grew up much more than she dreamed up . The time aged her in many ways. She was just at the wrong place at the wrong time and unlucky . With her state of mind she was not capable of avoiding those 15 reasons our genius who has the benefit of hindsight

  • Alexander Baron

    Biggest mistake of all: she cut Meredith Kercher’s throat.

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