30 More Thoughts We Have When Walking Into Bookstore

Entering A BookstoreWhile we thought our recent post, The 23 Things We Think Upon Entering a Bookstore, was extensive, it was really only an introduction to the topic, as we discovered after receiving a flood of other excellent thoughts and impressions from readers. A sampling of them is below; the variety and depth are astonishing and lovely.

Can I live here? I promise I will be happy. They even have food. –Shena P.

Why can’t I have a huge room in my house that looks exactly like this place? –Angie M. A.

Why am I holding a series? I just came in for some coffee. –Richard R.

Ahhh…the mother ship. I’m home! –Maria F.

When will they rent me a room, doggone it! I’d save gas, time and could spend more $$ on BOOKS! –Miko N.

Shhh shhhh, no thinking, just happy feelings and the smell of books. –Denise H.

An employee once said to me, “You are back? We might as well have a bed installed here.” I said that would be amazing. –Ayame A.

My first thought when entering a bookstore: “I have just made this day 10 times more awesome!” –Emily C.

So it begins again… *clenched fist around the book buying budget* –Lorin D.

The smell of ink, paper, and coffee; a desire for more money, more time, more bookshelves, and cozy nooks and cozy friends to read with… –David J.

Mmmmmm…the smell of new books. And I wish they had shopping carts so my arms wouldn’t get so tired. –Amy C. H.

The Gates of paradise have opened!! –Tete L.

Think? I don’t think. I’m too excited. –Traci M.

Is there any chance I can get locked in overnight?? –David J. U.

Being a librarian, I handle a lot of old dirty books. So when I wander into a bookstore, I love to fondle the brand new crisp books. Oh ya. –Marla H.

Tome, sweet tome! –Daniel O.

Deep breath, relax, open my mind and my heart. And try to be subtle when eavesdropping on nearby conversations about books. –Shelly H. D.

Try not to sniff the books…some people just won’t understand. –Marie N.

Coffee !!! Cookie! And a good novel, or magazine I might buy. A break from the hassles of life and an escape from reality for a while. A VACATION! –Viki L. S.

“My Preciouses” <wringing hands eagerly> –Julia L.

I think it’s my happy place but for some reason my husband always says DANGER when we walk in a bookstore. –Michelle G. P.

It’s a sanctuary away from the insanity of the rest of the world. One of the few places I can get work done in a place with like-minded individuals. I was at the B&N so often in Alexandria, VA (not too far from Old Town), while working on my Masters, that when I finally had to leave the area, I got the workers there a small gift and wrote them a “Thank you” card they hung by the counters. I love the place, and have passed on my love of books and reading to my children. Thank you B&N. –Russell M.

Can I order food in and sleep in a big chair? I promise not to spill my coffee while I read my piles of books on the floor. –Jackie L.

Don’t buy everything. Don’t buy everything. Don’t buy everything. Don’t buy everything… –Johana D.

How can I get this many shelves in my house. –Laura S.

Yaaaay brain food! I’m hungry! –Sarah M.

Please please please let one of my favorite authors have a new release…Gillian Flynn, are you listening???!!!! –Melissa P.

That I will never, ever be able to read every book I want! –Janella R.

Ooh!!! My little lovelies, who’s coming home with me? –Kelly C.

Hi everyone. Aren’t you all so beautiful. –Eleanor S.

What’s the first thing you think when you walk into a bookstore?

  • kyle

    Why am I buying more books? I have so many at home. Oooh, that one looks good…

  • Gary Wyatt

    Will they have what I am looking for? Darn, foiled again! The hunt is still on….what other bookstore is close enough? Will I find it there? I’d much rather find a copy I can look at then order through the mail.

  • ElaineReads

    Definitely “my preciouses.”

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