4 YA Series You Should be Reading Right Now

New YA series When autumn starts peeking around the corner, it’s time to lay in stores of soup recipes, sweaters, and enough books to make yourself a little house built of chapters, because stay-in-the-house-reading weather always comes quicker than you think. Summer’s end is the perfect time to jump into a great series, with their built-in guarantee against going bookless any time soon. Here are three fantastic YA series that have just ended, and one that’s just begun, all of which you should be hoarding right now:

Anna and the French Kiss trilogy, by Stephanie Perkins
In her trio of highly edible romantic novels, Perkins throws funny, quirky, articulate hotties together in some of the most beautiful cities in the world, starting with Anna and Étienne (Anna and the French Kiss), moving on to Lola and Cricket (Lola and the Boy Next Door), and ending with Isla and Josh (Isla and the Happily Ever After, released last week). Perkins doesn’t desert her characters when their love story ends in a kiss, instead carrying them as supporting characters into the following books—because the only thing more fun than watching beloved characters fall in love is watching them stay in love.

Prep School Confidential trilogy, by Kara Taylor
When Upper East Side blueblood Anne Dowling is banished from her prestigious academy for, well, burning part of it down, her parents pack her off to boarding school, where she quickly finds herself embroiled in a murder mystery…and a love triangle. But the school’s web of secrets stretches further than she first believes, happily necessitating a whole trio of thoroughly delightful, voicey suspense novels, ending earlier this month with Deadly Little Sins. Anne is the right kind of heroine for the job: fearless but not stupid, privileged but accessible. You’ll want to devour these books in a week.

Shadowlands trilogy, by Kate Brian
In the earliest pages of this trilogy, which culminated last month with the release of Endless, teenaged Rory is targeted by an obsessive, brutally efficient serial killer who’s set on making her his 15th victim. She fights him off, he escapes, she’s sent with her father and sister to live in an isolated beachside town under the auspices of the witness protection program. Juniper Landing is equal parts hotspot and fever dream, full of sexy boys and new friends, dark edges and strange weather. When townspeople start disappearing, Rory’s first fear is that the killer has returned, but the truth in this hair-raising suspense story is far stranger.

Illusive series, by Emily Lloyd-Jones
Will you forgive us for making you fall for a series that’s just begun? Illusive dropped earlier this summer, combining daring acts of criminality with superpowered characters in an effervescent book that gets its hooks in you quick. Lloyd-Jones impeccably imagines a world where a superplague vaccine has left a small subsection of humanity afflicted with one of seven kinds of superpowers; the new order that’s shaken out in its wake finds the superpowered treated as criminals, freaks, or pawns. Protagonist Ciere Giba is a teen newly adept in the art of supernatural camouflage, on the run after her lawless lifestyle attracts the gaze of the wrong people. We can’t wait to see what Lloyd-Jones will dream up for book number 2.

What series are you reading right now?

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