5 Books to Get You Through the Wait for the Veronica Mars Movie

Kara Taylor's Prep School Confidential

Hey there, Marshmallows! Are you counting down the days to the Veronica Mars movie like I am? Of course you are. We’ve been waiting for this day since long before we even knew it was a possibility. It’s not long now, but you know what would make the wait a whole lot more bearable? If you said, “great books with characters, voice, and/or themes similar to those of the show,” you would make an excellent PI. Here are my top 5 picks to get you through the next four days…and however long it takes to kickstart a sequel.

Rats Saw God, by Rob Thomas
The most obvious choice of all is the YA debut of the writer behind the show itself. Though there’s very little similarity between their plots and characters, the book and show share Thomas’s wry humor and spot-on depictions of the harsh realities of adolescence. Plus, how can you not support the man behind the Marses?

Cracked Up to Be, by Courtney Summers
A once popular girl whose best friend is out of the picture due to mysterious circumstances? Check. Said popular girl not afraid to wield a tongue sharp enough to turn a side of beef into carpaccio? Check. Girl’s icy exterior somewhat thawed by the arrival of a new guy at school who works his way under her skin? Check. (Not quite in the same capacity, but, potato, potahto.) If you’ve missed Veronica’s verbal eviscerations, look no further than Parker Fadley to fill in the gaps.

Prep School Confidential, by Kara Taylor
There are a whole lot of YA murder mysteries out there, but none I’ve read have a heroine possessing the V-esque sass of Anne Dowling. Best to plan your reading wisely, considering you may be staying up for a midnight VM showing later this week: Prep School was so compelling and fast-paced, it kept me up until 4 a.m. (Bonus: the sequel, Wicked Little Secrets, was released just last week.)

Spies and Prejudice, by Talia Vance
This is one I haven’t read yet, but it’s been recommended to me as a definite Veronica Mars readalike, and it’s not hard to see why: Main character Berry is a PI who works with her dad. No one else’s fathers are to be trusted. Her nemesis ends up becoming her love interest. Ring a bell or three? How can any self-respecting wannabe resident of Neptune, CA, not want to check this one out?

The Spellman Files, by Lisa Lutz
Before I knew that we’d someday find out exactly who Veronica would become in adulthood, I imagined her being a whole lot like Izzy Spellman—still a PI, still working with her quirky and hilarious family, still a little rocky on the relationship front, and definitely a scotch drinker. This series is the closest I’ve read to the Grown-up(ish) Version of VM…at least until the first of the new novelizations, Veronica Mars: The Thousand Dollar Tan Line, comes out at the end of the month.

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