5 Famous Books Rewritten by Cats

If you're like us, you often wonder what the world would be like if cats were in charge. What would the national bird be? (A dead one.) Who would dictate us? (Chairman Meow.) Can the ecosystem survive without chipmunks? (Probably.) And most importantly, what books would we read? Here are our best guesses.

Eat, Sleep, Eat
A feisty, female feline breaks ties with her owner and sets out on a whirlwind trip around the world—before she remembers that all she really wants to do is have some snacks, nap, and eat again. (She's just being honest with herself.)

Art by Mary Dauterman

The Wizard of Paws
In this version, the Wicked Witch of the West only has one thing in mind—getting Dorothy's "little dog" Toto (who in the witch's opinion is annoying and repulsive), and if she has time to get Dorothy after that, then sure, why not. Also, in an odd twist, the Cowardly Lion becomes the new Wizard of Oz, ruling over the land—free tuna fish and cardboard boxes for all! And he's not cowardly. He's courageous.

Art by Mary Dauterman

The Lord Of The Strings
Once upon a time, there was a hobbit cat, a mister Poly Chubb of the Shire, who stumbled upon a string that just happened to be the missing link to Lord Pawron achieving world domination. Mister Chubb must destroy the string by playing with it for hours on end, grinding it with his teeth and managing to get it stuck in the vacuum cleaner. You know how this ends.

Art by Mary Dauterman

Litter Women

“Cats are so queer you never know what they mean. They act uninterested in you if you show them any attention, but want to sit on your lap and chew the top of your pen just when you sit down to get some work done, driving a man out of his wits just for the fun of it." —Laurie (paraphrased)

Art by Mary Dauterman

The Hunger Games
Cats from districts around the world fight to the death for a bowl of Friskies. The winner? You know this. It's Catniss.

What books do you think cats would read?

Art by Mary Dauterman

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