6 Book-Based Apps We Wish Existed

George Orwell's 1984

Just try to name a day-to-day problem that an app can’t fix. Forgot where you’re going and need directions? There’s an app for that. Too lazy to blow out your own birthday candles? No, seriously, there’s an app. Apps run the gamut from wonderfully useful to frustratingly time-wasting, but we still think there’s a huge untapped market out there: that of lit-based apps. Here are a few that are book-inspired, and just ridiculous enough to be worth that 99-cent download:

The Alice in Wonderland Reality Check App
Sometimes it’s hard to know whether your mind’s playing tricks on you, or whether that long-haired guitar player in a cowboy hat you just passed on the street really was completely naked. Enter the Reality Check app, where all you need to do is submit a basic description of the oddity you just encountered. Using that information combined with your location, the app will spit back a weirdness quotient that will help you determine whether you’re indeed going crazy or actually saw what you think you saw. (Naked Cowboy in Times Square? You bet you saw it. Tap-dancing chipmunks at an Omaha YMCA? Maybe take a long nap before leaving the house again.)

Mr. Darcy’s You’ve Got Game App
Not so smooth with the ladies? Don’t settle for overused pickup lines and empty gestures that never work. Just plug in some information about the date you’re trying to land, and this handy tool will pop out a customized multi-step plan that practically guarantees success—with plenty of proud and prejudiced negs along the way. The path to true love never did run smooth, but this app guarantees ultimate success.

The Catch-22 App
So your boss wants you to include data from your company’s latest focus group in your weekly report, but the marketing team wants to wait to receive your report before releasing that data? What to do? Simply enter the no-win scenarios you’re faced with, and this app will spit back logical, practical advice that’s far more reliable than any Magic Eight Ball.

The Gulliver’s Travels App
Not sure where to head on your upcoming vacation? Try the Gulliver’s Travel app. Just enter your requirements—great food, comfortable climate, the ability to completely tower over the locals—and this trusty app will spit out a host of recommendations.

The Shining Haunted Hotel App
Love being spooked? Forget about ghost tours or creepy carnival attractions. To experience the real deal, consult this nifty app, which will tell you where to find the most eerie, ghost-inhabited lodgings in town. But you’re on your own once you’re inside the haunted hedge maze—those things have the worst reception.

The 1984 Big Brother Is Watching App
These days, you really never know who’s watching your every move. Choose your city, and this app will tell you where all the street cams and surveillance devices are hiding, so you’ll know when to think twice before littering or sneaking through a red light.

What book-based apps do you wish existed?

  • http://shironata.wordpress.com Elena Krimhild

    Big Brother is Watching OAO|||||

  • Rucia Oaks

    I wish there was the Mr. Darcy app, but I want the Big Brother app. Very creative!! More????

  • sam

    A Sensor app from the Mortal Instruments, when you turn it on, it tells you if there are demons in your vicinity

    • Katie Kyle

      I love that idea but I would also want to to sense dementors

      • sam

        Yes! That could be the 0.99 upgrade!

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