7 Books for People Who Loved The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Lisa Scottoline's Accused

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In the immortal words of Gore Vidal, “There ain’t no party like Stieg Larsson party, because a Stieg Larsson party don’t stop.” Okay, okay, dude never said that (to my knowledge, anyway). But I think every fan of Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy can agree with the sentiment. While I’m not a dyed-in-the-wool Larsson devotee, even I’ll cop to the series’ entrancing power. Just ask the poor woman at the laundromat who tried to free her laundry from the machine directly behind where I was sitting, oblivious, gape-jawed, and drooling, as I hit the final chapter. The only drawback to introducing a friend or family member to The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo? That moment when they remember that the trilogy is only, well, three books long—there’s nothing worse than series withdrawal to the diehard reader. So to save your loved ones from despair, why not gift them with something equally dark and delicious? Here are some picks for those looking to fill that Larsson-shaped hole on their bookshelf:

1. Accused, by Lisa Scottoline

If you aren’t immediately captivated by narrator lawyer Mary DiNunzio’s relationships with her sprawling Italian family and her tragic past, you’ll be hooked by the whodunnit at the center of this novel. Any fan of Dragon will love this one, powered forward by strong female characters.

2. The Shining Girls, by Lauren Beukes

I did not stop holding my breath throughout this entire novel. That’s right. I’m dead now. I am a ghost telling you that this story of a TIME-TRAVELING SERIAL KILLER and the plucky girl journalist who sets out to stop him is beyond riveting. Go forth. Gift it!

3. Devil in the White City, by Erik Larson

This is a good divergent path to put any fiction fan on if you’d like to get them try some nonfiction on for size. Because it’s alllll about you, isn’t it? Kidding! Larson’s compelling history of Chicago’s 1893 World’s Fair and the serial killer who made the city his playground while innovation flourished around him is a surefire way to get your favorite reader hooked. Because nothing says ’tis the season like SO MANY MURDERS.

4. Alias Graceby Margaret Atwood

I can’t even, you guys. Atwood has written some amazing books in her day, but this one here might be my favorite. It’s got some Dragon elements for sure: A mysterious edgy woman, a terrifying crime, and enough psychological drama to keep any good mental health care provider in business for life. Plus, Canada features prominently. Who doesn’t love Canada, right?

5.  A Clockwork Orangeby Anthony Burgess

Any fan of Dragon’s ultra-violence should trace the stuff back to its source. Reader, may I introduce you to Young Alex; Young Alex may I introduce you to—PUT THAT DOWN IMMEDIATELY. Sorry, he gets murdery. Milk, anyone?

6. The Keeper of Lost Causes, by Jussi Adler-Olsen

This is the first installment in the Department Q series by Adler-Olsen, a popular Danish crime author. These gripping books follow Denmark’s number one homicide detective as he struggles to pull his life back together after a fatal shooting took the lives of two of his colleagues and almost put him out of commission permanently.

7. Snow Angels, James Thompson

Ah, outsider fiction! This award-winning crime novel is penned by an American living abroad in Finland. It’s not only the start of a pretty sensational crime series, but it also features a body being discovered on a reindeer farm. Classic Christmas reading, am I right? I’m right.

What books would you recommend to a fan of The Millennium Trilogy?

  • alannah mcgrowdie

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  • Tracy Cagle McCurry

    I cried when Millennium series was over… Knowing that was that made me so sad since I am a serial reader!

    • svchost

      There’s going to be a 4th book, obviously by a different author though, since Stieg Larson died. He originally outlined 10 books, and he wrote most of a 4th book, but that won’t be published because his family is fighting with his girlfriend over it. They own the rights because his girlfriend never married him for her safety (he was hated by some dangerous people) and the will he made had no witness, so she doesn’t own anything of his. She, however, is in possession of the computer with the novel, and won’t give it up unless she gets a cut, which his family won’t give to her.

      • http://inhalethedust.tumblr.com Pennyroyal

        Ughhh that’s so annoying, why do they have to make money off of him? Can’t they just get the book published for the good of everyone?

        • svchost

          Yeah, who knows. I don’t think she stated publicly how much of a cut she wants. Regardless, it is a bit sketchy that his family is just cashing in on his brand, rather than trying to work things out to get his original works published. That said, I’m about 1/4th into the new book, and its not bad so far. Who knows, maybe they’ll eventually work it out, and with some minor alterations, they can work Stieg’s stuff into the series in the future.

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