7 Things You Forgot About Game of Thrones, But Need to Remember for Season 3

crown grabWinter isn’t just coming; it’s practically here. You probably lost track of when Game of Thrones was set to return to HBO because you opened all of the doors on your Westeros advent calendar the first week just to get at all the chocolate. Luckily, we’re here to remind you that it’s back this SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY (kids’ seats are still just five bucks!). In case you lost track of where we left our favorite characters, here’s a little refresher course.

White. Walkers. They’re evil beings that live beyond the wall. We all collectively wet ourselves at the end of Season 2 when we encountered an army of wights, the zombie-like things that do the White Walkers’ bidding. It’s been 8,000-some years since they came south of the wall. Looks like House Stark was on point with that whole “Winter is coming” thing.

The Imp fell from grace. Tryion Lannister bravely led the defense of King’s Landing because the Hound doesn’t do fire and King Joffrey is a coward. The Imp took a bit of a beating, though, and his daddy, Tywin, had to come to the rescue, saving King’s Landing and naming himself the new Hand of the King. There’s a Rodney Dangerfield joke in there somewhere.

The Wildings don’t play. Jon Stark has a soft heart and couldn’t kill Ygritte when he was supposed to. Eventually, this allowed her fellow Wildings to capture Stark. Turns out, they had already captured Halfhand. Halfhand convinced Stark to kill him so that Stark could gain the respect of the Wildings. Now he’s set to meet the King Beyond the Wall.

You can’t keep the Mother of Dragons down. Daenerys Targaryn spent an overwhelming majority of Season 2 wandering around the desert whining. Just when you thought she couldn’t get any more insufferable, she was welcomed into Qarth, where her dragons were stolen, giving her a whole new reason to complain. Eventually, she was held captive in Qarth’s House of the Undying. You know, until she commands her dragons to lay waste to everything so she can escape with her ships. Things are looking up for Kaleesi.

A boy’s best prisoner is his mother. Littlefinger convinced Lady Stark to let Jamie Lannister go because it could sway the Lannisters into freeing Arya and Sansa from King’s Landing. Robb Stark—the self-proclaimed King of the North—is less than thrilled with his mother’s decision, so he makes her his prisoner. Oh, and Robb Stark fell in love with and married a nurse. Too bad she’s not one of the daughters of Lord Walder Frey, whom Stark promised he would marry. Whoops.

Arya’s still on the run. Arya managed to escape from Harrenhal with her friends, Gendry and Hot Pie. And, yes, she’s still trying to convince everyone that she’s a boy (except Gendry).

Sansa finally got rid of Joffrey…yay? Sansa is still in King’s Landing. She thinks things are looking up now that King Joffrey has dumped her for Margaery Tyrell because, politics. But Littlefinger reminds her that single life won’t be all appletinis and dance parties because Joffrey’s awful and she’s no longer protected by her engagement to the king.

If you’re still jonesin’ for more Game of Thrones action, check out HBO’s 14-minute recap video to learn about where we left all of our messed-up, power-hungry, back-stabbing Westeros citizens.

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