8 Things You Need to Know About Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander Series


If you’re already a fan of Diana Gabaldon’s killer series Outlander, I think I know how you’re spending your time these days: either making polite yet pointed comments about how the books have been around forever, or counting down the days to the first week in August. Let’s be real: You’re probably doing both.

And who could blame you? With the Starz Network’s steamy new adaptation due to hit the small screen in August, Outlander’s about to get a lot more popular! That’s kind of impossible to consider, given the cult following Gabaldon’s books already enjoy (hi, I am in this cult). For all you newbies, I’m here to share some essential Outlander-universe knowledge, so you can walk into the written series (or the televised one) like a professional. If you’re already a diehard Claire-and-Jamie-4Eva enthusiast, none of this intel is going to be new. That said, it’s still going to get you totally psyched for the series launch. Slight spoilers ahead:

1. Time Travel Is Real
You don’t need to believe in dragons or zombies dwelling beyond the wall (I’m looking at you A CERTAIN BELOVED FANTASY SERIES), but if you’re staunchly anti–time travel (do you also hate birthdays and glitter?), you’ll have no fun reading this series. Also, you probably won’t have much fun in life. The entire series is predicated upon the fact that moving between times (SEXY TIMES) is a thing which is indeed possible. Hence Claire Randall falling from the 20th century to the 18th through a ring of stones just outside Inverness.

2. Magic & Science Are Equals
This is, to me, one of the greatest things about the series. Although Claire is a woman of science, she does not rule out the possibility of something existing beyond her scientific reasoning. This also goes for Jamie, her gigantic Scottish paramour. He doesn’t necessarily know what he believes in, but he keeps an open mind. The willingness and guile of the central characters is captivating and feels totally authentic. I wish I could believe I’d stay so calm if I woke up and it was the middle ages. In book terms, I’d probably spend 60 to 80 pages weeping and throwing up and going “no, no, no, no.” That would not make for very compelling reading.

3. Know Your Clans
Not since Braveheart has something stirred the Scot in me so! The Scottish clans Claire interacts with (especially in book one) put every single mafia movie to shame. Banish all thoughts of dudes in kilts being charming and hurling around small trees (though, I mean, that’s part of it). The schemes, betrayals, and intrigue put Robert the Bruce to shame.

4. Love Is Complicated
Is there space in a person’s heart for two people? That’s a question that’s pretty central to the series, at least insofar as our protagonist Claire’s story goes. Don’t be fooled by others into thinking you’re diving headfirst into a consequence-free lovefest across the heath. Claire’s story is much more complex than that. Watching as she navigates her feelings for her first husband, Frank, and her feelings for her second husband, Jamie, is absolutely riveting and at times, heartrending. Also there is much lovin’ across the heath, but WHATEVER, it’s great.

5. The Jacobites Do Not Play
Even if you go into this saga knowing nothing about political climates in England, France, and Scotland in the 18th century, you will come away, if not an expert, than at least insanely curious. I maybe finished the second book and bought an excellent book about Bonnie Prince Charlie. There is zero shame in that game, y’all.

6. Girl Power
The best thing about a thoroughly modern woman traveling back in time are all the opportunities she gets to be like, “WOMEN ARE THE GREATEST,” and Claire does this often. She has no time for fools or misogyny. Granted, this occasionally means people try to kill her and maybe some folks think she’s a witch, but that comes with the territory. That said, in the first book there is some disturbing Jamie-punishing-Claire-via-spanking stuff that happens. But I’m willing to view that through 50 Shades-colored glasses if you are.

7. Gingers Rule
Oh sure, people might argue the idea of male redheads as sex symbols, but Jamie Fraser? Jamie Fraser steps on your petty tress-based prejudices. He laughs at them, auburn locks shimmering in the sunlight. He is tough, strong, sexy, goofy, and basically the king of all that is hot and awesome. I’ll admit a bias here, but Frank and his “delicate hairless hands” never stood a chance.

8. Genres Are Overrated
People will try to tell you these books are romance novels. They are wrong. People will try to tell you they are fantasy novels. They are also wrong. In fact, no matter what anyone tries to tell you these books are—science-fiction, historical fiction, thrillers—they are wrong. The best thing about the Outlander series is its ability to bust through the strictures of genre. There is quite literally something for everyone in this series.

Have you read the Outlander series? Are you excited about the new Starz series based on the books?

  • Kacey McQueen

    Genre designations be damned! Outlander and the subsequent seven novels cannot be pigeonholed to fit tidily into the well organized marketing plan that is the corporate bookstore. Adventure, intrigue, sex, defiance of time, science, medicine, fantasy, sex, swords, kilts and witchery and butchery. That is what you will find between the covers, both of the literary and linen varieties. I’ve been told that the first couple chapters are tedious, though I didn’t find that to be the case. Don’t let that hinder you. Read on and you will find yourself unable to pull yourself away. You may want to stock your pantry with grab and go foods or possibly do some meal prepping for your family. They will miss you.

  • Lori Greenway

    I am completely enthralled by Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. I have fallen in love with the characters and am excited to watch the series on starz.

  • Wendy Holt-Stone

    I cannot wait for this series! (And I’m not a bored middle aged housewife, either)

    • Carmen Jasper

      Crap! This comment just made me realize I am a bored middle aged housewife.

      • Lynne Dennis

        You’re in good company! LOL

  • Bev Moore

    Polite conversation about the series?? LOL…fans of this series aren’t just fans, we are RABID…and the conversations often get heated!..Ms. Gabaldon, or “Herself” as she is know to many of us on a myriad of Facebook fan pages devoted to Outlander, is able to take the multi-genre series and make it totally believable. The story is exciting, heart breaking, hilarious and enthralling! The multitude of us Outlander rabid fans aren’t counting down the days until the series starts, we are counting down the minutes!!

  • Tamara Benko

    I was able to get my hubby to agree to getting Starz!!! I cannot wait! My mother in law got me into reading these books. Been hooked ever since!

    • Atwood Atte-wode

      I am getting Starz & didn’t ask DH if he agreed,LOL.

  • Sue V

    #5-No judging here, just loud applause!
    #6-Gotta disagree. The Jamie/Claire spanking scene had NOTHING to do with “50 Shades of Grey” subject material.

    Great post and I’ve shared it with several Outlander-related fan FB pages.

    • librarygrrl64

      Thanks for posting re: the 50 Shades comment so I didn’t have to. It was most emphatically NOT meant as a BDSM scene.

    • Jane W

      I agree about #6. That scene in Outlander isn’t even remotely like anything in “50 Shades.”

      • Bella Mason

        Well, at one point, Jamie admits that he was quite turned on by it. 😉 Claire strongly disagreed tho.

    • whylime0402

      Of course the spanking scene didn’t. This really isn’t directed to people who have read the books. Nor did the author try to suggest it was BDMS thing. Hence the looking at it through the 50 Shades colored glasses (you know, like looking at something through rose colored lenses?). It is meant to warn people that haven’t read the books who might be startled by it and immediately take it the wrong way.

      • jls

        It isn’t a “metaphor, nothing more.” It’s much more; it’s an extremely disturbing moment of spousal abuse, and I refuse to view it through lenses that frame it as anything but horrific. It is consistent with the time period and sets the scene in the 18th century well, marking the difference between Frank and Jamie. But I’ll be damned if I don’t side with Claire on this one. In fact, it seems I am more outraged than she was–perhaps because I am from a different century than her. I was repulsed by Jamie’s arousal and frequently have to block it from my mind to trust his character–at the very least, I should say Gabaldon did extremely well at creating a complex character who challenges readers and our tendency to never think ill of a book’s protagonists.

        • dirobin76

          Beatings or spankings and punishment was common in those days but there were men who never laid a hand on their wives. That scene was an overly zealous attempt to portray all men from the time as spouse abusers and punishments as ravishing and rape. This scene actually ticked me off. And I was turned off by Claire. She went back in time and in a few chapters found herself married off to Jaimie and forgetting her actual husband. That turned me off.

          • L Bjorn

            “It was common back then” “He’s from another time” bla bla bla. The readers are from the present, and most of us expect better from characters we’re supposed to view in an overall positive light.

      • L Bjorn

        It’s domestic violence. The only wrong ways to take it are with forgiveness, acceptance, or excuses.

        Couldn’t respect any of the main characters after that.

    • Noelle Callaway

      It’s just a way to bring 50 shades peeps to the light. If you can handle reading that crap, you can handle Jamie spanking Claire. I’m excited!

      • susan_house

        Crap is right- I couldn’t make it past the first chapter of FSOG. Atrocious writing IMO…..

        • Kristin Burns

          I read the first FSOG and blame myself for wasting my time. God awful writing. What IS the big fuss? There are better sex scenes in mainstream romance fiction. Yes, Outlander cannot be pigeonholed into just one category.

      • jls

        Jamie spanking Claire was hardly a moment of consensual foreplay/sex/etc. He was punishing her. It was a cruel and outdated act, plain and simple. It is nothing to glorify or excuse. Jamie is a well-crafted complex character with flaws and virtues. This particular act shows us his flaws. We can value him and his virtues (especially above Christian Grey–literally any day of the week) without brushing aside the cruelty of him injuring Claire.

  • cherterra

    Although Outlander was written about 20 years ago, I did not find it till about 10 years ago. Then I found out there were more! All but the last 2 I found in yard sales or flea mkts. I have just finished the last of the series (as currently written) and am waiting on tiderhooks for the STARZ series to start. This book is still gaining fans (I know this to be fact because I personally got at least 2 people hooked :) )

    • Bella Mason

      I didn’t find out about the books until December last year when a friend of mine shared a link about the upcoming series. I think it was the first picture of Jamie and Claire/Sam and Cat that was published. Bought the complete 7-book bundle for my Kindle on NYE… the rest is history. 😉 Currently reading the Lord John books and loving them as well.

  • Mary Lou

    Read “Outlander” 20 years ago. Now that it is coming to STARZ, I have started the series all over again. DG has covered all the bases with this story…it has it all between the covers of this amazing saga. Claire and Jamie are just 2 of the compelling characters that take you back to a time and place that is historically accurate and beautifully told.

  • librarygrrl64

    Long-time fan of the books, cannot WAIT for the Starz series!!!

  • Leah Boule

    We’ve been loving these books and discussing the different options for bringing it to the screen for 20 years. It’s hard to fathom that we only have a month more wait. The series will be a great hit because of all the dedication to detail and respect for the story.

  • Jane Warren

    I have loved the Outlander series for many years and I am thrilled to see it brought to life on Starz.

  • Guest

    Dragons or zombies, but yes, you must believe in the Loch Ness Monster. 😉

  • Stacy C

    You don’t have to believe in dragons or zombies, but you have to believe in the Loch Ness Monster. 😉

    • April

      I didn’t think I would ever get into a show about zombies, but I LOVE The Walking Dead…so if I can like that…people that don’t care for time travel stories can like Outlander. 😀

  • Jennifer Trumbore

    Honestly, I cannot remember the last time I was THIS excited for a TV show to hurry up and get on the air!! Love the books, bring on the show!

    • Kristin Burns

      Now it’s starting a WEEK EARLIER!! 8/2!! Christmas came early this year!

  • Debbie Waller

    These are the best books I’ve ever read, & I read A LOT! They are so visually written that it will be interesting to see how the stories are translated into film. The fact that the production company making the TV show is made up of people who also love these books and that the author is so willing to work with them makes me feel excited! I’ve already shared them with friends and family who have gotten hooked on them, too!

  • Jessi Kelley

    Great blog-actually even being a die hard fan I enjoyed the way this was broken down and got a little broader perspective on the series. CANT WAIT FOR AUGUST!!!!

  • Barbie Green

    Great synopsis (minus the shades reference). My favorite books and can’t wait for the show on Starz.

  • Jamie King

    I love this book and this series. This article is wonderfully written. Except for the 50 shades comparison

    • whylime0402

      It wasn’t a comparison, it was a metaphor. There are fans of the book who still hate that scene. There are going to be people who have never read the books watching this and they are sure to feel the same way. And I think it is reasonable to assume people who are just watching the show aren’t going to be as tolerant of the spanking as people who have read the books. This isn’t directed to long time fans. It is directed to potential ones and that would help frame it into something they can overlook. At the end of the day, we all want the show to succeed and face it, a scene like that can really get people going.

  • April

    Great write up! *Applause* Best book series ever. Period. End of discussion. Diana Gabaldon is a phenomenal, twisted writer. I don’t know how she keeps all the story lines straight as they twist and fold upon one another. The characters are old friends I’ve had in my life for 24 years and I’m so excited to see them come to life on the small screen.

    If your’e reading this comment and have not read the books… put your computer away and get a copy of Outlander and come back and thank us later. If you are planning to watch the series, you are also invited to join us on FB at a group called Caitrionation – we are a fan group for Caitriona Balfe who is playing the role of Claire. We hope to see you soon! :)

  • Jo Couture

    I didnt and refuse, to read the 50 Shades of Grey things…i am not anti it, I own a huge Marguis de Sade book…and I am quite sure I thought Claire deserved it at the time, and it was very very funny. Dunno if I want to see loads of sex on screen…America has gone full on with that from books (the Sookie Stackhouse series) and I like to watch tv with my teen…lol

    • susan_house

      My FSOG thing isn’t about the sex, it’s about the poor writing- I suffered through the first chapter then gave the book away. Done, done, done……

  • Ann Smith

    Yes! This author really gave me a gift. I reread this series with every new book. The show is coming Aug 9th and I can’t wait!

  • Robin Braun

    I concur :)

  • Jo Couture

    I need a ‘bulge’ of Jem and Germain…those two are hysterical…

  • Kimberly Albaugh

    Count me in! I am adding Starz to our cable subscription just for this series!! When I saw Ms. Gabaldon recently at Third Place Books in the Seattle area, I told her that she has ruined me for all other authors. She was, “very gratified to hear that!” She will need to keep creating for a long time, I love to read and literally waited for the last several books to read again as I try other authors and am bored.

    • Mitzy Katt

      She’s one of the few authors I’d like to kidnap and put away somewhere, like a quiet deserted island with internet access and electricity) so she can write faster! (Although maybe she’d be upset and write slower, so never mind)~

  • Elle R

    I love everything about your article, and I join you in your excitement for the series, but if you EVER put a sentence into a report which at once references Outlander, 50 Shades of *(%&@*#!!! and Twilight (an unspoken reference, as it is 50 shades of Twilight without the fangs and G rating, and we ALL know it!) again, I will wrap you in a kilt, and set the Gaelic speaking natives armed with clubs upon you for committing a grievous injustice to Lady Gabaldon’s V-A-S-T-L-Y better writing style, researching capability and general style, flair, intelligence and personality!

    For shame, Rebecca. “Black Jack, the whip if you please, and I know you do!!” *nods in Rebecca’s direction!*

  • Teresa L

    Can’t wait for the series. I am one who when I got to the “time-traveling” part, thought that the book was ruined for me. However, after just a bit, not only did I not mind, I actually began to believe that it just might be possible. Thus is the strength of the writing and characters. Claire is a woman that we all wish we could be and James Alexander Malcolm McKenzie Fraser (aka The King of Men) will be your next book boyfriend. I read a lot of books from all different genres and agree that this book doesn’t really fit any typical mode. But if I had to recommend only one book from my collection for someone to read, Outlander would be it. And that is the highest compliment I can give it!

  • ANNE Silverstein

    Thank you for your TOTALLY biased break down of My obcession! I’m one of those women who have read and reread “Herself’s” books. Every time I’m excited and fall in love all over again!! I own every one in the OUTLANDER series and Lord John. The Outlandish Compagion is a Go To wealth of background info and insight, as well as pronunciation of those Gaelic names that ended up on my tounge as Longhair instead of L’eery!! LOL! Read or watch you’ll end up a believer. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!

  • Gillian B

    Love the books and am looking forward to the series although I’m usually not a TV fan. I love the Sookie Stackhouse books, but True Blood was way too over the top for me.

    But, not to be pedantic (okay, yes I am) but re: “I wish I could believe I’d stay so calm if I woke up and it was the middle ages”….the 18th century is not remotely to be considered the Middle Ages. Most scholars consider the Middle Ages to have ended around 1500. Just by the way.

    And the spanking scene is not so much spanking than beating. But given Jamie and his time period and how he was reared, it made perfect sense.

  • Craftydolls

    I began reading Outlander on the recommendation of a Barnes & Noble employee. Thank you! Love this wonderful story and can’t wait for the fabulous TV series! Thanks, B&N for the feature!

  • FigmentOf YourImagination

    You totally summed up my feelings in every one of those. lol I cannot wait til Aug. 9th!

  • Evonne Accristo

    Number 7…..haha ha

  • SpryDigitalTest

    Just wanted to point out that the middle ages ended long before the 18th century… for the sake of historical accuracy… :-)

    • Bella Mason

      About 250 years, yes. Tho, of course, we don’t know where (when!) the author of this article would have ended up being if they had time traveled. They might have ended up in the Middle Ages… 😉

  • Romana Monroe Harrison

    Love the books and really looking forward to the series. It’s been great that the author is so involved with the fans and including us in so many wonderful things most fans don’t get. Her tweets of pics and posts about how the production has evolved, to what it was like to walk out the first time the first preview was to be screened. I think she’s done a great job in making sure Ron and the crew stay true to her books. I thinks its gonna be a HUGE hit! Kudos to Diana, she deserves it all, and we the readers love Herself!

  • Mary Goodson

    I gotta wonder… how will TV manage the details of a person being “drawn and quartered”? I never knew what that meant, exactly, until I read these books. YUCK. 😉

    • PJBraley

      Probably the way they did it in Braveheart…off screen. At least, I hope so.

  • Myra Jane White

    I gave up expecting to get any copy of OUTLANDER I’ve ever loaned out, back. The last count was somewhere around 10. I loan it out, the recipient falls in love with it and passes MY loaned copy one to another. Ad infinitum. Spread the wealth I say.

    So will I be watching Stars in 29 days give or take?? YOU BETCHA!!!!

  • Kolene League

    Just got my copy of Written in my own…today. So excited to start it and yet apprehensive about the withdrawal I’ll have to go through when it’s done. I want these books to go on forever.

  • Laura Berry

    This is spot on!

  • Laine Stotlar

    I’ve been a fan of these books since the first one, and honestly, other than Clair being different than the women of Jamie’s time, the time travel was incidental most of the time. I guess because Gabaldon did it so differently than time travel usually is done (as in, no time machine), so Clair didn’t have a hulking piece of metal to arrive in and have to explain away. It made it more…seamless for lack of a better word. Sure, there are some parts of the book where the actual traveling was brought up and discussed (like in the Abby) and was really interesting, but it wasn’t in an in your science fiction face kinda of way. So the fact that Clair knew stuff from the future seemed more of a Seer kind of knowing and less of ‘I lived it or read about it in a school book and came back from the future’ kind of knowing.

    As for the spanking scene…I didn’t get any sort of 50 Shades vibe from that. It was a way to show the stark differences between the world Clair was born in and the world Jamie was born in. Like Clair was doused in cold water to wake up and realize the dangers of Jamie’s world.

    • jls

      100% agree with everything you said!

  • Julie Handley

    This may be a bit of an old-fashioned comment but I really hope they haven’t made the relaitionship between Jamie and Claire all about the sex and have them romping about every five minutes because their relationship is all about love not lust and Diana Gabaldon gets portrays it beautifully.

  • mj Lacell

    I get excited just looking at the book,cant wait for the series.Jamie should not have spanked Claire evidently…….

  • gunni3

    #1 was the hook that got me reading the books when they were first published.
    I whole heartedly agree with #2 – probably THE best thing about the series, to me. And it’s not confined to magic and science – there’s an open-mindedness about politics, religion, psychology,
    sexuality…. There is no black and white. You’re knee deep in the grey areas.
    And #6 (ignoring the ’50’ remark) is the second best thing about the series. Diana writes strong female characters. Believably strong female characters.

  • Megan Schulz

    Wonderful post! Just when I thought I couldn’t be anymore excited about Starz bringing Outlander to life… I see articles everywhere! This is going to be big people! Hold on and get ready!

  • Shana Anderson

    Im middle aged….and a wife…but I am not a house! Bring on the kilts!

  • Carol Bennett

    love this series beyond time!

  • dc3gal

    Can’t wait! Counting the days!!!

  • Beth Erickson

    Bought “Outlander” 20 years ago, at a Celtic festival, from a very tall, redheaded man in complete highland rig… he spoke with a broad accent and told me I’d want the hardback instead of the paper copy, since it would save me a tidy bit of money in the end… he was right! It was sort of like meeting Jamie before I ever opened the book. I have bought probably 15 additional copies and just given them away… (they never come back anyway). I am excited about the series but also a bit apprehensive. I could get over the sex scenes… but I don’t know how I’ll handle Wentworth… that’s a lot of gore. I don’t like the lord John books as I don’t like his sexual orientation… but that’s why there are different opinions, I suppose. If I can get someone to order Starz ( I live in a motorhome so have no cable access) I’ll sure be watching….

  • Toni-Lee Johnstone

    I’m glued to WIMHOB right now… I actually can’t even believe I came up for air long enough to type this! Right then.. back to it…

  • susan_house

    And- Jamie Fraser IS the King of All Men!

  • June Techtow

    When my husband died I was very depressed. I started dating a friend I had known for along time. He would read to me to help me feel better. I asked him to read Outlander to me. I had already read what was out at that time and I loved them and wanted to read them again. He would read it with the accents and voices. He has a very sexy voice. He was hooked from day one. There is plenty of meat to these stories to hold a mans attention. We are married now and have read the entire series together. We are slowly reading “Hearts blood” ,savoring every word, waiting on the TV special. Thank you Diana. You have no idea how much you touched my life.

  • fearnot

    nah I won;t watch The characters are in my own mind not on the screen

  • Smilingswan

    I didn’t have a problem with the spanking scene, because of when and where it was set. That’s just how men treated their wives back then. Now if Frank had beaten Claire, or Roger beaten Brianna, I would have been disturbed.

    And I would love to go back to that time period!

  • Carol Maryott

    I am about 2/3 of the way through Written In My Own Heart’s Blood. I wake up thinking about
    all the characters and what is going on. These people ( characters) are part of my life. I really don’t think there has EVER been a story, written with the genius that is Diana and her staff. I especially love the way Claire brings 20th century medicine ( the best she can ) to the 1700’s. Claire is so
    smart and resourceful. Jamie is the ultimate dream man. The range of issues-historical, political, spiritual, emotional, homosexuality and so much more. Brilliant !

  • SMHart

    agree about the genre bit -i have always had a hard time telling people which genre they are, but I end up saying that they’re a little bit of everything- and i personally wouldn’t classify them as romance, though the very first novel is more “romantic” than the others

  • Karen Addison Craig

    Nice article! I trust you are ad happy as I am with the show? Have you written anything about it? Love your humor.

  • speakertoanimals

    Gabaldon is mommy porn, pretty much the same as 50 shades. I can suspend disbelief for the series bc of the sex scenes (even if they are anachronistic). Claire gets non-consensually “spanked” (actually severely beaten, way outside the realm of modern bdsm but of course thinks it’s justified :( ), flogged, and threatened with being burned as a witch, and continually threatened with rape. Jamie gets raped (lots of straight women REALLY like gay male porn) and tortured so it’s basically rape fantasies in reverse (nothing inherently wrong with those, if the author is honest). It’s basically Barbara Cartland upgraded to have real sex and torture just like 50 Shades (which all real bdsm folks hate for its portrayal of kinky people as being “damaged” and it’s lack of consensuality). Gabaldon has just shifted the torture and rape to the 18th century so she can call it “historical”. Personally, I’m surprised she didn’t use the 15 and 16th centuries, so she could be more hard core! (but, then it would be set in Spain, so no lovely Scots accents, kilts, etc!)

    • speakertoanimals

      and I realize 50 Shades came more than a decade after Outlander, so Outlander set the stage. Does no one think it significant that neither of the works have anything more than a smattering of male fans? What do women think of books who have no female readers……(porn, duh).

      • speakertoanimals

        75ish comments, one male. need I say more? :(

  • Katherine Hean

    Number 6 – I didnt find that scene that disturbing, as far as I was conceded Claire deserved it, and her punishment could have really been a lot worse, and rightly so. It was the times, she put lives in danger, she was totally in the wrong and should have been punished and that was how women were punished in those days.

  • dirobin76

    I hate time travel books, but that doesn’t mean that I am against
    birthdays and glitter. Talk about lumping people into one category. I got halfway through the first book and put it away. I got past the part with the beating. Face it, it was NOT a spanking, it was an all out beating. Not only is Claire loud mouthed and gets into a ton of trouble immediately, but she forgets her husband pretty fast and ends up married to another man. Sorry, I refused to read it after that. I may be alone in this, but I found it just as atrocious writing as Fifty shades of Grey. I forced myself to finish that pile of crap. I put the Outlander book down after the third attempted rape and sixth mention of “floggings” and the so-called spanking. But above all, what gets me the most, is how people go rabid over this series as if it is the second coming of Christ. The book had good parts to it that were interesting, but all interest was lost in all the rapes, attempted rapes, floggings, beatings, more rapes, a sodomy and Claire yelling “Jesus H Roosevelt Christ.” So yeah, I’m not reading any more of this series.

  • old_redneck

    My wife and daughter forced me to watch two episodes of this crap. Why in the hell do I want to watch a tv series about flogging and fucking? And that, folks, is the entire content of the two episodes I was forced to watch. The premise of the show is nonsense.

  • Aeroldoth

    Incredibly boring show, TERRIBLE article.

    #1 – Wow, anybody who doesn’t agree with you “won’t have much fun in life”. Way to insult your readers who came here looking for an objective review. I guess you won’t do much thinking in life.

    Also, the whole time travel thing is irrelevant. The story has nothing to do with time travel. Her going back in time is merely a plot device, nothing more. This story is not about time travelers, time travelling, wormholes, 4th or 5th dimensions or anything like that. It’s just a means to an end, that’s all.

    #8 – Bullshit. It’s a romance novel, presented as a romance novel, based off a romance novel, for people who like romance novels. I watched the first few episodes knowing NOTHING about the show, and all I could think was that this was a video romance novel. I then go looking for reviews, and find out, surprise, it’s a romance novel.

    I’d guess the target audience here is middle class, almost middle-aged, hetero white christian women. The only category I share is white, so this show is not for me. People do a disservice when they gush over something they love and blindly claim everybody else will love it too. That’s a rather ignorant, self-centered view. Just say what something is honestly and accurately, and let people decide for themselves if they’d like it.

    Hey women, why don’t you watch all these snuff films full of rape, abortion, and degrading women. You’ll LOVE them. Trust me. And if you don’t love them, then you won’t have much fun in life.

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