9 Book Titles Tweaked Into Restaurant Names


We spend a lot of time sifting through piles of books, admiring cover art and pondering titles. And perhaps it was the smell of fettuccine Alfredo wafting from our neighbor’s cubicle, but we couldn’t help but notice recently that—with tiny tweaks—many popular book titles would make excellent restaurant names. In fact, here are nine that are sure to get your mouth watering. Bon appétit!

Eat Prey, Love
A carnivore’s delight! This meat menagerie serves up fresh flesh from around the globe. Aardvarks to zebras—it’s all fair game here.

Lord of the Fries
You’ll kill for the last deep-fried tater at this tropical shack. (Commemorative ketchup-filled conchs sold separately.)

Their Pies Were Watching God
Look no further for heavenly treats in pastry form.

The Scarlet Pumpernickel / The Catcher in the Rye Bread
A duo of New York City delis giving Carnegie and Katz’s a run for their pastrami.

Gone Grill
Visit this pop-up hamburger joint before it…disappears.

Wuthering Bites
Snack on British finger foods (mini shepherd’s pie, anyone?) at this Yorkshire farmhouse converted into an idyllic eatery.

The Old Man and the Seafood
If you’re looking for variety, look elsewhere. The only thing on this menu is marlin.

Bridget Jones’s Dairy
Lactose intolerants beware—London’s infamous singleton doesn’t use soy milk in her frozen confections.

What book do you think would make a great name for a restaurant, slightly tweaked?

  • Awmoondah

    The Lord of the Onion Rings
    No Country-Fried-Chicken For Old Men
    The Soufflé Also Rises (teehee)

  • Nicole Kreidler

    The Life of Pie, A Time to Grill, Hound of the BaskinRobbins,

    • Jen Kwiatek

      I like Life of Pie!!!

      • rochelle762

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  • Gwen Goble-Bartzen

    A Feast for Crowds, To Grill a Mockingbird, The Crapes of Wrath.

  • Jen Kwiatek

    A Song of Rice and Fire

  • Jen Kwiatek

    Last Mango in Paris

  • Omnigeek

    Bilbo Baggins in Old Town Alexandria .. not exactly a tweaked title but fantastic restaurant with superb literary reference.

  • Htom_Sirveaux

    The Restaurant at the End of the University.
    It’s where all the cool kids hang out.

  • Cary Pohlhammer

    Pie & Prejudice. It could work as a English-based bakery where the baker is very critical of other types of pie. Maybe.

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