A 10-Year-Old Recommends His Favorite Books

kidbookOur guest blogger Cameron is 10 years old. When he’s not reading, he enjoys fishing and playing with his dogs Eleanor Roosevelt and Phoebe. He also has big feet and ears and likes jokes.

Hi, my name is Cameron, and I’m in 5th grade.

I love to read more than anything. Now, I’m a 10-year-old, so I can’t do things that adults can do, like sky diving, driving a Maserati, and climbing Mt. Everest. That stinks!

But I can read books from some of the best authors. Here is my list of my personal favorites.

The Graveyard Book, by Neil Gaiman

I just finished The Graveyard Book. It is about a boy named Nobody who lives in a graveyard. You will like this book if you like an intense, exciting adventure. The next Gaiman book I want to read is Odd And The Frost Giants.

Chomp, by Carl Hiaasen

I recently read his latest book Chomp. It is (in my opinion) his best book. The reason I like this book is because of the funny characters. For example: Wahoo’s dad carries a tranquilizer gun 24/7, because he keeps wild animals in his backyard. You will want to read this book over and over.

Theodore Boone: The Accused, by John Grisham

If you like a good mystery, I recommend the John Grisham series. These books are about a boy named Theodore Boone who volunteers in his parents’ law firm. My favorite book of the series is Theodore Boone: The Accused. There are currently four books in this exciting series. I hope he is writing a new one. I like them because they are good mysteries. They are also funny.

Until I’m older reading is one of the fun things I can do. I think the age limit should be 9 and up on all theses books because of the big words, crude humor and mild cursing.

Which books have your kids enjoyed recently?

  • Sawdust Woodbits Hobelspaene

    So, what is being said is that the cited books/authors are a good example of the reading material that is at, or targeting those with, a fifth-year reading level.

    • Regina Corley

      I didn’t really get that from the post. I think this is one kid’s opinion on some good stuff to read. Sounds legit to me. I find it reassuring that there are still children who enjoy reading things a little deeper than Wimpy Kid, Dork Diaries and all other manner of tripe.

    • http://www.goodreads.com/joeleoj Joel Cunningham

      I think what is being said is, this ten-year-old likes these books. Maybe a kid you know will like them too.

      • susan schlatus

        that’s what I was thinking. This kid will know what my bgrandson likes. I will buy what I think he likes. Im grateful for his recommendations. . bet I’ll be wow Grandma on my next visit if I drag along one of these. kids know kids stuff

  • Michelle

    Who says you have to be a kid to like kid’s books? My most treasured possessions are my Harry Potter books…and I’m 48 years old. I prefer kid and young adult books mainly because I don’t need step by step descriptions of sexual encounters of the characters the way they have them in books for adults. If your plot line cannot carry the story, and you have to throw in way explicit stuff like that? That tells me you have no faith in your story.

  • Debi Biderman

    Cameron I really liked “The Graveyard Book” too.