Announcing the Nominees for the 2013 National Book Awards, aka New Additions to Your Reading List


Book award season is upon us! Last week, under a new set of rules, the National Book Awards released four nominee longlists for the first time ever. This is fantastic news for book-lovers, as it gives us a chance to sample the work of double the authors. Without further ado, the talented authors who were recognized by the association:




Young Adult:

Five finalists in each category will be announced October 16, and the National Book Award ceremony will be November 20th. Bonne chance, auteurs.

How many of these books are on your to-read list?

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    I was interested in the book “Finding Florida” from your list until I read the first review and found this link. It totally discredits the fact checking in this book. Sad, because it looked intriguing.

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