Dakota Johnson and Charlie Hunnam Cast in Fifty Shades of Grey


Since learning that Fifty Shades of Grey would become a film, the internet has hatched many a casting rumor. Now we know that the actress to fill the role of Anastasia Steele with not be Emma Watson, nor Kate Moss, but Dakota Johnson. And as for Christian Grey? That would be Pacific Rim actor Charlie Hunnam.

The announcement of both castings came from E.L. James herself on Monday morning:

You may recognize Johnson as Justin Timberlake’s one-night stand in The Social Network or her lead role in the short-lived Fox sitcom Ben and Kate. She’s also the celebrity kin of actors Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith. Hunnam is best known for his protagonist role as Jax on Sons of Anarchy, which already airs its fair share of explicit sex scenes. But from this moment on, we will probably be seeing much more of both of them.

Will you see Fifty Shades in the theater?

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    Charlie Hunnam best known for his portrayal of a bitchy little girl pretending to be a biker in the show Sons Of Anarchy…

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