Our Favorite Fictional Characters in the Friendzone

Katniss and Gale

Nothing’s worse than being put in the friendzone…except, of course, having strangers start walking around wearing T-shirts with “TEAM (YOUR ROMANTIC RIVAL)” written on them. But everyone loves a love triangle, and somebody’s gotta be left out. To celebrate all the sexy (and otherwise) underdogs, here are some of our favorite fictional love losers:

Pip (Great Expectations): Was there ever a more painful friendzoning than Pip’s? He falls hard for childhood playmate Estella, a girl who was raised from a toddler to be a weapon in the war against men, and he never quite recovers from it. That Estella doesn’t even bother leading him on shows just how little she cares about poor, devoted Pip.

Edgar Linton (Wuthering Heights): Despite knowing Cathy will never adore him the way she does Heathcliff, the depressive love of her life, Edgar marries the girl. But once stormy anti-hero Heathcliff rolls back into town, bent on revenge, Edgar is all but forgotten. Is there anything crappier than being friendzoned by your wife? Heathcliff would undoubtedly slam his head into a tree and claim that he’s got it worse than everybody, but really, there are no winners in Wuthering Heights.

Viktor Krum (Harry Potter): Hermione goes with Vik to the dance, but does she ever really like him? It’s hard to say, but our guess is that she was more into the attention—including and perhaps especially that of a certain red-haired wizard. We don’t blame you, Hermy-own-ninny! We would kill to date a Quidditch star, especially if it made Weasley a little jealous.

Gale (The Hunger Games): It was never really in doubt that Peeta would win the real game—that of “Who can wait out Katniss’s mood swings long enough to dash in and marry her?” Gale is literally forced to pose as Katniss’s cousin while the entire nation of Panem ‘shipped his crush and his competition. Despite a stolen kiss or two, he got permanently benched in the friendzone.

Mr. Collins (Pride and Prejudice): Mr. Collins is easy to laugh at—it helps that he’s kind of a jerk—but at least he tried to do the right thing by keeping Longbourn in the Bennet family. Elizabeth, who practically dry heaves over his marriage proposal, wouldn’t have even kept the insufferable Collins in the friendzone, except for the fact that 1) he’s her cousin, and 2) he marries her best friend. That’ll make for some awkward Christmases.

Jacob (Twilight): Good ol’ Jake, always ready to turn into a wolf to defend Bella’s honor. Always ready to offer her werewolf picnics, motorcyle rides, undying devotion, all in the hopes that she’ll one day see that what she really wants has been right in front of her all along! I’m not saying Bella’s one of those girls who constantly gives a guy false hope in order to keep him at her beck and call forever, but I’m not not saying she’s that kind of girl, either. Let’s hope she makes Jacob a better mother-in-law than she does a girlfriend. *shudder*

Laurie (Little Women): After poor little rich boy Laurie is firmly put down by his best friend and great childhood love Jo March, he runs away to Europe. There, he finds and marries consolation prize Amy, Jo’s little sister. We’ve always been slightly disturbed by Laurie’s decision to keep it all in the family.

Who’s your favorite fictional character that’s been friendzoned?

  • Kristin Keers

    Jorah Mormont from Game of Thrones. If we are talking friendzones, he makes the list.

    • Melissa Albert

      oh, so good. yes, poor Jorah belongs on this list.

  • Aubrey Pedersen Sorenson

    Peeta was so the wrong choice for Katniss– although, I’m not sure Katniss really should have been with anyone. But Jo and Laurie, despite being a spiteful move by Alcott, was absolutely the right choice. They were SO wrong for each other romantically. Amy is much better for him.

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