How to Take a Bookshelfie (The Book Nerd’s Selfie)

Bless the internet, for it has given us a new way to share our awesome/pretentious/embarrassing book recommendations while also taking a selfie. Yup, that would be a bookshelfie—the “latest internet trend,” as The Huffington Post has deemed it. By “internet trend” we think they mean “clever thing that approximately 20 people are doing on Tumblr.” But we want this to sweep the nation! Let’s all do it, by following these steps:

1. Arrange a shelf of your best books. Vary your choices to include a range of books: playful, serious, classic, indie, cultish, and pretty. This is your chance to capitalize on all those hours you’ve roamed the aisles of bookstores. Do you have a cute vintage In Cold Blood paperback? Throw that baby in there! The latest boldfaced Klosterman book? That one too! The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy? Well…we’ll leave it up to you whether to include it.

2. Choose your disguise. The whole point of bookshelfies is that they’re for people who’d are too shy (or something?) to take regular selfies. The most common accessory is a pair of sunglasses, but kudos to whoever featured their adorable dog in lieu of themselves. If you want to be unique, try a scream mask or a knitted beard beanie.

3. Make thoughtful eyebrows. Because you have to look like you’ve actually read these books. Thick-rimmed reading glasses also help. Extra points for Oliver Peoples.

4. Take the photo and choose a filter that says “I’m literary.” Duh.

5. Transcribe the titles and authors of the books featured in your photo. Because this is not about you at all. This is about literature.

And there you have it: five easy steps to a flawless bookshelfie. There’s a lollipop waiting for anyone who can best Ruby’s.

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  • Shannon @ River City Reading

    I caught Ruby reading my copy of Infinite Jest the other day. She posts one shelfie and suddenly her ego is out of control.

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