If Classic Authors Could Promote Their Books on Twitter


It’s difficult to imagine how authors used to promote their books before the heady days of Twitter. Did they do readings? Stand on the corner handing out flyers? Did they use their mouths to say actual words about the book to people’s faces? Probably there was some skywriting involved, but who really knows? We suspect that if some of our favorite famous authors had been able to use Twitter the way writers do today, their followers might have come across a few of the tweets below:

Edgar Allan Poe

Emily Bronte

Charles Dickens

Jack London

Leo Tolstoy


Herman Melville


William Shakespeare

Jane Austen

F Scott Fitzgerald

How would your favorite classic author have used Twitter?

  • Jillian Hall

    I would pay more attention to twitter if stuff like this were on there. I love the one for Dickens. Somehow I could actually see him doing something like that. 🙂

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