Kelly Clarkson and the Battle Over Jane Austen’s Ring

Kelly Clarkson

“A large income is the best recipe for happiness I ever heard of.” So says the incomparable Jane Austen. But perhaps Kelly Clarkson would disagree. Since 2012, the American Idol pop sensation has been embroiled in a legal battle over the famed novelist’s ring, which began when the “Since You Been Gone” singer bid £152,450 for the item at Sotheby’s. Eventually, after British government officials learned that Clarkson had won the auction, Culture Minister Ed Vaizey placed a hold on the gold-and-topaz treasure to keep it on British soil until September 30, arguing that the item is ”so closely connected with our history and national life that its departure would be a misfortune.”

And that’s when loyal museum enthusiasts stepped in, launching a campaign for donations to save the ring. To everyone’s surprise, an anonymous Austen fan donated £100,000 to the fund this week, leaving only  £49,250 to go before England is able to reclaim the artifact. Meanwhile, Clarkson has been relatively silent on the matter. Whatever makes you stronger, right?

Who do you think should have the ring?

  • Joel Cunningham

    While on the one hand I recognize it belongs in a museum somewhere, whoever had it before did try to sell it, and Clarkson won fair and square. Maybe they can give her some of the money back and ask nicely for it to be donated in her name?

    Also only slightly hypocritical to have the world’s former Colonial masters (with a few well-stocked museums full of their own plunder) complaining about someone trying to run off with a piece of its history. Only slightly.

  • MeeA Parkins

    Yup. What Joel Cunningham said.

  • samantha657

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  • William Burlingame

    Considering there are only 3 pieces of Jane Austen’s known, and her importance to readers and the UK — Kelly Clarkson should have left it alone. Or now, accept whatever money they have raised and donate the ring. They have said she could visit anytime, and she already has a first edition book.
    “Badly done Kelly, badly done!”