Mystery Roundup: A Corgi Detective, a T.V. Host in Peril, and the Underbelly of Grand Central Terminal

Nine Lives to DieOur late June mystery roundup brings us a new Stephanie Plum adventure, a gritty 1970s cop drama, and a creepy stalker with excellent scare tactics.

Nine Lives to Die, by Rita Mae Brown
A long unsolved mystery, a pair of suspicious deaths among the mentors of the Silver Linings youth organization, a couple of severed fingers found in a pencil jar in St. Cyril’s church…in other words, it’s business as usual in the cozy Virginia town of Crozet. Mrs. Murphy and Pewter, cat sleuths extraordinaire, warm up a very cold case with a little help from Tee Tucker, the corgi detective (and maybe some additional backup from their human, Mary Minor “Harry” Haristeen). Fans of the Mrs. Murphy books will be delighted to find an intricately-plotted mystery featuring the characters they’ve come to know and love from the cherished series by Rita Mae Brown (and her co-writer, the prolific feline Sneaky Pie Brown).

Top Secret Twenty-One, by Janet Evanovich
It’s no secret that Stephanie Plum is one of our top choice BFFs over here on the book blog, and Evanovich’s latest novel in the blockbuster Plum series, with its rich goldmine of characters, delicious Morelli/Ranger dichotomy, and adventures in the Burg, does not disappoint.  Top Secret Twenty-One finds Ranger in the crosshairs of an assassination attempt—the tables are turned as he looks to Stephanie for protection. (Whether or not this is a good idea, remains to be seen.) Fans of this series know they can always count on Evanovich for laugh-out-loud hijinks, scorching romantic interludes and unpredictable danger around every corner (and in every car Stephanie gets behind the wheel of). If you haven’t read this series, you are in for a treat. (Available in signed hardcover and NOOK on June 17)

Terminal City, by Linda Fairstein
Set in and around Grand Central Terminal, one of New York City’s most stunning (and functional) landmarks, the newest Alexandra Cooper novel, the 16th in the popular series, continues Fairstein’s ode to the beauty, excitement, and danger lurking in the city that never sleeps. The body of a young woman has been found in a suite of the nearby Waldorf Astoria hotel—and the clues lead to Grand Central Terminal. Readers are treated to an in-depth exploration of that iconic structure, from its highest levels to the tunnels and sub-basements beneath, many of which are (illegally) inhabited. To further complicate things, the president is due to visit New York City shortly, and plans to arrive by train at Grand Central Station. Readers who love a bit of history with their mystery (sorry, couldn’t help myself there) will love Fairstein’s seamless blend of fascinating facts with a rip-roaring and grisly criminal investigation. Most interesting of all is the fact that Fairstein led the Sex Crimes Unit of the DA’s office in Manhattan for twenty-five years, so her knowledge and insights are authentic and hard-won. (Available in hardcover and NOOK on June 17)

Cop Town, by Karin Slaughter
This gripping story of a crime wave in 1970s Atlanta and the relentless, demoralizing misogyny that the women gutsy enough serve in the Atlanta PD faced from their own colleagues, Cop Town is Slaughter’s first stand-alone novel—and it will haunt you until you finish it (and long after). Featuring complex, unforgettable characters, devastating depictions of lives ruled by violence and mayhem, and a searing portrait of a city in the middle of dramatic upheaval, if you love smart, gritty crime novels, this one should be at the top of your summer to-read list. (Available in signed hardcover and NOOK on June 24)

Eyes on You, by Kate White
After a devastating hit to her career, hardworking T.V. host Robin Trainer has clawed her way back to the top of her game, and nothing’s going to stand in her way—well, except the mysterious, malevolent game-player who’s been leaving her warning notes and pulling cruel pranks on her. As the threats escalate, Robin begins to realize that the culprit is more than likely someone very close to her. This suspense-driven mystery will have you turning the pages in a frenzy as Robin tries desperately to track down the mastermind is behind the increasingly bizarre and dangerous threats against her—before it’s too late. (Available in hardcover and NOOK on June 24)

What mysteries are thrilling you this week?

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