Romance Roundup: A Superstar Athlete, a Love Triangle, and a Handsome Prince Gone Incognito

For All Time

This week’s romance roundup features a deadly assassin forced to shift her alliances, a bridesmaid who catches the eye of a very special wedding guest, and a sports reporter who gets a particularly good scoop.

For All Time, by Jude Deveraux
A gorgeous summer wedding, a potential romance with a mysterious secret prince, and a Nantucket magic? Ms. Deveraux, you had me at “summer.” The great location and mysterious secret prince are all just delightful icing on the cake. According to family legend, only Prince Graydon’s true love can tell him apart from his identical twin brother, Rory—and as it happens, the lovely bridesmaid and wedding planner extraordinaire Toby Wyndam can quite casually spot the differences between the two. Unfortunately, since he is heir to the Lanconian throne, Graydon’s hand has already been promised to another, and the possibility of a romance with the captivating Toby is very slim. Of course, that doesn’t mean he can’t extend his visit to Nantucket and have a little fun, now does it? The second novel in the Nantucket Brides trilogy, this summer escape into the dreamy world of beloved romance author Deveraux will seduce readers. (Available in hardcover and NOOK July 1)

Born of Fury, by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Fans of Kenyon’s League series have been waiting with bated breath for the next release, and it’s finally here! Born of Fury pits two fierce warriors against each other—the skilled League assassin Sumi Antaxas, and the ruthless Hauk, one of the founding members of the Sentella, an organization that diametrically opposes the League. When Sumi is assigned to assassinate Hauk, she thinks he’ll be an easy mark—but she’s oh so wrong. Not only that, but when Sumi manages to stumble across some very dangerous information, her target quickly becomes her chance for survival—with sexy results, I hope. (But then, those are my favorite results.) If you love impeccable world-building, dynamic characters, and paranormal romance, definitely pick up the first in this vibrant series, Born of Night. (Available in hardcover and NOOK July 1)

Straddling the Line, by Jaci Burton
Straddling the Line is the 8th book in Burton’s scintillating Play by Play series, which focuses on the world of sports and all the intrigue, hard work, and sexy athletes that go along with it. On the surface, Trevor Shay leads a charmed life—good looks, a successful athletic career, and plenty of luck with the ladies. He’s also got a good heart, as evidenced by the way he comes to the aid of Haven Briscoe, the troubled daughter of his college mentor. When Haven loses her father, her dream career as a sportscaster is suddenly on the rocks, until Trevor steps up and lets her into his professional life—and eventually, his personal life. (Lucky Haven!) But when Haven discovers Trevor’s deepest secret, will he let himself trust her with his career—and his heart? (Available in paperback and NOOK July 1)

Sharing You, by Molly McAdams
Brace yourselves, romance readers! The first full-length novel in McAdams’s Sharing You series (which includes the novella Capturing Peace) involves a love triangle, a married man, and a woman who opens her own bakery. Ok, so one of those is a little less controversial than the others. (Especially if the bakery includes gluten-free options.) Six years ago, Brody Saco married his pregnant girlfriend, but things haven’t been going so smoothly for them (truth is, she’s manipulative and not very kind). When Kamryn Cunningham moves to town to escape the influence of her overbearing parents, she and Brody have an instant connection—but the fact that he’s legally attached presents an insurmountable obstacle…or does it? Never one to shy away from controversy, McAdams presents a thoughtful, nuanced portrait of three individuals whose emotional lives become hopelessly entangled, for better or for worse. (Available in paperback and NOOK July 1)

What romance are you digging into this week?

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