Romance Roundup: Blackmail, Sea Voyages, and the Return of Jamie Fraser

Stormy PersuasionThis week’s roundup features a racy manuscript that falls into the wrong hands, an arranged marriage with a secret agenda, and a cowboy who cares too much.

Written in My Own Heart’s Blood, by Diana Gabaldon
Fans of Gabaldon’s enormously popular Outlander series, rejoice! The highly anticipated 8th book, Written in My Own Heart’s Blood, comes out today, and at last the adventures of Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser, begun so long ago in Outlander, are continued. In 1778, France has declared war on Great Britain, and Jamie, who was presumed dead, returns to find that in his absence, his best friend has married his wife, and his illegitimate son has at last discovered who his father is. Things aren’t much better in the 20th century, where Claire and Jamie’s daughter Brianna is on the hunt for the man who has kidnapped her son. Her husband, Roger, has traveled into the past to search for the boy, leaving his wife to face a dangerous adversary alone. If you haven’t yet become addicted to the Outlander series, here are five reasons to give it a whirl. If you have, then you will not be disappointed. (Available in hardcover and NOOK on June 10)

The Indian Tycoon’s Marriage Deal, by Adite Banerjie
When Maya Shome was a child, her father’s life was effectively ruined by one of the most powerful and ruthless business tycoons in the land. Years later, the businessman’s handsome son, Krish, has become smitten by the beautiful Maya. Krish is under pressure by his domineering father to enter into an arranged marriage, and in order to avoid that, he asks Maya for her hand. It’s the perfect opportunity for her to exact revenge against the man that she has waited for over a decade to destroy! [Insert diabolical laugh here.] But will her feelings for Krish trump Maya’s desire for vengeance? An ultimately sweet story full of strong, likeable characters, intrigue, and plot twists, this page-turner will keep readers up late waiting to see how it ends. (Available for NOOK June 2)

Stormy Persuasion, by Johanna Lindsay
The long-awaited 11th book in Lindsay’s Malory-Anderson Family series, Stormy Persuasion tells the story of James and Georgina Malory’s beautiful daughter, Jacqueline, and her cousin Judith, who are on a voyage to America. While en route, Judith crosses paths with Nathan Tremayne, a deckhand of dubious origins.  (In fact, he’s a smuggler, on a secret mission to clear his name.) After learning his secret, Judith amuses herself by toying with Nathan, blackmailing him into doing as she wishes. But soon Judith has troubles of her own—and when she finds herself in a disastrous situation with no help available from her loyal family, it’s up to Nathan to put things right. (Available for hardcover and NOOK on June 10)

Her Cowboy Hero, by Tanya Michaels
Ever since the tragic loss of his family, Colin Cade has strongly preferred a life of solitude. So remind him again why he accepted a job working for perpetual optimist Hannah Shaw, trying to restore her laughably broken-down ranch and turn it into a thriving bed and breakfast? Hannah and her sweet young son remind Colin of painful memories he’d rather forget—and yet he can’t ignore the fact that she has a difficult past of her own. Will he allow himself to be a part of her future? (Available in paperback and NOOK on June 3)

The Accidental Duchess, by Madeline Hunter
When the beautiful (and headstrong) Lady Lydia Alfreton finds herself the victim of a blackmailing scheme (regarding a draft of a rather racy manuscript she once wrote, and come on, we’ve all been there), she tangles with the wicked Duke of Penthurst in a desperate attempt to find the money to buy back the scandalizing manuscript and prevent its release. What she doesn’t expect is to lose a dangerous wager to the Duke—one she never should have agreed to, leaving her at the mercy of the handsome rake. Crackling wit, elegant writing, and lively characters—including a daring heroine and a diabolical villain—make this clever historical romance a true standout. (Available in paperback and NOOK on June 3)

What romance are you planning to read next?

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