Romance Roundup: Rogues, Earls & Inmates

Otherwise EngagedIt’s a great time to be a romance reader—there are wonderful new books coming out every time you turn around. But how can you keep track of them all? Fortunately, the Barnes & Noble Book Blog’s Romance Roundup is at your service. We’ll help keep you abreast of the newest releases, from contemporary to historical to paranormal (and everything in between) so you can make sure that not a single smoldering read slips through your fingertips. This week’s roundup features rough-and-tumble Texans, disastrous carriage rides, and a courtesan with a dark secret. Be still your heart!

Historical romance flirts with mystery in Otherwise Engaged, Amanda Quick’s latest chapter in the thrilling Ladies of Lancaster series, which finds intrepid world traveler Amity Doncaster dodging the clutches of the monstrous London killer known as the Bridegroom. The deranged murderer’s obsession with her connection to the handsome Benedict Stanbridge forces the two to work together to bring him to justice. Nothing beats a good “reluctant yet charged collaboration” story—and if you ask me, you can’t go wrong with a hero named Benedict. Just try. (Available April 22 in hardcover and NOOK.)

For those who prefer their thrillers set in modern times (with boring clothes, but better transportation), Far Gone by Laura Griffin features tough as nails police detective with a checkered past Andrea Finch, who’s compelled to take on a case that hits a bit too close to home when her little brother gets into deep trouble. Sparks fly when she crosses paths in a dusty Texas town with FBI agent John North, who’s got his own reasons for finding her brother. Can you feel the tension from here? I can! (Available April 15 in hardcover and NOOK.)

Turn back the clock again and add blackmail, a dashing rescue from a watery grave in the Thames, a tumultuous marriage of convenience, and a sneering rogue who’s more than meets the eye (aren’t they always?) and you’ve got the second book in Bronwen EvansDisgraced Lords series, A Promise of More. Ahem. You had me at “dashing rescue,” Ms. Evans. I didn’t even need the tumultuous marriage of convenience, but I’ll sure take it. (Available April 15 for NOOK.)

Book 3 in Jess Michaels’ rapturous Pleasure Wars series, Beauty and the Earl, finds the angry, vengeful Earl of Windbury hiding himself in seclusion for a year to try and take the edge off his blinding rage (well, see how good a mood you’re in after you lose your lover in a violent family feud and your sister weds your worst enemy). A visit from the beautiful courtesan Violet Milford might be just what the Earl needs to regain his spirits—if only the wily vixen weren’t double-crossing him. Or is she? (Available April 15 for NOOK.)

From the talented Laurie Alice Eakes comes engaging, suspenseful Regency-era romance A Lady’s Honor. When beautiful, virtuous Elizabeth Trelawney goes on the run to escape the brutal man she’s being forced to marry, her carriage is caught in a storm and she finds herself in the dangerous yet capable (and sexy) hands of the not-exactly-gentlemanly Rowan Curnow. Will the innocent assistance he offers her cause her to forfeit her inheritance? Or will she learn to live her own life, and make her own (sexy) choices? (Available April 22 in paperback or NOOK.)

Back to the world of today, I have two words for you—ok, nine: Outreach prison librarian Annie Goodhouse, sexy inmate Eric Collier. Need I say more?! Fine, so maybe I’m a little overly excited about Hard Time, the new release by Cara McKenna, master of the slow build. But can you blame me? Eric’s only crime was keeping his family safe! And he courts Annie by writing her letters! All right, I’ll move on. But you know this one is already burning its way through my ereader. (Available on 4/15 for NOOK.)

What romances are you reading this week?