Romance Roundup: Undercover Agents, Billionaire Bosses, and Hit Men

Giving InThis week’s roundup finds us in the land of Contemporary and New Adult romance—where cruel Russian hit men have a softer side, and gorgeous DEA Agents fall from the skies. Be still your heart!

Giving In, the long awaited second novel in Maya Banks’ Surrender Trilogy, is here at last! The story focuses on Josslyn’s best friend, Kylie, who is suffering greatly from the loss of her brother (and Joss’s late husband), Carson. Kylie has other problems: her new boss, Jensen, is unusually pushy and exacting, with a troubled past of his own…yet the chemistry between the two is undeniable. Can Jensen tread carefully enough for Kylie to trust him, and will Kylie find the strength to let him into her life in the way he demands? (Hint: It’s a sexy, dominant way.) (Available May 6 in paperback and NOOK.)

Book 4 in Beth Kery’s sizzling Because You Are Mine series, Since I Saw You brings calm, collected Lin Soong face to face with her most difficult challenge yet—Kam Reardon, the rough-hewn yet deeply attractive brother of her billionaire boss, Ian Noble. Charged with assisting Kam in his entrepreneurial pursuits, Lin finds her mission derailed from the start thanks to the instant and unavoidable attraction between them. Forget business—this well-matched, opposites-attract pair mixes pleasure with pleasure. Billed as “steam for the sophisticated reader,” fans looking for sensitive, superbly written erotica in Kery’s newest novel will not be disappointed. (Available May 6 in paperback and NOOK.)

Have you ever suspected that your real father might in fact be a Russian mob boss? Innocent, redheaded Ph.d student Natalie Porter has been tracking down the secret of her birth parents for years—and when the truth finally comes out, her powerful father sends gruff, terrifying (and yet devastatingly sexy, in the way of all professional hit men) Aleksandr “The Siberian” Sevastyan to bring her back to Russia. Who among us can resist this premise? Originally released as a digital 3-part series, The Professional, the first book in Kresley Cole’s The Game Maker series, can now be read as a single novel—no need to wait impatiently for each breakneck installment. I personally have been waiting years for a handsome hit man to fall hopelessly in love with me as he spirits me away to my forgotten homeland. Some ladies have all the luck. (Available May 6 in paperback and NOOK.)

In Janice Sims’ latest Harlequin Kimani RomanceSafe in My Arms, former army pilot Mina Gaines is just minding her own business, running her grandfather’s remote hotel in the mountains, when a private plane carrying sexy undercover DEA Agent Jake Wolfe crash lands nearby. Unfortunately the plane is also carrying some extremely dangerous criminal cargo. Can Mina trust that Agent Wolfe is who he says he is? Will Jake be able to keep her safe? And seriously, where do I sign up for a delivery of this nature? If there’s a Crash-Landing Hottie of the Month club, you can put me down as very interested. (Available April 14 in paperback and NOOK.)

A thoughtful, layered New Adult romance, and the second book in Tammara Webber’s Contours of the Heart series (the first of which was the lovely stand-alone book Easy), Breakable tells the story of Landon Lucas Maxfield, a young man whose idyllic childhood was shattered by tragedy. Having learned never to trust that anything good can last, will he be able to open his heart when he meets someone worth holding onto, even in the face of uncertainty?  (Available May 6 in paperback and NOOK.)

What exciting new romance are you reading this week?

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