Shocking Poll Results That Might Make Book Nerds Everywhere Cry

boredreaderA recent HuffPost/YouGov poll recently asked 1,000 Americans about their reading habits, and some of the results are dire enough to bring a book nerd to tears. 41% of the respondents had not read a fiction book in the past year, and when asked “in the past week, did you spend any time reading a print book?,” 48% said no. (48% were unsure.)

28% of respondents admitted to not reading a book of any kind in the past year.

On the flip side, 25% of people “read between one and five books, 15 percent read between six and ten books, 20 percent read between 11 and 50, and eight percent read more than 50″ books in the past year.

How many books have you read in the past year?


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  • Abby

    Yeah… I’ve read 43 books this year. I read about the same last year and the year before. Part of that is having an e-reader, but I still read hard books too. Reading is my FAVORITE hobby. If I get a spare minute, I’m reading. I still have a job and a husband and a house… but I sneak some reading in to at every opportunity. I won’t tell you how many magazines I read! I work in the magazine industry so I lose count of those.

  • Erin Moore Quinney

    I’m on pace to read 55 this year. Look at that. I’ve never been in the top 8% in anything in my entire life.

  • Phoebe

    I have no idea how to even calculate how many books I read in a year! Dozens, at least.

    • Jessica Coon shows how many books you read a year. I love it.

  • Carie B.

    I usually read about 50 a year or so. Mmmm books.

  • Debbie

    I’ve read 40 so far this year.

  • Holly Johnson

    I have read at least 126 books this year and I will probably finish out around 150. Last year I only read around 42. My secret: I don’t have a job (been looking all year) and so I read a lot more than I normally would. But I love to read and will always be reading something all the time even if it takes me a while to read one book :)

  • Guest

    90 for me :)

  • Robert Hunt

    64 so far this year -which is exactly the number of books I read in all of 2012…

  • Gwen Goble-Bartzen

    I am at 66 for the year, both print and digital.

  • Lydia Feliciano

    So far I have read 30 but will probably read at least 15 more.

  • Kat Slavik

    28, but I’ve only been counting for about 4 months. However that includes fiction, non-fiction and audiobooks. Oh, and all the ones I counted I had started and finished within the time I’ve been counting.

  • dev

    I’m going to estimate that I read about two books a week, so by the end of this year I’ll have read around 104ish!!

  • Kim Sutton

    I’m on book 62 of the year, I’m tryin to get to 75 by the end of December. this poll hurts my heart :(

  • Mimi

    I’ve read 169 books thus far in 2013…..not difficult when you’re retired and NEVER watch TV!! I’ve always got at least 6 or 7 books on hold at the library, but I always consult B&N for my choices!!

  • Jessica Coon

    I’ve read 123 books so far this year. I read 84 last year. Reading is my favorite hobby and has been for over 20 years.

  • Chance Frerichs

    I’m on book 30!

  • Kailee

    That’s both shocking & sad. Even as a busy college student, I still find time to read around 60 books a year. Reading is enjoyable, enlightening, & very important in my opinion.

  • Jill

    So heartbreaking! I’m at 53 and that’s just looking through my B&N history. Please do yourself a favor and pick up a book now!

  • Richard K. Munro

    I suppose I am part of that small minority who reads books (I cannot go a day without reading my newspapers and reading books). I have more than 4000 books and just got three boxes of used books (hand selected). I also have a box to give to the library. It is painful to give away any books but I won’t throw them away. And some I will never read or won’t read again. But I hope someone else might enjoy them.

  • Rey Dekker year I read 230+ books…it ain’t that hard…just do it…or watch tv…and feel your IQ slowly lower…

  • Susan Cosgrove

    I read about three a week.

  • Chelsea Arnett

    I read 75 in 2012, but I had also graduated college as a teacher and had a semester of “I’m going to do nothing but READ!” since I couldn’t get a job until August anyway. This year I put myself at 50 and I think I’m going to barely squeek by! I’m at 31 right now I think…

  • shirlbee

    Since I have my Nook I have been reading about 25 to 30 books a year.

  • Dianna Anstead

    I am averaging 5 books a week, so roughly 250 a year

  • Kathryn Robert

    I have read a lot of books this year on my Nook. My mom who is 97 yrs old also reads on her Nook from a library we share. She reads about one or two books a week! That is hard for me to keep up with.

  • Kathryn Robert

    I used to work with a woman who never read books. She only read magazines. She also loved to watch soaps.

  • Ronnoco

    I have read 6 books in 2013 so far. I hope to finish at least one more before the year is out. I know that’s not a lot, but life is busy. I could probably read more if I cut down on the television, though.

  • Elise

    89 in 2012, and I just finished my 75th book for this year!! :D

  • Nathan Fears

    Found my passion for reading when I was 4 and have never lost it. I love my print books, kind of unhealthily obsessed with them (bibliophile) so have yet to own a Nook (which will be my choice of eReader if the time comes that I need one). I have read 15 books so far in 2013, with the goal of hitting 24. Reading 4 books at the moment =))

    • Deborah Favorito

      Nathan Fears, I cannot go by a store that sells books and not buy at least one, sometimes two or more. I also have a Nook-on my second one in fact. I read both, the Nook is good when on trips, drs. visits etc., I don’t have to mark the page, the nook saves it for you. I LOVE both.

  • Angie Scott

    I’m on book #54 for the year

  • Eileen Hagin Wormser

    I think I read about 12.

  • Caitlin Khan

    I lost count how many so far! I average (low estimate) about 10 books a week… So a fair few. ;-)

  • Freddy Ben-Zeev

    Who counts? I read everyday. If I’m really busy I read 30-45 minutes, if I’m not – I read much more.

  • Joshua Christopher Jones

    i read around 16 books in the past month… but probably over fifty in the past year.

  • Elysse C.

    Now I feel pressured to see how many I have read. I usually don’t keep count. I know I’m in the 20 percent range bc I finished at least 20 books this summer alone.

  • John Lineberger

    I’ve read 12 so far, seeing all these 100+ comments is pretty astounding!

  • Deborah Favorito

    I am retired, live alone. I don’t know how many books I have read. I can and do read as many as 3 books a day. I also read many books at a time, I love reading. I have over 400 paperbacks waiting to be read. I love reading, always have, always will. I have over 450 books on my nook.

  • Leneah

    I have to read at least 1 book each week. I think a lot of people are more interested in TV, but I just don’t care for it. I loooooove reading.

  • Katie Strand

    I’m up to 15 never read before books – for enjoyment, probably 10 or so rereads, 4 or 5 professional development texts and a ridiculous number of classroom previews. (I am a preschool teacher so I can whip through those pretty fast and a reading resource instructor so I keep up on everything my kiddos read.)

  • sam

    like 20-30, i guess

  • Joan

    I really am not surprised. But still people have to read more its just a fact of life. I am constatly reading, it’s a great thing to do. And many people underestimate the way people who read think. I can read up to 2-300 books a yer and still manage school and a part time job. So there is no excuse not to read, it’s is truly sad.