Steve Wingfield, NASCAR Evangelist, Tells Us About His Writing Routine

at the raceB&N basically won NASCAR yesterday! (That’s correct racing lingo, right?) Check out our logo on car #52, beneath the pen of Steve Wingfield, evangelist and author of Winning the Race Every Day.

We sent Steve a few questions about books and writing, which he answered via email on the plane en route to the big race.

What’s your writing routine?
In the early morning I read, make notes and write.

Which authors have made you think, “I want to write like THAT!”?
C. S. Lewis, Henry Nowen, Richard Foster, Dallas Willard, and Larry Trent. Gary Smally’s The Blessing impacted me greatly! Also Robert Coleman, Myron Augsburger, and Elmer Towns.

What would surprise people who aren’t into racing about the average NASCAR fan?
They’re very patriotic, love America, and respect our military. They have a reverence for God and they are passionate and loyal to their driver.

Which book do you most often give as a gift?
Come to the Table and Share the Bounty, both byBenita Long. Actually these books were a team effort and I was part of the team. They are beautiful coffee table books that are Biblically based, with delicious recipes and gorgeous photography. We encourage people to make them their gift of choice.

What are you reading now?
I just finished Unbroken and I just started First Lessons in Bee Keeping.

Did you catch B&N at the races yesterday?

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