The 20 People In Every Book Club


Book clubs will do one of two things: they’ll enrich your experience as a human reader, or they’ll make you go nuts and lose your patience and hope for humanity. Chances are, you’ve run into at least 90% of the people below if you’ve been in a book club. And if you hit the 100% mark, you’re probably reading this as you sit in an insane asylum.

  1. The person who didn’t read the book yet somehow has the most to say about it.
  2. The person who missed the entire point of the book. (“I liked How To Be A Woman, just not the feminist part.”)
  3. The person who brought cupcakes.
  4. The person who got drunk and offended everybody.
  5. The person who read the book and is annoyed at the people who didn’t.
  6. The person who didn’t read the book but saw the movie so she totally knows what she’s talking about.
  7. The angry person.
  8. The person who says only agreeable things because the book was obviously way over his head.
  9. The person who brags about reading scholarly books and tries to make everyone feel like two cents for not reading Zhao Zhiyang.
  10. The person who keeps suggesting you turn the book club into a People Magazine club.
  11. The person who never comes.
  12. The sucker who always has to host.
  13. The racist person who you kind of can’t wait to start talking because she says such unbelievably hilarious, offensive things.
  14. The person who loves everything.
  15. The person who hates everything.
  16. The person who suggests, every month, that the club read her self-published memoir that everyone would rather eat toenails than read.
  17. The person who’s like, “let’s just read a cookbook! They’re so fun to read!”
  18. The person who seriously blows your mind and makes you think, “I’m sorry, did we read the same book?”
  19. The person who has already read everything.
  20. The person who wants to change it to a book/cheese tasting/afghan knitting/chicken pox party/Tupperware party club.

Which of these people are in your book club? Which type are you??


  • emmachastain

    I must admit, I’m usually #5.

  • lattedoubleshotcafe

    A 5 again

  • Sahara Diana Quinn

    *raising a hand slowly* Number 5.

  • Flavia Bardhi

    #5 and #19 are usually me

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