23 Things We Think Upon Entering a Bookstore

Maybe some people walk on into a bookstore like it’s nothing. But for us book nerds (and if you’re reading this, we bet you’re part of this “us” of which we speak), walking into a bookstore is an experience. It’s a moment full of possibilities. There are surprises and secrets held within those walls. Mysteries and friends and so, so much book swag. Here are 23 things we’re thinking when we walk into a Barnes & Noble bookstore—and we bet you are, too.

1. Soul…needs…nourishment…must…stay…alive. *walks through doors* All better.

2. Oh, ok, I’ll look around—just for a second.

3. *breathes in* Aaaaahhhhhh.

4. This time, let’s try not to spend more than $20. Try. Just try. If you don’t succeed, it’s okay. Actually, make it $30. $45? You drive a hard bargain, brain.

5. In and out. Got that? In. And. Ou-…oooh! Graphic novels!

6. Goodbye, cruel world.

7. Caramel macchiato. With whipped cream. Yes.

8. If someone is sitting in my favorite chair, I will take a life.

9. I wanna live in you, book.

10. It’s like the mothership calling me home.

11. Staff picks! Staff picks! I shall fall in love with everyone who works in this bookstore based upon nothing but their recommendations!

12. Look, it’s my people!

13. Maybe today’s the day I’ll finally have my meet-cute.

14. I’m gonna browse the crap out of you, new releases.

15. Gimme all your totes! All your totes with famous lines from literature on them! And your Jane Austen address books! Gimme ’em!

16. I totally want to pull a From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler up in here. Bet I could get away with it, too…

17. If I eat a chocolate croissant while reading a gluten-free cookbook, they’ll cancel each other out, right?

18. Don’t be silly, brain. No one remembers we sat on the floor in the True Crime section and read for 4 hours last week. No one.

19. Hellooooo, gorgeous.

20. Please never, ever go away.

21. The only way I could heart this place more is if the comfy chairs folded out into comfy beds.

22. This feels right. This feels very, very right.

23. Bookstore, you complete me.

What goes through your head as you enter a bookstore?

  • Karen Anderson

    Always feels like HOME to me!

  • http://jmbooktalk.blogspot.com Joseph McGarry

    Yay! I’m home!

  • mikesmartha

    Yes!! Now, don’t talk to me!

  • 2muchcafe

    Is there anything here I haven’t read before? heehee

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