The Book Nerd’s Guide to Summer-Storm Preparedness

Thunder and Rain

Summer isn’t always breezy beach days and fun in the sun! Summer thunderstorms can put quite the damper on a few hours—or even days. Once you’ve consulted your local weather advisory site, postponed any outdoor activity, and battened down your hatches, it’s time to do the thing you’ve been looking forward to all along: read!

A rain-soaked world where you can’t mow the lawn, use all your plugged-in devices, or leave the house is a bookworm’s paradise. Yes, we book nerds can always find the silver lining in a thundercloud. While you wait for a storm to roll into your area, prepare yourself with this reader’s guide to storm preparation:

1. Make sure you have an adequate supply of candles, flashlights, and batteries. If your power goes out and you have no light source, you won’t be able to read your paper books. (I know, my heart just started pounding a little harder just now, too.)

2. Stock up on books, or download a whole bunch to your ereader! If you need suggestions on what to read, check out a few of our reading lists, including one of books set in all 50 states, one for fans of Orphan Black, and one for the social-media obsessed.

3. Don’t forget to make sure you have a pile of books for other people in your house! Being cooped up in the same space with bored, restless folks means very low odds you’ll be left to read in peace. Get a few books for them so they’ll stop pestering you to play charades.

4. Try to keep your ereader fully charged and ready to go! You never know when your power might go out, and for how long.

5. Stock up on first-aid supplies (and maybe pick up a book on the subject, so you actually know how to use those supplies).

6. Rescue all your reading material from outside. Do you have books in a treehouse? On the porch? In the hammock in your backyard? Go save them. And while you’re out there, make sure you bring in/strap down anything loose (lawn chairs, potted plants) that might blow around in a heavy wind.

7. Find a snug little reading corner away from doors and windows. You don’t want that potted plant you forgot to bring in to come crashing through a window right as your protagonist opens the door to the haunted basement.

8. Buy some earplugs! Especially if you find thunder frightening, or if the sound of your cooped-up family and friends bickering is going to distract you from the latest Jackson Brodie novel.

9. If you have a house full of friends and family, have some plays on hand and act them out! Entertain each other with a candlelit rendition of Waiting for Godot or Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. No one will even notice that the TV isn’t working.

10. If you’re still able to cook during the storm, try making all that canned food more appetizing by perusing The Can Opener Gourmet or Frugal Cooking With Dry and Canned Foods. After two days of beanie weenies, your family and your storm-displaced guests will thank you.

There you have it, Book Nerds! Be prepared, stay safe, and get ready to read out the rain!

What are your favorite books to read during a thunderstorm?

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