We’re Getting a New Haruki Murakami Book in 2014

Haruki Murakami’s latest book is in the process of being translated to English! A Knopf Doubleday rep confirmed the upcoming release last week, explaining that the publisher plans to make an official announcement about the novel later this year. The book’s title roughly translates to Colourless Tsukuru Tazaki and the Year of His Pilgrimage. Since its April release in Japan, the novel has been selling over a million copies each week.

The book’s plot follows a 36-year-old railway station architect named Tsukuru Tazaki, who returns to his hometown of industrial Nagoya before embarking on a journey to understand why his four closest friends shut him out nearly 16 years ago. According to the New Statesman, Murakami’s new work strays from the format of IQ84 and is “grounded in a more traditionally novelistic mode.”

“At the beginning, I was planning to write something allusive, as in my past works,” Murakami said at the seminar in May. “But this time I developed a great interest in expanding on real people. Then the characters started to act on their own. I was intrigued by the relationships between people.”

Meanwhile, we are intrigued by any book that can sell millions of copies a week that is not Fifty Shades of Gray or Inferno.

Are you planning to read Murakami’s new book?

  • http://www.goodreads.com/joeleoj Joel Cunningham

    I am still exhausted from the 1Q84 marathon. I will have to save my strength for 2014.