What’s Your Book Litmus Test (BLT)?

Finding out if someone shares your taste in books is important, but it’s also something that can take a lot of time. How do you begin to touch upon everything that was written ever, swap critiques of what you have and have not read, rank novels in a series, and rip apart characters and endings in a few sentences? Time is precious. (You could be reading, after all.) In order to speed through this cumbersome process, I developed my own little Book Litmus Test to quickly determine who’s in and who’s out (of my book life):

I’ve noticed that I (almost always) have the same book taste as people who like Freedom, by Jonathan Franzen, more than The Marriage Plot, by Jeffrey Eugenides. (They’re a special breed, these people.)

My success rate for using the BLT is awfully high. Every time I meet someone who has the same taste in books as I do, I say, “let me guess—you liked Freedom more than The Marriage Plot.”

And they say yes! And we skip into a field of dandelions together, holding hands, to the tune of harp music.

And when I meet someone who prefers The Marriage Plot over Freedom? Let’s just say I hope I don’t run into that person in a dark book club.

So I have two questions for you:

  1. Would we be book friends?
  2. What’s your BLT?
  • Tim Sroka

    Eliot’s “Wasteland,” East of Eden” by Steinbeck, “Great Expectations,” by Dickens, and Shantaram” by Roberts are all at or near the top.

  • Kelsie

    Whether or not they’ve read an unabridged translation of Les Miserables. It’s not always a no if they haven’t, but if they have, it’s an insta-friendship.

    • andreana mccann

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      • foxyfifty

        knock it off with the spam

  • randinha

    Are you a BROTHERS KARAMAZOV kind of person or an ANNA KARENINA kind of person? Because as much as I liked the latter, I’m definitely of the former type…

  • Abi

    Divergent, The Program, Legend, any dystopian (BESIDES HUNGER GAMES)

    • Kelsie

      Why not Hunger Games? Just curious!

  • Christine

    If someone really loves The Fountainhead, I know to just walk away.

  • Tetyana Vaintroub

    somebody who reads Kurt Vonnegut and never mentions Harry Potter !

  • Leneah

    If they love Sophie Kinsella books, it’s a probable NO. If they love Celestine Prophecy, it’s an absolute YES.

  • Jackie Lea Sommers

    If they like Melina Marchetta, I’ll usually take any of their suggestions!

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  • BelleZGamer

    What’s “litmus”? Too lazy to Google it when I could be writing fanfiction.

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