Which American Girl Are You?: Old School Edition

Which American Girl are You?
The OGs of the American Girl franchise keep retiring like it’s their job. Let’s pour some tea out for our fallen, pint-size heroes, then celebrate them with this fabulous quiz!
1. Where would you most want to live?
a. Midwest, the heart of America.
b. Big city life is the only life for me.
c. East Coast! (New England, that is.)
d. I can be happy anywhere—but I’d prefer a close-knit, possibly suburban community.
e. Somewhere with wide, open spaces, give or take a little horse manure.
2. Which piece of jewelry would you most like to receive?
a. A claddagh ring.
b. A pocket watch.
c. A clip to get the hair out of my face.
d. A simple gold chain.
e. A hand-woven cuff bracelet from Etsy.
3. Which pop song best fits your personality and life story?
a. “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” by Cyndi Lauper
b. “Material Girl,” by Madonna
c. “Like a Bird,” by Nelly Furtado
d. “Survivor,” by Destiny’s Child
e. “Hold On,” by Wilson Phillips
4. Which movie or TV character do you identify with the most?
a. Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz
b. Lady Sybil in Downton Abbey
c. Cosette in Les Miserables
d. Kizzy in Roots
e. Laura Ingalls Wilder in Little House on the Prairie
5. Which of these desserts would you request on your birthday?
a. A yellow cake with chocolate frosting
b. Baked Alaska
c. Vanilla custard
d. Peach cobbler
e. Ginger spice cookies
6. Which of these traits is most likely to get you into trouble?
a. Attention-seeking
b. Sneakiness
c. Acting before thinking
d. Curiosity
e. Stubbornness
7. Which trait do you think is your best?
a. Positivity
b. Generosity
c. Independence
d. Compassion for others
e. Willingness to try new things
Mostly A’s: Molly McIntire. You’re lively and hilarious, and you love being in the spotlight. You’re prone to fits of self-transformation, and we bet you’ve destroyed at least one shower curtain dyeing your hair.
Mostly B’s: Samantha Parkington. You just make it look easy, don’t you, girl? You’re frequently underestimated because of that, but the people who really know you know that you work hard to look so carefree. Keep your chin up and stay grounded, and things will work out swimmingly.
Mostly C’s: Felicity Merriman. Your outgoing, uncompromising personality is both a blessing and a…well, not a curse, exactly, but it does sometimes get you in trouble. You do best when you’re having fun, and probably excel at creative work.
Mostly D’s: Addy Walker. You stand up for what’s right and are pretty persistent when it comes to getting what you want. You value family more than most, and you don’t take much for granted. But just remember: curiosity killed the cat. There is such a thing as too much information.
Mostly E’s: Kirsten Larson. You’re used to picking up your roots and moving on to the next adventure. It can be hard to deal with change, but you always figure it out in due time. Just remember to be a little patient with the imperfections of others, all right?

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