Who Is the Anonymous Donor of 100,000 Books?

BNquestionmarkface041213Anyone who donates hundreds of thousands of anything to people in need, and doesn’t want recognition, is fascinating. Even if she’s donated something useless like pen caps to a veterinary shelter, we want to know: why did she do it?! And why doesn’t she want you to know?!  I’m dropping a 90’s throwback here, but if Phoebe from Friends taught us anything, it is that there are no selfless good deeds. But could it be that the wonderful individual who donated 100,000 books to Delta State University in Mississippi is the exception to that rule?

Whoever this anonymous donor was, he or she asked for only one thing in return: photos of the students reading. That is a reward in its own way, I suppose. But still! WHO ARE YOU? And why is your self-esteem so high that you don’t need validation for doing a crazy wonderful thing?

Could you be…

1. LeVar Burton? This is the guy who jumpstarts imaginations, who gets kids to read, whose Reading Rainbow videos come to the rescue of substitute teachers and librarians with headaches. I had sort of forgotten about you, LeVar, but now you’re all up on my radar, and I think I’m going to go back and read some of my favorite childhood books. Which I bet was your plan all along!

2. Kanye West? Mr. West hates books. He is a proud “non-reader.”He thinks some books are “so wordy and self absorbed,” and he’d rather get life experience by doing, not by reading. But he does want people to read the book that he “wrote,” a collection of “thoughts” and “theories” called Thank You and You’re Welcome. My theory is that Kanye wanted to get rid of all his pesky wordy books. Real quick, he also said that being a college dropout helped him write his book because it gave him a “childlike purity.”  lololololllllll OK OK I’m done.

3. James Franco? Because he’s just got to do everything and experience every feeling and be really good at all of the everything and all of the feelings. Love him to death, God bless. Would if I could. I’m pretty sure that once he gets all the pictures of the students reading, he’s going to make an incredible collage or art installation and exhibit it at the MoMA and then use those proceeds to open a foundation/school in Africa where he’ll teach philanthropy and overcoming your fears and multitasking, and maybe he’ll set up an exchange program—I could keep this up for a while. Make sure to thank Mr. Franco, you lucky students!

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