Written in My Own Heart’s Blood: The 8th Outlander Novel is Finally Here!

Written in My Own Heart's Blood

You’ve been waiting patiently for years to hear this news. Perhaps you’ve reread An Echo in the Bone in order to ensure that your memories of the most recent book are fresh, or maybe you’ve been rereading the entire Outlander series in preparation, or maybe all the hubbub about this latest novel has you curious about exactly what this whole Outlander phenomenon is about, in which case you may want to see our earlier post, an Outlander Primer.

Regardless of your stance, if you’re ready to dive into the latest adventures of Jamie Fraser and his wife, Claire, then the time to do that is now! (Or as soon as you’ve picked up your copy of Written in My Own Heart’s Blood, that is. I’ll wait here.)

Trust me, the adventures in this latest installment in the epic series are worth the wait, and the stakes have never been higher. The year is 1778, and France has declared war on Great Britain. Jamie, believed dead, returns to find his life in upheaval. His best friend has married his wife, his illegitimate son has learned who his father is, and his daughter Brianna, alone in the 20th century, is in pursuit of her own son, who has been kidnapped by a dangerous man out for revenge.

So, what are we all waiting for??? The book is finally here! Let’s turn off our computers, switch our cellphones to silent, draw the curtains, order takeout, and have ourselves a little one-person reading party. What else have we got to do on a Tuesday, anyway? I thought so.

Are you going to read Written in My Own Heart’s Blood?