Frequently Asked Questions

Educator Program Enrollment and Discount
Where can I join the Educator Program and get an Educator discount card?
How much does it cost to enroll in the Educator Program?
When does the Educator card expire?
Who is eligible for the Educator discount?
What discount will I receive by joining the Educator Program?
Where is the Educator Discount Card valid?
I have an old Barnes & Noble Educator Card issued prior to August 2009. Do I need a new one?
If I join today in store, will I receive my Educator discount on today's purchase?
I bought a large number of books in-store or online recently. Can the Educator discount be applied after I've made that purchase?
Can I use my Educator card in combination with my Member discount or Institutional Account to get a bigger discount?
Where can I find the Educator Program Terms and Conditions?

Using Your Educator Card in Our Stores
How do I get my discount when shopping in stores?
How are the Educator discounts applied to my purchase?
Can anyone use my Educator Card to receive the discount in the store?
What if I don't have my Educator Card with me in the store? Can you look up my Educator number? Will I still get my discount?
Can I combine my Member discount with my Educator discount in the same purchase?

Using Your Educator Card Online at
How do I get my discount when shopping online? Where do I enter my Educator number?
Can my Educator number be associated with more than one account?
Can both my Educator number and my Member number be associated to one account?
I have a Member Number associated with my account. How do I add my Educator number?
I have an Educator Number associated with my account. How do I add my Member number?
How are the Educator discounts applied to my purchase?
Can I use a coupon with my Educator discount?
How will I know what items are eligible for the Educator discount online at
Can I use my phone number in place of my Educator number at
Why am I getting an error message indicating that my Educator number is invalid when I order at
When using my Educator card at, a "Savings with Coupons" message is displayed under my Educator number in the Payment section at Checkout. Is that my Educator Savings?
My Educator discount wasn't applied to an online order that contained multiple items eligible for the Educator discount. Why?
My Educator discount wasn't applied to a particular item in my cart. Why?
I have an Educator number associated to my account. Why am I unable to enroll in the Member Program?
I have both an Educator number and a Member number associated to my account. Why isn't the Educator number visible?

Educator Account Information
What personal information do I need to submit to join the Educator Program?
I like the benefits but I don't want to give you my personal information, such as name, address, and email. Can I omit those items?
Where can I find my Educator Number and expiration date?
Can I have a second Educator Card for my account?
How do I update my Educator account?
What do I do if I lose my Educator Card?
How will I know when my Educator card expires?

Renewing Your Educator account
How do I renew my Educator account?

Your Privacy
What does the Barnes & Noble do with the information I provide? Is it distributed to other companies?
How can I opt out of receiving email or direct mail offers?
Why am I not receiving any promotional emails or special offers from Barnes & Noble?
What should I do if I am not receiving emails and would like to receive them?

Extra Savings
How can I save even more with my Educator discount?
How does the 5% rebate from the Barnes & Noble MasterCard affect my everyday Educator discount?