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  1. The Amish Clockmaker (Men of Lancaster County Series #3)  
  2. The Amish Blacksmith (Men of Lancaster County Series #2)  
  3. The Amish Groom (Men of Lancaster County Series #1)  
  4. The Amish Midwife (Women of Lancaster County Series #1)  
  5. The Amish Nanny (Women of Lancaster County Series #2)  
  6. The Amish Seamstress  
  7. The Amish Bride (Women of Lancaster County Series #3)  
  8. Lilies on Daybreak Pond (Free Short Story)  
  9. Secrets of Harmony Grove  
  10. A Penny for Your Thoughts (Million Dollar Mysteries Series #1)  
  11. Whispers of the Bayou  
  12. The Buck Stops Here (Million Dollar Mysteries Series #5)  
  13. Don't Take Any Wooden Nickels (Million Dollar Mysteries Series #2)  
  14. A Quarter for a Kiss (Million Dollar Mysteries Series #4)  
  15. Under the Cajun Moon  
  16. Shadows of Lancaster County  
  17. The House That Cleans Itself: 8 Steps to Keep Your Home Twice as Neat in Half the Time  
  18. Blind Dates Can Be Murder (Smart Chick Series #2)  
  19. A Dime a Dozen (Million Dollar Mysteries Series #3)  
  20. Elementary, My Dear Watkins (Smart Chick Series #3)  
  21. The Trouble with Tulip (Smart Chick Series #1)  
  22. Plain Answers About the Amish Life  
  23. Echoes of Titanic  
  24. Beauty to Die For: A Spa Mystery  
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