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  1. Battle of the River Plate: A Grand Delusion  
  2. The Sea Warriors  
  3. The King's Chameleon  
  4. For King or Commonwealth  
  5. The Disastrous Voyage of the Santa Margarita  
  6. A Ship for The King  
  7. Cold War Command: The Dramatic Story of a Nuclear Submariner  
  8. The Corvette  
  9. A Private Revenge  
  10. History of the Ship : The Comprehensive Story of Seafaring from the Earliest Times to the Present Day  
  11. Under False Colours  
  12. The Flying Squadron  
  13. Ebb Tide: A Nathaniel Drinkwater Novel(Mariner's Library Fiction Classics Series)  
  14. Beneath the Aurora  
  15. An Eye of the Fleet  
  16. A Brig of War  
  17. The Darkening sea  
  18. Baltic Mission  
  19. The Bomb Vessel  
  20. 1805  
  21. King's Cutter  
  22. Endangered Species  
  23. Wager  
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