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Book Cover Image. Title: Thirteen Reasons Why, Author: by Jay Asher

Thirteen Reasons Whyby Jay Asher (Paperback)

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Book Cover Image. Title: Modelland, Author: by Tyra Banks

Modellandby Tyra Banks (Hardcover)

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  • (You Save 30%)

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Book Cover Image. Title: Modelland (Autographed Edition), Author: by Tyra Banks

Modelland (Autographed Edition)by Tyra Banks (Hardcover)

  • $17.99 List Price
  • $16.10 Online Price
  • (You Save 10%)

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Book Cover Image. Title: Speak, Author: by Laurie Halse Anderson

Speakby Laurie Halse Anderson (Paperback)

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    Book Cover Image. Title: Envy (Empty Coffin Series #1), Author: by Gregg Olsen

    Envy (Empty Coffin Series #1)by Gregg Olsen (Hardcover)

    • $17.95 List Price
    • $11.59 Online Price
    • (You Save 35%)

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    Book Cover Image. Title: All These Things I've Done, Author: by Gabrielle Zevin

    All These Things I've Doneby Gabrielle Zevin (Hardcover)

    • $16.99 List Price
    • $11.42 Online Price
    • (You Save 32%)

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    Book Cover Image. Title: Impulse, Author: by Ellen Hopkins

    Impulseby Ellen Hopkins (Paperback)

    • $11.99 List Price
    • $10.99 Online Price
    • (You Save 8%)

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    Book Cover Image. Title: Sunrise over Fallujah, Author: by Walter Dean Myers

    Sunrise over Fallujahby Walter Dean Myers (Mass Market Paperback)

    • $7.99 Online Price

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    Book Cover Image. Title: If I Stay, Author: by Gayle Forman

    If I Stayby Gayle Forman (Paperback)

    • $10.99 List Price
    • $6.70 Online Price
    • (You Save 39%)

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    Book Cover Image. Title: Crank (Crank Series #1), Author: by Ellen Hopkins

    Crank (Crank Series #1)by Ellen Hopkins (Paperback)

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      Book Cover Image. Title: Glass (Crank Series #2), Author: by Ellen Hopkins

      Glass (Crank Series #2)by Ellen Hopkins (Paperback)

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        Book Cover Image. Title: Fallout (Crank Series #3), Author: by Ellen Hopkins

        Fallout (Crank Series #3)by Ellen Hopkins (Hardcover)

        • $18.99 List Price
        • $12.83 Online Price
        • (You Save 32%)

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        Book Cover Image. Title: Dreamland, Author: by Sarah Dessen

        Dreamlandby Sarah Dessen (Paperback)

        • $9.99 Online Price

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        Book Cover Image. Title: Hate List, Author: by Jennifer Brown

        Hate Listby Jennifer Brown (Paperback)

        • $11.00 List Price
        • $9.16 Online Price
        • (You Save 16%)

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        Book Cover Image. Title: It's Kind of a Funny Story, Author: by Ned Vizzini

        It's Kind of a Funny Storyby Ned Vizzini (Paperback)

        • $9.99 Online Price

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        Book Cover Image. Title: Stolen, Author: by Lucy Christopher

        Stolenby Lucy Christopher (Hardcover)

        • $17.99 List Price
        • $12.29 Online Price
        • (You Save 31%)

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        Book Cover Image. Title: Go Ask Alice, Author: by Anonymous

        Go Ask Aliceby Anonymous (Paperback)

        • $9.99 Online Price

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        Book Cover Image. Title: Bruiser, Author: by Neal Shusterman

        Bruiserby Neal Shusterman (Hardcover)

        • $17.99 List Price
        • $13.92 Online Price
        • (You Save 22%)

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        Book Cover Image. Title: Soldier's Heart:  Being the Story of the Enlistment and Due Service of the Boy Charley Goddard in the First Minnesota Volunteers, Author: by Gary Paulsen

        Soldier's Heartby Gary Paulsen (Paperback)

        • $6.99 Online Price

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        Book Cover Image. Title: Forbidden, Author: by Tabitha Suzuma

        Forbiddenby Tabitha Suzuma (Hardcover)

        • $17.99 List Price
        • $12.18 Online Price
        • (You Save 32%)

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        Book Cover Image. Title: Tricks, Author: by Ellen Hopkins

        Tricksby Ellen Hopkins (Hardcover)

        • $18.99 List Price
        • $15.53 Online Price
        • (You Save 18%)

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        Book Cover Image. Title: Chasing Brooklyn, Author: by Lisa Schroeder

        Chasing Brooklynby Lisa Schroeder (Paperback)

        • $9.99 List Price
        • $7.96 Online Price
        • (You Save 20%)

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        Book Cover Image. Title: Burned, Author: by Ellen Hopkins

        Burnedby Ellen Hopkins (Paperback)

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          Book Cover Image. Title: Hold Still, Author: by Nina LaCour

          Hold Stillby Nina LaCour (Paperback)

          • $8.99 Online Price

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          Book Cover Image. Title: Some Girls Are, Author: by Courtney Summers

          Some Girls Areby Courtney Summers (Paperback)

          • $9.99 List Price
          • $7.59 Online Price
          • (You Save 24%)

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          Book Cover Image. Title: Want to Go Private?, Author: by Sarah Darer Littman

          Want to Go Private?by Sarah Darer Littman (Hardcover)

          • $17.99 List Price
          • $15.16 Online Price
          • (You Save 15%)

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          Book Cover Image. Title: Willow, Author: by Julia Hoban

          Willowby Julia Hoban (Paperback)

          • $8.99 Online Price

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          Book Cover Image. Title: Twisted, Author: by Laurie Halse Anderson

          Twistedby Laurie Halse Anderson (Paperback)

          • $9.99 Online Price

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          Book Cover Image. Title: Can't Get There From Here, Author: by Todd Strasser

          Can't Get There From Hereby Todd Strasser (Mass Market Paperback)

          • $6.99 Online Price

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          Book Cover Image. Title: The Rules of Survival, Author: by Nancy Werlin

          The Rules of Survivalby Nancy Werlin (Paperback)

          • $8.99 Online Price

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          Book Cover Image. Title: Red Kayak, Author: by Priscilla Cummings

          Red Kayakby Priscilla Cummings (Paperback)

          • $7.99 Online Price

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          Book Cover Image. Title: Lessons from a Dead Girl, Author: by Jo Knowles

          Lessons from a Dead Girlby Jo Knowles (Paperback)

          • $7.99 Online Price

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          Book Cover Image. Title: Tweak:  Growing Up on Methamphetamines, Author: by Nic Sheff

          Tweakby Nic Sheff (Paperback)

          • $12.99 List Price
          • $9.53 Online Price
          • (You Save 26%)

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