What is UltraViolet
    UltraViolet™ is an all-new way to collect, access and enjoy your digital moves and TV shows. Purchase a Blu-ray, DVD or Digital Video with the UltraViolet™ logo, follow the instructions in the packaging or online to register with UltraViolet™, then instantly stream or download your movie or TV show across all your favorite devices, including your NOOK® HD and NOOK® HD+.
    It's Easy to Get Started
    Visit www.uvvu.com to set up an UltraViolet™ account, and link your UltraViolet™ account to your NOOK account from your NOOK® HD or NOOK® HD+. Shop for DVDs, Blu-rays or Digital videos with the UltraViolet™ logo in Barnes & Noble stores, online at BN.com, or on your NOOK.
    How to Link Your Accounts
    How to Link Your Accounts
    To start using your existing UltraViolet™ Library via NOOK Video or NOOK Video Apps, you'll need to link your UltraViolet™ and NOOK Accounts. Just select an UltraViolet™ NOOK Video title on BN.com, click on the 'About UltraViolet™' link, and follow the prompt to sign-in.
    Build Your Collection
    To add a DVD or Blu-ray to your digital collection, simply follow the instructions inside the packaging. If your UltraViolet™ account is linked on your NOOK® HD or HD+, digtial purchases will be automatically added to your UltraViolet™ collection, included with purchase.
    Watch Anywhere
    Now that all your favorite UltraViolet™ movies and TV shows are in your collection, you can watch them anytime you like. Instantly stream or download UltraViolet™ movies and TV shows from your NOOK digital collection on your NOOK® HD or NOOK® HD+ and enjoy!
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    Redeem Your UltraViolet Code
    Redeem Your UltraViolet code: