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Bulk Orders

What is a Bulk Order?

A Bulk Order is an order for 50 or more copies of the same title. In many cases, Barnes & Noble.com can give discounts on orders of this size. To request a price quote, please complete the Request For Pricing Form. Once received, your request will be sent the store closest to your location for pricing and personalized service.

How do I receive a Bulk Discount?

Complete the Request For Pricing Form, and your request will be forwarded to the store closest to your location for pricing and personalized service.

How do I place an order and what information is needed?

If you would like to place an order, please fill out the Request for Pricing form completely including:
  1. Name, phone number, company/institution
  2. Date when the titles need to arrive (MM/DD/YYYY) - full date required.
Shipping Information:

  1. Ship-to address (including City, State and Zip)
  2. Ship-to telephone number
If paying via Purchase Order please note that in the comments section of the Request for Pricing Form.

Are Bulk Orders able to ship to multiple addresses?

Yes. Once a local store representative contacts you, they will assist you in confirming shipping locations and instructions as well as any applicable fees.

What payment options do you accept?

Barnes & Noble accepts all major credit cards. In addition, schools and institutions may purchase on a purchase order.

How do I apply my Barnes & Noble Membership discount?

Member discounts may not be combined with bulk or discount purchasing cards, however your local store representative will work with you to determine the best available discount for your purchase.

Do Shipping and Handling fees apply on bulk orders?

Depending on the type of order, the order due date and any special circumstances, shipping and handling fees may or may not apply. Your local representative will assist you in determining these costs if applicable.

Is it possible to have my order shipped out the same day it is received?

Depending on the day and time of your order as well as where the shipping address is located it may or may not be possible to process your order the same day it was received. Mark RUSH in the comments section of the Request for Pricing Form and note the due date on your order and we will do everything we can to accommodate you.

Will my local store representative check inventory before supplying me with a Price Quote?

Inventory will be checked at the time of the quote, however until we receive confirmation of the order we are not able to confirm whether or not the titles are available.

Where is my price quote?

If you do not receive a response to your request for a bulk order price quote within three business days, there is a good chance this email is being blocked by email filtering software.

This software can be hosted in any of the following places:
  • Your computer's email system
  • The email system at your place of work
  • By an email provider
  • By an Internet service provider
If You Use an Email Filter
If the email system on your computer uses a filter or spam blocker, please add
to your address book or "white list" to ensure that you receive emails about your query. While you are there, we suggest you also add bulkorders@book.com to ensure that you receive emails about your order status.

If Your Company or Network Uses Email Filters
Please contact your email system administrator or Internet service provider to see if a filter or spam blocker is in use.

If Your Email Provider Uses Email Filters
Some Internet service providers or web-based email providers (see list below) have email filters or restrictions that may prevent our emails from reaching you. If you think that email from Barnes & Noble.com is being blocked, we suggest you add bulkorders@book.com, service@barnesandnoble.com and aboutyourrequest@barnesandnoble.com to the address book or contact list offered by your email provider.

How long is a Price Quote valid?

Price Quotes are valid for 30 days. If a quote is accepted after the 30 day period, work with your local store representative to ensure pricing has not changed.

Are bulk orders returnable?

All bulk sales are non-returnable. However if you have special circumstances where product must be returned, your local store representative will work with you to find a solution.

How much does it cost to ship a Bulk Order internationally?

International Shipping charges (outside of the contiguous United States) are based on weight and destination. If interested in shipping internationally, please provide full ship-to address, including postal code, at the time you request a price quote.

Is there tax charged on bulk orders?

Normal taxes apply. If your organization is tax exempt you will be asked to provide a tax exempt number and/or certificate.

How do I reach Bulk Orders?

If you need pricing information, you must complete and submit the Request For Pricing Form. If you have any additional questions or comments, please email the Bulk Orders Department directly at bulkorders@book.com.